Santa Clara County Genealogy <> *** Source: Trinity Church, San Jose, California: Advent, 1860, to Easter, 1903. San Jose, Calif.: Trinity Parish Guild, 1903. Notice: This data is donated to the Public Domain by TAG, 2004, and may be copied freely by anyone to anywhere. *** *** pages 1 to 46 (of 92) *** ---page 1--- [blank] ---page 2--- TRINITY CHURCH San Jose California Advent, 1860, to Easter, 1903 PUBLISHED BY TRINITY PARISH GUILD, SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA,1903 ---page 3--- [blank] ---page 4--- Preface Although there has been an earnest endeavor to avoid all errors in this compilation, it seems hardly pos- sible that an account extending over forty-three years can be without error. In cases of names and dates, the Church Records have been followed. Facts for the Parish History have been gathered here and there from sources as nearly reliable as human memory and human records can be. There is a deep consciousness that much more than has here been re- corded has preserved the life of the parish through all these years. Innumberable sacrifices, innumerable acts of love and devotion have passed so gently, so quietly and so naturally into the daily round of the parish life, that they have been recorded only by One who sees all and knows all. ---page 5--- CONTENTS. Parish History - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 7 Earliest List of Communicants - - - - - - - 25 Baptisms, Advent, 1861 to Easter, 1903 - - 26 Confirmations, " " " " " - - - - 39 Marriages, " " " " " - - - - 48 Burials, " " " " " - - - - 64 Vestries, " " " " " - - - - 82 Vested Choirs, 1903, - - - - - - - - - - - 86 Parochial Organizations: Trinity Sunday School, - - - - - - - - 87 Trinity Parish Guild, - - - - - - - - 87 Auxiliaries, - - - - - - - - - - - - 89 Twenty Minute Workers, - - - - - - - - 89 Gifts - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 90 Memorials - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 91 ILLUSTRATIONS. Trinity Church, about 1865, - - - - - - - 13 Rev. Sylvester S. Etheridge, Founder of Trinity Parish, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 25 Rt. Rev. William Ingraham Kip, D. D., First Bishop of California, 1853-1890, - - 39 Rt. Rev. William Ford Nichols, D. D., Bishop of of California, - - - - - - - - - - - - 56 Trinity Church, 1903, - - - - - - - - - - - 7 ---page 6--- [blank] ---page 7--- History. To the younger generations that belong to Trinity Parish, it seems hardly possible that there ever could have been a time when the center of the parish life was not the little ivy-covered church on St. John Street. But venerable as this building seems, it is only the last of a series which have served as the home of the parish. On North Market Street there is, what is now an engine house, at one time the City Hall of San Jose. In one of the lower rooms of this building, the life of the parish began. There are Communicants of Trinty Church to-day who were present at the first service held in this room, prior to the organization of the parish, forty-two years ago. The officiating priest was the Rev. Sylvester S. Etheridge, a young clergyman who had come to this western coast in search of health, and with a determina- tion to use what strength he had, in founding a parish of the Church wherever need might be. There were a number of religious denominations al- ready well established in San Jose, and the Roman Catholic Church had for years been doing missionary work. Services of the Protestant Episcopal Church had been held from time to time in the Presbyterian Church on North Second street by the Bishop of the Diocese, the Rt. Rev. William Ingraham Kip; but they were few and far between, as there were no train accommodations from San Francisco to San Jose, passage being made by state coach. Mr. Etheridge found but nine Communicants of the Church in the city and vicinity. He gave, however, notice of a service to be held on the first Sunday in Advent, 1860, in the lower court room of the old City Hall. ---page 8--- When the day came, people crowded into the little court room, and the Mayor himself, who had expressed strong doubts as to the expediency even of this tentative service, occupied a seat in the rear of the room. Mrs. Hayes-Martin and Mrs. Hardy-Gregory had raised, within a few hours, two hundred dollars with which to pay from the melodeon that stood on the platform. Mr. Etheridge served as organist and chorister, as well as priest. At the close of the service, all interested in founding a parish felt that success was ensured. Every shadow of doubt as to the advisability of "starting a new church" seemed to have left the mind of the Mayor, for hardly had the benediction been pronounced, when he walked down the aisle, and giving Mr. Etheridge a warm grasp of the hand, offered him the upper court room for future services. This room had an air of cleanliness about it that the lower room lacked, and it was larger and better lighted. Before another service was held, the little melodeon had been moved upstairs and temporary provision had been made for an altar. Altar linen had been provided by Mrs. Hardy-Gregory, and a Communion set had been given by Mrs. James R. Lowe. Though Mr. Etheridge continued to serve as organist, a volunteer choir, led by Mrs. Hayes-Martin and Mrs. Morgan Miles, carried the singing. The growing interest in the services called for immediate organization, and at a meeting held in the City Hall on the evening of February 22d, 1861, the parish was organized and incorporated under the name of "Trinity." Lawrence Archer, James R. Lowe, William Daniels, Mark Hardy, William McCune, Stephen Thorn, and John N. Appleton were elected vestrymen. At the first vestry meeting, held February 28th, 1861, a constitution was adopted having for its basis the general constitution of the "California Episcopal Convention ---page 9--- of 1850." The parish boundaries determined upon were the same as those of the county township. The Rev. Sylvester S. Etheridge was unanimously chosen rector at a salary of seven hundred dollars per year, and a for- mal call was extended to him. An organist was engaged for the small sum of eight dollars per month. Prof. and Mrs. Hamm, known in the musical circles of San Jose for so many years, were engaged as choristers. A Sunday School was organized without delay. Mrs. Jackson Lewis, Mrs. Hardy-Gregory, Mrs. Henry Has- kell, and Mrs. Frances Devine Estee were the pioneer Sunday School teachers. Though nearly three years passed before a church building was erected, services were regularly held in the City Hall, and the real life of the parish had begun. During the first year a class of nineteen was presented for confirmation. Mrs. Jackson Lewis, Mrs. Hardy- Gregory and Mrs. Redding Speights, all still Communi- cants of Trinity, were members of this class. During the fall of the same year, the women of the parish put a thousand dollars into the church treasury. In November subscriptions were solicited for a lot and church building. It may be interesting to the older parishioners to speculate upon what might have been, if the first lot that was purchased had been retained. This was the lot on the northwest corner of San Fernando and Fifth Streets. It was held by the vestry for a few months only, and then sold with the prospect of getting what has proved to be a more satisfactory site. This change in the selection of the lot was due to the far- sightedness of James Hart who bought the lot from the vestry that the way might be open for a better choice. The present site was owned at this time by Major S. J. Hensley, being part of a large property extending north to the vicinity of the Hotel Vendome. It was used as a corral for horses and was surrounded by a high board ---page 10--- fence. Fields of golden California mustard stretched away on all sides of this barren spot, but even these armies of mustard stalks, densely crowded as space would allow, standing above a man's height and tossing their yellow heads with assurance, could not shut the blue skies from the view and the things that were to be. The lot was purchased for the sum of three thousand dollars. The same year, 1862, preparations for building were made. Captain James W. Hammond superintended the work, and the result was a pretty little church built of timbers from the native redwoods of California, and finished within with the same natural wood. All parts of the structure had been fitted together with the ship- builder's art, and has been said, that in time of strong winds or heavy earthquakes, this unique little building swayed like a ship on the seas, built for weathering all storms. For some time, white muslin tightly stretched, served in place of the stained glass windows which had been ordered from Doremus of New York, to be sent round "The Horn"; the same windows through which the sun- light still glows in such soft rich tones of red and blue and green and gold, to lighten and beautify Trinity Church to-day. Grateful acknowledgment was sent to the city author- ities for the use of the City Hall for three years, and the first services were held in the church on Advent Sunday, 1863. About this time, the organ, the one still in use, built by William Stevens of Boston, was on its way across "The Isthmus." an organ of two manuals and twenty-four stops, from the far east, was a great possession for a pioneer church, and its arrival was hailed with joy. The sum of eight hundred dollars was paid for freight alone. Two hundred dollars, beside this sum, having been remitted by the ---page 11--- steamship company. The organ itself cost twelve or fifteen hundred dollars and was paid for by subscription, a large part of the required sum being given by Mrs. H. S. Ashley and Mrs. Samuel Hensley. Possibly no one was more interested in the setting up of the organ in the church, than the rector who had played the melodeon in the City Hall three years before. Since that time the little parish had steadily grown, but his strength had steadily failed. He never preached in the new church, and a few weeks after it was opened, he was forced to give up even the reading of the prayers. On February 18th, 1864, the parish lost its devoted founder and rector. His body, at his request, was laid to rest under the Chancel of the Church. The Church for which he gave his life is his monument. The memo- rial tablet in the south transept, within the space for- merly occupied by the Chancel, was placed in the Church at this time. Until very recent years, fresh Flowers lay upon it every Sunday morning. There are still a few parishioners who can remember the little church building as it looked at this time, standing on a bare, ungraded lot, facing St. John Street, with its steep gable roof, two straight rows of gothic windows, and its unpainted redwood sides. But before many weeks had passed, the redwood was painted a stone gray, and little shoots of green ivy began to creep up on the sides. Later the ivy covered sides and roof, and hung in heavy masses around the porch and windows, and even found its way through the weather-boarding to the interior of the church where it wound itself round the supporting beams of the roof and clustered in every corner. All of this wealth of green came from a slip of ivy Brought by James R. Lowe from the classic ruins of Melrose Abbey in Scotland. When the interior of Church was lighted at night, and the beautiful colors of ---page 12--- the windows glowed for the outside world through the dark masses of green, there was for the passer-by a vision of "sweetness and light"; and possibly there came to mind another vision, "the ruins gray" of the old Abbey, covered with kindred ivy; ruins that once served to foster the same spirit of love that made little Trinity Church possible. After the death of Rev. Sylvester Etheridge, the Rev. T. A. Hyland took charge of the parish until May, 1864, when the Rev. Dinsmore D. Chapin was called as rector. During his rectorship, which lasted till January, 1866, there was a class of seven confirmed and sixty-six per- sons were baptized. There were signs of material pros- perity as shown by the facts that gas fixtures were put into the church, a fence was built, and a mortgage on the church lot was removed. In January, 1866, the Rev. Dinsmore D. Chapin resigned, and services were held by the Rev. H. H. Messinger until August, when the Rev. Edward S. Peake came in response to a call given him in April. During the second year of Rev. Edward Peake's rectorship, the church building was consecrated, July 27th, 1867, by the Rt. Rev. William Ingraham Kip, Bishop of the Diocese. All debt having now been removed from the church building and lot, the vestry decided to establish a rectory fund. Money for this fund was raised in various ways, but it is especially interesting to note, that the choirs of Grace Church and of Trinity Church, San Francisco, gave two concerts for the benefit of the fund. Among improvements made about this time, in and around the church building, it may seem hardly worth while, in these days of brilliant electric light, to mention the modest little lamp post that the vestry had placed on the southwest corner of Second and St. John Streets; but it must have meant much to evening church goers at ---page 13--- a time in the city's history, when lawlessness was com- mon and streets were dimly lighted and poorly guarded. By this time, Trinity Church was strong enough to help neighboring struggling parishes and missions; and, though this may not be the place to record efforts in this direction, it is interesting as a matter of history to note, that on January 10th, 1870, the offering at the morning service, thirty-five dollars, was appropriated to a fund for putting permanent seats into the new church at Santa Clara. Some one who visited the parish in March, 1870, writes, "the little church never seemed prettier or more homelike, being as all know, one of the church gems of the coast. The trees about the church have grown finely. The parish has a valuable property, worth pro- bably not less than twenty thousand dollars." Men- tion is made also in this letter of the remarkably good attendance at the services. Upon the resignation of the Rev. Edward S. Peake in November, 1870, Rev. George W. Foote was called to the parish. He was formally instituted on March 12th, 1871. About a year later, February 12th, 1872, the following report regarding the financial affairs of the parish was made by the rector. "The financial condition of the parish, although not all that it should be, yet shows cause for encouragement and good hope for the future. A year ago the parish was not only in debt, but its current expenses exceeded its income by about one hundred dollars per month. The income for current expenses during the past year, as taken from the treasurer's report, amounts to $2300.50. For the eight months since we adopted our present plan of raising funds by a monthly pledged offering, the income has been about $210 per month. This is derived from the pledged offerings of about seventy-five persons, ---page 14--- and from other offerings in church on Sunday mornings. At present, the only debt resting on the parish for cur- rent expenses is one hundred dollars, which would be nearly or quite canceled if all dues were paid into the treasury. Besides this sum of $2300, raised for current expenses, this parish has done nobly and well; and many must have given, not out of their abundance but from their little, in a true spirit of self-sacrifice. There has been raised to pay off the debt which rested on the church, $1061, the amount of the Easter offering; and notes amounting to $300 have been canceled. For improve- ments on the church building, $652 was raised by sub- scription and $100 by the Guild. Of this sum $150 still remains unexpended, with which to recarpet the church. The total amount in cash raised for all purposes dur- ing the year is $5154.65. This note is appended to the report: "We have done very little for diocesan or domestic missions on account of our own debts and pressing needs. We must strive to do more for these objects in the future." A bright little item in the issue of the Pacific Churchman for April 13th, 1872, headed, "Good news from San Jose," reads as follows: "That others may be encour- aged by our example and may rejoice with us at this happy Eastertide, please tell your readers that the con- gregation of Trinity Church, San Jose, made an offering on Easter morning of $1061 for clearing off a debt that has rested upon the parish for nine years. No sub- scriptions were solicited. The rector urged upon all to make this the object of their Lenten self-denial, and to bring their offerings upon Easter morning. The result has surprised us all and made our hearts very glad. The average attendance at the Lenten services, held every Wednesday and Friday evening and every evening in Holy Week, has been about fifty. We all feel much ---page 15--- encouraged and hope ere long to be able to do our part toward carrying on the Church's work in this diocese." The above was signed by the rector of the parish, the Rev. George W. Foote. During the same year, the rectory was built. In order that expenses might be lowered to meet the demands for full payment of the cost of building the rectory, all expenditure for music was stopped; and it was gratuitously furnished by members of the parish. For three years, Mrs. Edward H. Guppy served as organist and Mr. O.W. Parker practiced regularly with a volunteer choir and led the singing at the services. Other expenses were reduced as might be. The growth of the church during the first years of Rev. George Foote's rectorship was so rapid, that in 1875 it became necessary to enlarge the church building. For many months plans were discussed by the vestry. At last in the summer of 1876 the work was begun. In order that the old building might be used to the best advantage, it was literally rent asunder; one half of it to serve as the south transept, and the other half as the nave of the new building. For days before recon- struction began, the two portions of the little church stood in their respective places, looking forlorn enough in the hot summer sun, with the ivy torn from its roots hanging dry and dead from sides and roof--elements of construction and growth with all the appearance of destruction and decay. While the church building was gradually emerging from material old and new, services were held in Music Hall on North First Street. In September, 1876, the building committee reported that the improvements were completed; and on Sunday, September 3rd, the church was formally re-opened by the Rt. Rev. William Ingraham Kip, the Bishop of the Dio- cese. Bishop Whitaker of Nevada assisted at the service. ---page 16--- At this time the rector introduced the weekly celebra- tion of the Holy Communion. Formerly there had been but one celebration a month. The new church building need not be described, for it is the old church building of to-day. The ivy roots again sent forth a wealth of green to lodge in new cor- ners and to spread over new surfaces in the same lavish mode of the first growth. The few new windows that were put in, the rose window in the nave and some of those in the north transept, were made in San Francisco. Most of the trees and shrubs, brought years before by older parishioners to adorn the church grounds, had been carefully preserved during this time of renovation. Each tree and shrub growing round the church to-day has a history of its own; and there are one or two whose stories are still known. The white rose that climbs over the door and roof of the robing room was originally planted at one corner of the little old church building by Mrs. Hardy-Gregory near a memorial win- dow. One of the two palms that stand each side of the Second Street entrance was given by Mrs. S. O. Hough- ton, and the other by John Rock. Both were planted by Rev. George W. Foote. Of other trees and shrubs, since those who planted them have gone away or been forgotten, it can only generally be said that they are expressions of some indi- vidual thought or feeling on the part of those who planted them. With the enlargement of the church, four hundred sittings had been added, making the entire seating capa- city of the church about six hundred. The vestry resolved that the rector be authorized to assign seats to church members in the order of their connection with the parish, as shown by the names in the parish register, with the understanding that the church was to be a free ---page 17--- church, assignment being made for the sake of order and convenience only. The following notice, copied from the Parish Guide, a leaflet published by the rector, shows how it was hoped that the church might be supported: "This church is free to all. It is supported entirely by voluntary offer- ings. To systematize these offereings, a card is sent to every member of the congregation, which he may fill out, promising to make a stated monthly offering. This card is returned to the treasurer of the parish, who then sends twelve envelopes in which the offering may be enclosed and placed in the alms basin of the church on the second Sunday of every month. When the offering pledged is not received during the month, the collector calls for the amount due." At this time the church began to feel the general financial depression of the times. Notes that had been given for payment of expenses incurred in enlarging the church, and in building the rectory, could not be redeemed. The burden of a church debt was inevitable. It was the earnest desire of the rector to keep the church a free church, even at a time of heavy indebted- ness, and he personally showed his people how he thought the church should be supported, by authorizing the treasurer to withhold twenty-five dollars per month from his salary. Mrs. Foote gave her services as organist. Later the rector's contribution to the church was doubled and the rectory offered for rent; but as the neces- sary funds for paying indebtedness and current expenses were not forthcoming, the vestry decided to rent the church pews in order to secure a permanent income. This method of obtaining money for the support of the parish has been followed without intermission up to the present time. The Sunday School had grown with the Church, and by this time was having its own morning service as is ---page 18--- shown by a notice in the Parish Guide. "The time of the morning service has been changed to half past nine o'clock. At this early service the members of the Sunday School are expected to be present, and all others are invited. The design is to make this a children's service where they may learn to worship God, and to give an opportunity to attend church to those who cannot come at the later hour." For six or seven years the Sunday School offerings had been devoted to a fund for putting a chime of bells into the church tower; and at last one Sunday morning in 1879, the Sunday School children listened in wonder to the ringing of the bells which for so long had made music only in their dreams. About a thousand dollars had been given by the children toward getting the chimes, and the rest of the required sum had been made up by subscriptions. The bells were made by the Meneely Company of Troy, New York. In the mean time, the services of Frank Loui King as organist, had been secured, and the choir enlarged and improved. Upon the resignation of Mr. King, in 1883, Clarence T. Urmy was elected by the vestry to the posi- tion of organist, which position he has held, with the exception of a few short absences, up to the present time. In 1884, after a ministry of nearly fourteen years, Rev. George W. Foote tendered his resignation. Fortunately, for the parish he remained its rector all through the formative period of its growth. Until the coming of Rev. John B. Wakefield, who was called to take Rev. George W. Foote's place, Rev. George H. Jenks, assisted by Rev. Edward S. Pidsley, had charge of the parish. Rev. Edward Pidsley had become a familiar personage in the Chancel, as he had constantly assisted Rev. George ---page 19--- Foote in the Church services. For years there had always appeared at the Christmas and Easter festivals, a little white vision with snowy locks and vestments, mov- ing gently and quietly among the Christmas greens or the Easter lilies. The active years of his life had been passed in the other parishes, but he brought to Trinity a beauty and loveliness of personality that left a lasting impress upon the lives of those who knew him. Rev. John B. Wakefield entered upon his duties as rector in November, 1884. During his rectorship impor- tant improvements were made in the church building and in the interior furnishing of the church. The bell tower was raised and finished with a spire, and the little Eng- lish porch was built. The Altar, Altar Cross and vases, a new Communion set, the alms basin, the Chancel chairs, the lecturn and the pulpit, were all given as memorials or as Christmas and Easter offerings by Sunday School classes. A real source of inspiration in the church life, during the earlier years of Rev. John B. Wakefield's admininstra- tion, was the Bible class under the supervision of Mrs. Isabella Wakefield. Even in trying weather there were seldom vacant seats in the vestry room where the class assembled on Sunday mornings. Those who had the privilege of being members of this class, gained, through the enthusiasm and earnest endeavor of Mrs. Wakefield, an interest in the books of the Bible, and an insight into their meaning, that only those who give knowledge with love can impart. Through the untiring effort of Mrs. Wakefield, the sum of four thousand dollars was raised toward the erection of the Parish House, in which there is a tablet bearing an inscription to her memory. The rose window was the gift of Edward Williams, who served so long and faith- fully as vestryman of the church. ---page 20--- One of the most active parish organizations at this time was St. Mary's Guild, composed of young women who showed boundless zeal in devising means for realizing any prospective improvements in the church buildings proposed by the rector. It was through the energy of this guild that the little English porch was built, and the guild rooms added to the Parish House. With the aid of the Sunday School, St. Mary's Guild furnished the Parish House with seats and gas fixtures. It was during Rev. John B. Wakefield's administration, in 1890, that the vested choir of men and boys was inau- gurated under the direction of Clarence T. Urmy as organist and choirmaster. The first boy to offer his services was Adrian Machefert. The other boys who were members of the choir during the first year of its organization were: Anthony Du Brutz, Hal Hathaway, Seymour Montgomery, Arthur Caldwell, Albert Stephens, William White, Charles York, Edwin Dorsey, Herbert Edwards, Percy Johnson, Loui King, Frank King, Edward Whitney, Henry Plate, Leslie Harkness, Carl Crichton, Leverage Lenham, Harry Wishaar, Lloyd Parmenter, Senior Gohranson, Henry Bretherton, Fred Perrin, Raymond Perkins. There were six men in the choir during this first year: Marcus T. Brower, Charles W. Knox, Wallace O. Avery, J. J. Hendricks, F. C. W. Thompson, Stephen Maynard. Only those who attended Trinity Church before the days of the vested choir can realize how much it has helped, through all these years, to bring out the beauty of the church service; and only those who have been present at choir rehearsals can have a faint appreciation of the devotion of the choirmaster to his work. By April, 1895, the old church debt of about four thousand dollars, had all been paid. A new debt, how- ever, of two thousand dollars, had been incurred for street improvement. ---page 21--- In April, 1899, having served as rector of the parish for nearly fifteen years, Rev. John B. Wakefield tendered his resignation, to take effect on September the first of the same year. As a token of affectionate regard, and in appreciation of his long service, the vestry conferred upon him the title of Rector Emeritus. Just at the time when the parish was without a rector and wholly dependent upon its vestry, a real loss was felt in the death of two tried and trusted vestrymen, Judge A. S. Kittredge and Edward Williams. After the resignation of Rev. John B. Wakefield, Rev. Burr Miller Weeden responded to a call from the vestry and entered upon his duties as rector of the parish in October, 1899. As the church was again becoming over-crowded at the Sunday services, it seemed wise to look for more space for building purposes. The lot adjoining the church property on St. John Street was secured for the sum of twenty-eight hundred dollars. Trinity Parish Guild, composed of women of the parish, and incorporated with full power to act in legal transactions, undertook the responsibility of paying for the lot, and had paid, up to Easter, 1903, all but five hundred and fifty dollars of the required sum. The growing work of the parish called for an assistant for the rector, and the reestablishment of a system of pledged offerings made it possible to engage the services of a curate. In October, 1900, the men of the Parish organized as "Trinity Brotherhood." The object of the Brotherhood, as defined in the constitution then adopted, was to "pro- mote the interests and quicken the activities of Trinity Church by interesting men in its energies, thereby increas- ing its virility and extending its power in the community." In November, the Very Rev. F. B. A. Lewis, Dean of the Convocation of San Jose, who had been for many ---page 22--- years active in the work of the parish, was appointed associate priest. One of the notable features of the parish work at this time was the publication by the rector, of a weekly leaflet which contributed not a little to the churchly education of the parishioners, reviving the spirit of the "Parish Guide," published during the rectorship of Rev. George W. Foote. Besides the regular weekly announcements of services and meetings of various organizations, the "Trinity Messenger" always brought some exhortation or some bit of information that roused a real interest in the life of the church. After fifteen months of active service, on February 18th, 1901, to the deep regret of both vestry and people, Rev. Burr M. Weeden resigned from the rectorship of the parish. At the same time, the Very Rev. F. B. A. Lewis tendered his resignation as associate priest. Fortunately for Trinity Church, Rev. George W. Foote was within call and willing to take charge of the parish for a few weeks, until the arrival of Rev. Charles H. Mockridge, whom the vestry had called as rector. Rev. Charles Mockridge, Jr., rector of St. Philip's Church, Detroit, served as curate until until September, 1901, when his work in Detroit called for his return. Rev. William F. Venables served as curate from November, 1901, to Easter, 1902. From Easter, 1902, to Easter, 1903, no curate was engaged on account of lack of funds to pay a salary. In December, 1902, Rev. Charles H. Mockridge ten- dered his resignation. Again the vestry sent for Rev. George W. Foote, and again, like Cincinnatus of old, he came from his mountain home to which he had retired. With strength apparently restored, he entered upon his work with a heartiness that bore rich fruit. A "word" from him in the Lenten Leaflet, gives some interesting statistics. It reads as follows: "I have consented to ---page 23--- remain in charge of this parish until after Easter. I came here thirty-two years ago and was rector for nearly fourteen happy years. I love this dear old parish with all my heart and it is a joy to be at work in it again. There is a great yearning desire to help this parish to be and to do what it should be and do after all these years; first by helping individual souls to the higher life, and next by helping in its material prosperity. Thirty-two years ago your rector appealed to the few members of the little church to free it from a crushing debt by their Easter offering. This was done by that little handful of people who gave $1350 on Easter morning. On the fol- lowing Easter $1650 was given to build the rectory. The parish is again in debt to the amount of $2200. This can be removed at Easter if every member of the parish will really try to give according to his ability. There are now five times as many people to help pay this debt as there were thirty-two years ago. It surely can be done." In the midst of the pressing needs of the parish, strength, given unreservedly for so many weeks, failed Mr. Foote and he was compelled to stop short of what he had hoped to acomplish materially for the parish. Rev. A. A. McKenzie, of the Divinity School at San Mateo, took charge of the services for a few weeks, and Rev. John B. Wakefield, who through long service had endeared himself to so many of the parishoners of Trinity, was welcomed again into the chancel. Rev. Mardon D. Wilson of Christ Church, San Jose, Secretary of the Diocese of California, and Very Rev. F. B. A. Lewis, Dean of the Convocation of San Jose, gave most gener- ous assistance to the parish in its time of need. At the beginning of the Lenten Season of 1903, an auxiliary vested choir of young women was organized to sing at the Lenten services and to join the regular choir on Easter Sunday and other festivals. ---page 24--- The Easter services of 1903 were full of the hope that the day inspires--hope of a new and higher life for Trinity Parish; and the long shafts of Easter sunlight that reached across the church, from roof to floor, seemed to herald the coming of the truer light. As this little sketch closes, a new era in the life of Trinity Parish opens. "There is no pause in the lead- ing and the light." "The best is yet to be." The growth of the Parish has been seen mainly from a material and temporal point of view. There are out- ward and visible signs of spiritual growth embodied in material form, which may be found scattered all along the years from 1860 to 1903; but the history of the real life of the Parish can never be written nor can adequate expression be found for the earnest work of those who have ministered to its highest needs. ---page 25--- Early Communicants. Registered by REV. SYLVESTER S. ETHERIDGE. 1861 - 1863. Appleton, Sarah Hardy, Sarah J. Smith, H. E. (Mrs.) Hammond, J. W. Hammond, R. C. Holabird, Sarah Brown, O. C. (Mrs.) Devine, Frances Spencer, Eleanor Petrie, Mrs. Lowe, James R. Lowe, Mary A. Daniels, William Reedway, (Mrs.) Thorn, Portia Hartman, B. Hartman, B. (Mrs.) Hayes, N. (Mrs.) Jones, Mary (Mrs.) Weatherhead, James Hart, Anna Healey, (Mrs.) Lissak, H. Lissak, H. (Mrs.) Warhurst, Ann B. Atchinson, L. M. (Mrs.) Lendrum, Anne E. Bond, George W. Clarke, Francis B. Marvin, Ellen C. Appleton, Joseph L. Meadowcroft, (Mr.) Meadowcroft, (Mrs.) Davis, William R. Schallenberger, Fannie M. (Mrs.) Comstock, Ellen D. Meadowcroft. Mary J. Rhodes, Carrie Ray, Hepsibah Broodbent, Mary A. Cory, (Mrs.) Hadley, Daniel Littlefield, J. M. Broodbent, (Miss) Hamn, (Mrs.) Pomeroy, Everett Calvert, Elizabeth Coleman, Caroline Mallory, C. B. (Mrs.) Case, F. M. (Mrs.) Littlefield, Ellen (Mrs.) Read (Miss) Fowler, William A. Hester, Sallie Hartwell, Julia Hanjary, Anna Canon, A. J. Cassey, Peter White, Rebecca V. Kingsbury, B. B. Hewlings, Margaret Creighton, Frederick Creighton, Emily A. (Mrs.) Yoell, James Alexander Yoell, Emily (Mrs.) Scott, S. (Miss) Snook, Robert (Mrs.) ---page 26--- Baptisms. REVEREND SYLVESTER S. ETHERIDGE. 1861 - 1864. Appleton, Joseph Smith Barker, Robert L Barker, Zilpah V Baxter, George Baxter, (Mrs.) Byron, Fred Canfield, William W Cassey, Amy Henrietta Ceighton, Frederick John Crowell, Mary Dana, Laura Amelia Djalina, Frank Hardy, Mark Robson Hardy, Franklin Graves Hart, Mary Hart, Anna Hart, Henry Hart, Toland Hart, William Hammond, Lutitia May Hangary, Annie S Hartwell, Julia A Heath, John Alfred Heath, Frederick William Heath, Emma Jane Hedge, William S Hensley, Mary Helen Holabird, John Thomas Hough, Angelina Jane Jacobs, Sara Frances Jacobs, Robert Klotz, Christina Lendrum, Eliza Lendrum, Andrew Reubin Lendrum, Mary Jane Lendrum, Maud Anna Leroy, Marcul Littlefield, John M Littlefield, Edith Rebecca Mayo, Gabrilla V Mayo, Cordelia M Marston, James Allen Meadowcroft, Robert R Meadowcroft, William Henry Mellor, George Frederick Miller, Horace Lee Norris, Frank Brown Olden, Catherine Wilkins Pearl, James Hanks Peacock, George Winfield Peck, Emma Peck, Frances Peck, Lilly Pope, Happy Albertina Porter, Warren Reynold Prescott, Emma Jane Prescott, William Syms Schallenberger, Margaret Everitt Schallenberger, Lou Townsend Schoenheight, George William Searle, Catherine L Searle, Sophia Caroline Smith, Mary Smith, Joseph Smith, Willette Stanfield, James Stanfield, Phebe Jane Thompson, Harry Scott Toms, Joseph Henry Warhurst, Ralph King Warhurst, Thomas Kussuth Warhurst, Lizzie Ann Watkins, Edmond Cairns Weed, Hampton Wells, Harriet Mary Wells, David Ashley White, Rebecca Alexander White, Charles Brooks White, Elbert Lockwood White, Anna Magdelen White, Howard Yoell, Alice Virginia Yoell, James Alexander Yoell, John Hampden ---page 27--- Baptisms. REV. DINSMORE D. CHAPIN. 1864 - 1866. Bacon, Francis William Beaty, James Haskell Beaty, Irving Eugene Bradly, Harriet Penn Britton, John Dailey Brown, Alfred Persons Castle, Edgar Michael Castle, Charlotte Louise Castle, Annette Adelaide Cassey, Emma Louisa Clayton, Frank Coddington, Mary Frances Eaton, Sarah Louise Eaton, Cornelia Elizabeth Franklin, George Riter Gavitt, Mary Augustine Gavitt, Jessie Annette Gassoway, Horace P. Gassoway, Belita Gassoway, Ada Henderson Gish, Ellen Summerford Hall, Elizabeth Hartman, Felix Leavitt Harrison, Hiram Harrison, Sarah Ann Harrington, William Chester Haskell, (Mrs.) Hensley, Charles Brenham Hewlings, John Elliott Hill, Etheridge Howard Holmes, Frances Evelyn Hollister, Nellie Hollister, Sally Kate Hollister, Jenny Bryne Hollister, John Hubbard Hollister, Ida Guhilma Hollister, William Wallace Latimer, Catherine Ann Latimer, Louisa Levering Littlefield, John Monroe Littlefield, Emily Daisy Marshall, James Riggs Marshall, Amanda Taylor Marshall, George Shorter Marston, George Henry Monroe, James Egbert Mortimer, John Benning Mortimer, Lewis Joseph Moultrie, Frank Barnett Overacker, Howard Panyburn, Susie Alice Panyburn, James A. Panyburn, Mary Louise Panyburn, Edward Lucius Pitts, Nellie Randall, Andrew Todd Rhodes, Maggie Rimlinger; Charles Phillip Schallenberger, Lloyd Jones Smith, Frank Eugene Staus, Mary Leonora Watkins, Anna Maria Weller, Ellen Elizabeth White, Maria Louisa Willey, Mary Susan Yates, Martin Huffman Yoell, Emily Frances REV. EDWARD S. PEAKE. 1866-1870. Adams, Lizzie Agnew,Henry David Bacon, Elvira Ellis Bardwell, Henrietta Bodfish, Emma Brent Bodfish, George Fenwick Bodley, Effie May Bodwell, Benjamin James Bradford, Fannie Viola Branch, Monroe Cartright, Mary Groesbeck Cilker, Martha Elizabeth Cleal, Thomas Lenham Clevinger, William Thomas Coddington, Charles Thompson Cole, Walter Cooper, George Cook, George Marshall Corde, Bertha Jane Creighton, Florence Annie ---page 28--- [Baptisms. REV. EDWARD S. PEAKE. 1866 - 1870. continued] Creighton, Herbert Brodie Creighton, Sidney Stuart Curtis, Dean Blake Davidson, Douglas Norwall Dorety, Charles Dunn, Robert James Farus, William Victor Emanuel Floyd, Elbert Stanley Floyd, John Henly Floyd, Ada Cassey Floyd, Daisy Floyd, Helen Louisa Gavitt, Alice Luella Gavitt, Lilian Gibbs, William Horace Gibson, George Hahneman Granger, Betsey Ann Harper, Robert Samuel Haskell, Flora Haskell, Walter Henry Haskell, Alvana Haskell, William Pearson Haslett, Elizabeth Haslett, Sarah Frances Haslett, Henrietta Herritage, Carolina Hickman, Nameoki Holland, Joseph Henry Holland, Mary Catherine Holland, Emma Florence Houghton, Eliza Pooré, (Mrs.) Houghton, Mary Martha Houghton, Eliza Pooré Houghton, Sherman Otis Houghton, Clara Helen Houghton, Charles D. Houghton, Francis Irving Howell, Sarah Marian Huestes, Minnie M. Jobson, Mary Keaton, George Keaton, Henry William Keaton, Elizabeth Keaton, Helen Kelly, David William Kelly, Bessie Cory Lattimer, Eva Knight Lendrum, William Edward Lendrum, Emily Lewis, Louisa Rebecca Lewis, William Morris Mayo, Alice McLennan, Mattie Meadowcraft, Cornelia Rees Meadowcraft, Fannie Everett Merritt, John Ezra Miller, Murdock McLoud Minor, Mary Brayne Minor, Elliot Bengen Minor, Alice Rhodes Moore, Murray Moultrie, May Moultrie, Lloyd Moulin, Victor Ferdinand Oldham, Edward Ashley Overton, Jacob Overton, Harriet Belle Parker, Mable Welles Payne, Louis Payne, Harry Dow Peake, Fanny Augusta Pillers, Sarah Jane Pillers, John Pillers, Fannie Raynor, Susan Reynolds, Ida Alma Savage, Lincoln Shriver, Edith Summerford Smith, George Washington Smith, Milton Snook, Edgar Anson Speights, Noah Edgar Stuart, James Henry Stuart, Frederick Douglas Sylvester, Joey Amelia Thorne, Walter Martineaut Underwood, Mary Warthen, Arrilla Warthen, Albert Rosencrans Weller, George Manning Weller, Edith Elizabeth Weller, Wilfred Henry West, Esther Maria White, Margaret Bird Wright, Emma Rhodes Yoell, Gertrude Ellen ---page 29--- Baptisms. REV. GEORGE W. FOOTE. 1871 - 1884. Abbott, Mary Adams, Dura Maria Adams, Mary Phoebe Adams, Grove Allison, Camile Allison, Winifred Allison, Mildred Allen, Ethelyn Phelps Allen, Dora Louise Allen, Adeline Allen, Lilly Jane Allen, Louisa Allen, Edward Baker, Annie Hollis Baker, Emily Lester Baker, Despard Dillon Baker, Clara Dillon Baker, Morgan Dillon Bardenwerper, Katie Bawden, Richard Henry John Best, Catharine Blackmore, George William Blackmore, Carrie Bradley, Nelly Theresa Bradley, Ellen Breyfogle, Edwin Solomon Briesen, Ernest Albert Briesen, Marie Maxa Britton, Daisy Jane Britton, Annie Elizabeth Brown, Charles Edward Brown, Edward Rodney Browne, Carry Ruggles Brown, Winifred Penoyer Cairns, Emma Jane Cairns, John James Cairns, Robert Hugh Caldwell, Arthur Edetts Caldwell Louisa Caldwell, Roberta Carlson, Emma Christine Carlson, Carl Edward Carlson, George Severeen Case, Sarah Jane Castle, Rothsay Benjamin Cavanaugh, Mary Chapin, Maria Endicott Chapin, Elizabeth Childs, Sarah Brice Christopher, Rita Cochrane, Fanny Forester Cohnon, Antoinette Cole, Lewis Congdon, Georgietta Collins, Frederick Collins, Guy Sackett Colwell, Annie Tensard Colwell, Charles Tensard Cook, Grace Isabel Cullen, Edith Margaret Cullen, Florence Elizabeth Cutler, Henry M. Cutler, Henry Monroe Delmas, Delphine Delmas, Paul Hoge Delmas, Antoinette Irma Delmas, Joseph Pendleton Denny, Cora Denny, Minnie Denny, Frederick Denny, William Dickenson, Luila Dimick, Margaret Helen Dixon, Georgia Ester Downs, Mary Effie Downs, Raymond Willard Drinkwater, John Rupell Dunn, Susan Millard Dunn, Mabel Emma Eastin, Annie Eastin, Sarah (Mrs.) Edwards, Belle Ogier Estabrooke, Clarence Fallon, Frederick Arthur Farrington, William James Faul, Mildred Maria Featherstone, Archibald Featherstone, George Finley Floyd, Amy Matilda Floyd, Cora Floyd, Pauline Foley, Elizabeth Alice Foote, Christine Fox, William Tipton Franklin, John Henry Froude, Charles Henry Gibson, William Bannister Gibson, Letitia ---page 30--- [Baptisms. REV. GEORGE W. FOOTE. 1871 - 1884. continued] Gohranson, Frederick Turin Gohranson, Victor Turin Graham, Martha Ann Graham, Jennie Maude Granger, Horace Greeley Guppy, Estella Lois Guppy, Florence Belle Guppy, Mabel Fide Guppy, Christine Mary Hall, Adelia Evans Hall, Alice Hammiel, Hans Nikles Hammaland, Emma Hammond, Edith Hansen, George Dekay Hansen, Cornelia Karren Hargrave, Lucy Harmons, Ernest Harmons, Elizabeth Harris, William Thomas Harris, Adrian Ninnis Hart, Ella Sands Hart, Ella Hart, Anna Frances Hartman, Emma Lottie Fay Hawkshurst, Theodocia Hebard, Francis Edward Herndon, Lena Martha Hoffman, Adela Henrietta Hollenbeck, Beatrice Lawry Hollenbeck, Grace Hollenbeck, Walter Lawry Holman, Charles Clarence Hommerick, Marie Emily Hommerick, Clara Louisa Hopper, Frederick Charles Houghton, Herbert Sutter Howell, Dura Maud Hughs, Annie Elizabeth Hughs, Sarah Charlotte Hunt, Franklin Louis Huntsman, Martha Hyde, Marcus Louis Incagnone, Rosa Jarman, Albert Hutchinson Jaynes, ____ Johnson, Annie Caroline Johnson, Joel Johnson, Selma Josephine Johnson, Ellen Elizabeth Johnson, Gustave Henry Johnson, August Fritz Jones, Laura Annie Jones, George Irvin Joseph, Mary Wright Joyce, Louisa Jane Joyce, Mary Augusta Juth, Frans Edwin Juth, Emma Cecilia Jutto, Carl Oscar Kelley, Mary Kennedy, Albert John Ketcham, Lydia Elmira King. Loui Foote King, Luena May King, James Henry King, Frank Giorza King, Louisa Etta Lane, Harry Albert Lane, Martha Jane Laurilliard, Margaret Polhemus Laurilliard, Albert Ferguson Laurilliard, Osborne Laurilliard, Frederick Henry Laurilliard, Arthur Brent Lawrence, Eliza Jane Leigh, Alice Delicia Lendrum, Birney Alexander Lewis, Frederick Wagner Lewis, Abby Ann Lewis, Lucy Elizabeth Lillie, Edward John Lillie, George William Lion, Clara Zulema Lipsett, Robert Alexander Longdon, John McLeod Lopen, Jennie Louis, Georgiana Margaret Lovejoy, Grace Lowe, Duncan Forsythe Maddock, Maud Machefert, Claude Adrian Maleck, Caroline Dorothea Mallory, Clarence Swan Malungren, Jennie Augusta Mayo, Lucy Thacker Mayo, James Evans Mayo, Hannah Griffeth Merritt, Charles August Merritt, Leaser Chase Meyerle, Lisett Meyerle, Ella McCloskey, Jane Gertrude McCloskey, Thomas Alexander McKipick, Donald McMeekin, George Herbert McMeekin, John Alfred Miles, Ella Gertrude ---page 31--- [Baptisms. REV. GEORGE W. FOOTE. 1871 - 1884. continued] Miles, Bertha Miles, Lulu Miles, Mary Mabel Miles, Martha Jane Minor, Butler Brayne Minor, James Garratt Montgomery, Coralie Louisa Montgomery, Seymore Thomas Montford, Joseph Montford, Harrington Montford, Stella Montford, Grace Moore, Betty Morgan, Isaas Richard Morphey, Mary Freeman Morphey, Margaret Morton, Henry Chestney Morton, Harriett Frances Moultrie, Lloyd Kelly Moultrie, Kate Moyer, William Edmund Moyer, William Moyer, Mary Ellen Murdock, Laura May Murgotten, Mary Anna Murgotten, Edith Clemintina Murgotten, Martha Kelly Murray, Robert Keys Neal, Jepie Green Nelson, Lillie Nelson, Carl Albert Nelson, Amanda Nelson, Edwin Paulina Newcomb, Mary Alice Nixon, Amy Oberg, Ellen Oberg, May Christine Overton, Charles Henry Pace, Rachel Pace, John Edmund Parker, David Parker, Abby Etta Parks, Lillian Payne, Theodora Payne, Louis Starr Peck, Talula Peers, Sarah Isabella Polhemus, Mariana Pomeroy, Elwood Gault Popplewell, Ettie Christiana Pratt, Henry Rayner, Joseph Edward Reynolds, Willie LeGrange Rhodes, Margaret Elizabeth Rhodes, John Morris Rife, Mary Elizabeth Rife, Sophrana Maltilda Rife, George Austin Robbeschotte, Joseph Antonis Robbeschotte, Nina Victoria Roberts, Elizabeth Ann Roberts, Mary Ellen Rowe, Mary Ogilby Sahlberg, Belle Helena Scott, Mary Rowena Scott, Nellie Schallenberger, Frances Reese Schallenberger, Milton Potter Scully, William Ferguson Shaplin, Samuel Shaplin, Walter David Shaplin, May Shelbourn, Jessie Maud Shelbourn, Ernest Brooks Singletary, George Curtis Singletary, Emory Grigsby Smith, Dana Smith, Elizabeth Montague Smith, Selina Elita Snook, Norman Albert Snook, Eva Elizabeth Snyder, Gertrude Arminda Snyder, Mamie A. Soderer, Kate May Somers, Mary Emma Somerville, Albert Ernest Spafford, Adelaide Cecilia Spencer, Grace May Spencer, Tulita Starratt, Frank Smith Stevens, Antoinette Belle Stevens, William Joy Stevens, Sidney Bella Stratford, Hugh Ogilby Stratford, Nellie Campbell Stratford, Hugh Campbell Swain, Effie Drake Swenson, Selma Matilda Swenson, Emma Josephine Swenson, Carl William Syer, Martha Virginia Symonds, George Ernest Tabor, Edmund Beckett Taggart, Oscar Mortimer Taggart, Henry Abbott Taylor, William Lee Taylor, Martha Allen Taylor, William Grey ---page 32--- [Baptisms. REV. GEORGE W. FOOTE. 1871 - 1884. continued] Taylor, Ellen Sutherland Tennant, John William Tennant, Margaret Helen Theiessen, Dora Sophia Thompson, Austin Norris Thompson, Austin Norris Thorne, Grace Lucretia Thorne, Edna Thorne, Mary Chrisholm Townsend, Ethel Clare Townsend, Eva Lillian Townsend, Maud Isabel Townsend, Arthur Chisholm Troedson, Carl Edwin Troedson, Johan Alfred Tuffree, Charles Polhemus Tuttle, Kitty Clover Varela, Alexander Robert Walker, Frederick Carrol Walker, William Henry Wallace, Dora Wallace, Lena Elizabeth Ware, Lizzie May Webb, Ida Gertrude Wharton, Robert Wheatland, Arthur John Wheeler, Sylvia Jane White, Mary Elizaabeth White, Christina White, Henry Warde Whitwell, Jennie Louisa Whitwell, Florence Agnes Wilcox, Miles Irvin Wilde, Margaret Butler Willett, Sarah Williams, Simeon Waldo Williams, Paul Sibley Williams, Bessie Galindo Williams, Virginia Hardy Williams, Effie Gladys Wilson, Alma Evalinda Wilson, Mary Elizabeth Wilson, Henry Young, Richard Betty Yound, Thomas John Young, Howard Birney Young, George William Young, Henry [Baptisms.] REV. JOHN B. WAKEFIELD, D.D. 1884-1899. Abbott, Frank Max Sheridan Adel, Grace Adel, Mabel Ainsworth, Trevllyn Ainsworth, Horace Ainsworth, Doris Alderson, Edith Eveline Allen, Edith Allen, Walter Allen, Ray Marston Allen, Gwendolyn Allen, Floyd Ensley Allison, Leona Allison, William DeWitt Arques, Frances Louise Arques, Mabel Artnous, Louise Elizabeth Artnous, Augustus Henry Austin, Paul Page Bacon, Bessie Stuart Bacon, Albert Sylvester Bacon, Ruth Bacon, Jeremiah Bruce Baker, Lucy Baker, Jewett Adams Baker, Arthur Dillon Baker, Olympia Dillon Baker, Albert Dillion Ball, Lillian Eliza Barker, Carrie Alzora Barker, Samuel Richard Barney, Grace Edith Barnhardt, Frank Dyckinson Barnhardt, Clifford Cobb Barnhardt, Della Carra Barnhardt, Carra Prudence Barnhardt, Mary Prudence Bartley, Elmer Robert Barrows, Estelle Bates, Ella Bawden, John William Beans, Ellard Hendly Beans, Mildred Elizabeth Bennett, Irma Grace Bentley, Robert Irving Biede, Alesia Dickinson Black, Bessie Avery Black, Kenneth James ---page 33--- [Baptisms. REV. JOHN B. WAKEFIELD, D.D. 1884 - 1899. continued] Bohlmann, Laura Frances Bernice Bohlmann, Eugenie Edna Bohlman, Laura Bolton, Charles Henry Lufkin Bolton, Sydney Rogers Bone, Arthur Bone, Lewis Bowham, Madelina Boring, Rosalind Crowell Bowles, Ora Bradford, Gertrude Laura Bradford, Gertrude Laura Bradford, Cyril Christian Bradford, Chester Brindley Bradley, Anna Augusta Branham, Mary Bronson, Willie Anna Brown, Nina Elizabeth Buckley, Mary Buckley, Helen Bull, Kate Evaline Bull, Herbert Granville Bull, Winifred Gladys Burgess, Tristam Burgess, Elizabeth Burgess, Charles Burke, Eva Lorraine Burns, Francis Charles Burns, Archibald Burr, Julia Marguerite Burrell, May Addie Burrell, Louisa Edna Burrell, Viva Jeanette Bynon, Rachel Cornelia Caldwell, Ernest Gerard Campbell, Wallace Campbell, Gladys Minerva Campbell, Abbey Jane Capel, Lettie Anna Card, Edward Douglass Carter, Clarabel Carter, Mary Eliza Carter, John Henry Carter, Clara Elizabeth Carter, Isabella Evelyn Chapin, Samuel Fletcher Clark, Emma (Mrs.) Clark, __________ Clayton, Jean Bradley Clayton, James Bradley Clayton, James A Clayton, Emily A. Jerow Clow, Cora Cochrane Colwell, __________ Cooper, Thomas Elwyn Cormack, Jessie More Costa, Albert James Costa, William Herbert Covell, Syvene Covell, Merritt Cox, Mabel Gertrude Cox, Arthur Brow Cox, Charlton Graham Crichton, Alice Isabel Crichton, Stanley Edwin Crichton, Isabell Crichton, Gordon Leslie Curnow, Maude Jeanette Curnow, Mabel Fanny Daby, Jessie Dassel, Clarissa Madelina Dassel, Elernor Royce DeJarnett, Lillian Italia Dennison, Florence Elizabeth Devoy, Zoe Henrietta DeWitt, Oscar Eugene Dixon, Susie Bernice Dowton, Walter Leander Dowton, Sidney Gordon Dresser, Marguerite Amelia Dunston, Isaac Duff, Eveline Frances Helen Eaton, Herbert Eaton, Lillian Cooper Eaton, Joseph Edmund Egan, Florence Mildred Egan, Edgar Leslie Ellis, Thomas Empey, Maud Enright, Frank Enright, Walter Erwin Enright, Millie (Mrs) Eppler, Hannah Taylor Evans, Charles Bordoe Evans, Margaret Reese Farren, Clara Adeline Farrington, Mattie Zerelda Farrington, Benjamin Fuller Farrington, Adam Farrington, Eva Farrington, Walter Scott Farrington, Amy Farrington, Mabel Farrington, Hazel Farrington, Ethel Jane ---page 34--- [Baptisms. REV. JOHN B. WAKEFIELD, D.D. 1884 - 1899. continued] Farthing, Irma George Farthing, Delia Marion Faulkner, Leslie Faulkner, Charles Craik Faulkner, Mary Ferguson, Edward Ferguson, Rhea Ferguson, James Ferguson, John Ferguson, Clarissa Field, Grace Fife, Beatrice Lillian Fisher, Sarah Flag, Edwin Clarence Flag, Leonora Flyn, Lillian Isabell Friant, Margaret Antoinette Friedlander, Anna Pearl Fullager, Ella Fullagar, Ida Fullagar, Blanche Gardiner, Beasley Wells Garnier, ------ Gebhardt, Wilhelmina Wells Gebhardt, Myrtle Ida Gordon, Edith Annie Good, Helen Gowan, Leonard Greater, Jennie (Mrs.) Greater, Annie Griffith Greater, Alice Frances Greater, Thomas Marquam Grant, Mary Catherine Gribner, John Thomas Gribner, Frank Grimmer, Della May Gunther, Hazel Christina Haley, Ione D'Arcy Hall, Frances Spencer Hall, Mercedes Hall, Beatrice Lydia Halsey, Juanita Isabella Halsey, Hattie Eva Halsey, Clara Louise Halsey, Grace Ida Halsey, Gertie Estelle Halsey, Laura Alice Halsey, Edna Garandine Hamilton, Martha Selina Hamilton, Emily Genevieve Hamilton, Mary Hammond, Arthur Elmer Hankenson, Irene Harkness, Leslie James Harkness, Ford Brockway Harmon, Ida Minerva Harmon, Muriel Marie Harold, Louisa Harrison, Ida Elizabeth Harrison, Herbert Samuel Hatch, Viola Hatch, Frank Lewis Hatch, George Glascock Hatch, Jackson Hatch, Dana Millard Hatch, Geraldine Viola Haultain, Phillip Edward Heron, Edith Harvey Herrild, Bertha Hill, Russel Dudley Hill, Ellis Hill, Apphia Mary Hoag, Myron Drayton Hocket, Lennie Hoffman, Florence Victoria Holloway, Louis William Holloway, Geroge Holmes, Hattie Lucille Howie, Lillian Richardson Howard, Edward Bancroft Howard, Nina Lydia Howard, Clara Howard, Lizette Howard, Grace Hunn, Florence Isabella Hunn, Dorothy Ironside, Roger Baxter Ironside, Stewart Atchison Ironside, Jessie Ironside, Frederick Neal Ironside, Irving John Jackson, Henry Lord Jarman, Kate Evelyn Jarman, Edith Louise Jarvis, Robert Johnson, Jennie Maria Johnson, Edith Augusta Johnson, Carl Edwin Jones, May Jones, Ida Jung, Phillip John Kelley, Virginia Mabel Kelley, Nannie Kelley, Libbie Kemp, Mildred Ethel Kindborg, Carl Edward ---page 35--- [Baptisms. REV. JOHN B. WAKEFIELD, D.D. 1884 - 1899. continued] King, Minnie Edith King, Richard Seymour Knickerbocker, Nina Knickerbocker, Clara Knoth, David Gustaf Krause, Clarabelle (Mrs.) Laurilliard, Annie Laurilliard, Ralph Law, Hazel Dixon Leaman, James Buchanan Leaman, Lelia Mary Lee, Jessie May Leigh, May Agnes Leigh, Huanna Leigh, George McBlair Lewis, Morgan Miles Leib, Roy Chilton Leib, Frank Allen Leib, Erle Brent Lindsay, Archibald Norman Lindsay, Helen May Lindsay, Athol Thomas Lion, Clara Lion, Morrell Gibon Lion, Gardner Lion, Stella Lion, Hortense Maria Lorimer, Harriet Katharine May Lowe, Mary Rosam Lowe, Elinor Forsythe Lundblad, William Anthon Lundblad, Florence A Lunt, Lawrence Kirby MacChesney, Edith May MacKenzie, William Henry Madigan, Eva Madigan, Eugenie Malone, Elder Agatha Malone, Jarrett Jenkins Malone, Laurestine Malone, Garrett Stanton Mann, George Elinor Mann, Louise E Martin, John Johnston Miller May, Abbie Maynard, Elizabeth Stanley Maynard, Katharine Easterby Maynard, Merlin Trever Roper Maynard, Henry Cholmondley McGehee, Lena Ellen McGehee, John Henry McKinstry, Gordon Eugene McKinstry, Raleigh Bishop McLean, Mary Wilhelmina Metcalf, Hazel Melville Millard, Phoebe Jeanette Millard, Bryant Tilden Miller, Katharine Stanbury Mills, Roy Bertrand Mills, Frederick Charles Mills, Isaac George Montanya, Lorraine Spencer Montanya, James Francis Moore, Marjory Moore, Marcella Spring Moore, Mildred Morrow Morgan, Jennie Morgan, Ida Morgan, Irma Morgan, James Henry Mowray, Nelson Horatio Moyer, Irvine Gertrude Murgotten, Francis Clark Neely, Hattie Nelson, Elma Melissa Nugent, Roy Wakefield Nugent, Esther Margaret Nugent, Elmer Thomas Nugent, Lester William Nugent, Merton Winfred Nugent, Milton Albert Nugent, Harvey Preston O'Connor, Ivy May Ogier, Walter Tulidge Ogier, Elizabeth Hargest Ogier, Fanny Grayson Ogier, Adelaide Reed Ogier, Georgiana (Mrs.) Ogier, Ella Ross Ogier, Clara Jane Ogier, Cora Gertrude Ogier, Andrew Reed Ogier, James Howard Olson, Genevieve Obvera Osborn, Gladys Louise Osborn, Robert Payne Pace, George Milton Palmer, Camille Parkman, Jessie Ann Parkman, Jessie Ann Patton, Marie Paulsell, Edna G Paulsell, Jessie N Peacock, Etta May Pease, Mabel C Perrin, Archie Albert Perrin, Fred Wallace Peterson, Florence Gertrude ---page 36--- [Baptisms. REV. JOHN B. WAKEFIELD, D.D. 1884 - 1899. continued] Plumb, Edith Rose Plumb, Sarah Edwina Polhemus, Jennie Eliza Polhemus, Charles Bispham Polhemus, Edward Richter Pollack, Mary Irene Pratt, Elinor Priestly, Arthur Reginald Putnam, Hervey Armstrong Putnam, Ethel Maria Rashleigh, Grace Ray, Allen Muir Rayburn, Alden Granville Redcliff, None Reese, Charles Edward Reynard, Ernest Charles Reynard, Harold Herbert Rhodes, Arques Louise Riehl, Anna Marguerite Richards, Mary Emma Richards, Emma M Richards, Eleanor Virginia Richards, John Percy Richards, Donald Wallace Richards, Norman Monroe Richardson, Owen D Richardson, Maud Richmond, George Andrew Richmond, Edmund Nutting Richmond, Sidney Earl Richmond, Cedric Rae Ricketts, Georgia May Eveline Robbins, J. C. Roberts, Ruberta Augusta Rodgers, George Leigh Rootes, Thomas Page Rossich, Euthanasia Constance Sairo, Capitola Belle Saki, Misa Salisbury, Neva May Salisbury, Nellie Grace Schoenheit, Sophie Edith Scott, Edna Lorraine Scott, Clarissa Pauline Secord, Maud Senter, Irma Sevenoaks, (Mrs.) Shartzer, Mary Dunn Shartzer, Thomas Farrington Shartzer, Clara Gilmer Shartzer, Newton Roy Shaw, Earl Jones Shaw, Jack Woolsey Shepardson, Lucia Shepardson, Florence Simpson, William Yale Simpson, Helen Sikes, Louisa (Mrs.) Smith, Alice Woodhull Smith, Albert Sidney Johnston Smith, Jennie Cleveland Smith, Frank Grover Smith, Leo Lester Smith, Seymour Golding Smith, Veva Cadow Smith, Viola Vera Snook, William Earl Snook, Angeline Mary Spencer, Lorend Wright Spencer, Irene Katie Stakhouse, Bertha Olivia Stackhouse, Edna May Stackhouse, James Alfred Stallings, George Brown Stephens, Albert Blaisdel Stitch, Emily Pearson Stitch, Ralph Subach, Louisa Sutcliffe, Claude Ingram Sutcliffe, Joy Tennant, Hazel Clemintine Tennant, Mary Elizabeth Tennant, Aileen, Allana Tennant, John Harvey Tennant, Annie V Tennant, William Eugene Thorn, Charles Augustus Pomeroy Thureson, Oscar Alfred Turner, Ida Emma Turner, Nellie Burnie Turner, Ione Beatrice Turner, Mary Pearl Vance, Lillian Genevieve Van Heusen, Adelia Blanchard Wagener, Eva Van Heusen Wagener, Edward Hopkins Waidhass, May Estelle Waidhass, Muriel Boyd Waidhass, Robert Ernest Waite, Alice Adelaide Waldorf, Dolores Garnett Walk, Edward Walker, Arthur R Walker, Henry Erwin Wallace, John Thomas Wallace, Dorothy Walshe, Fay Watts, Mary Elizabeth ---page 37--- [Baptisms. REV. JOHN B. WAKEFIELD, D.D. 1884 - 1899. continued] Watts, Edmund Beatrice Webb, Theodore Winthrop Weck, Bertie Weiland, Maude Helen Weller, Bessie Matilda Wharton, Roy Wigle, Gordon Wilcox, Frances (Mrs.) Williams, Lucy Williams, Clara White Wilder Williams, Ellen Mary Williams, Harrison Oliver Williams, Lucia Kirk Williams, Georgiana Williams, Madeline Jobson Williams, Lillian Tisdale Wilson, Evelina Wilson, Frederick Wilson, Alexander Wilson, Olivia Virginia Winningstad, Olaf Philip Woodrow, Grace Ethel Woodsum, Maude Alice Woodsum, Hazel Winifred Woodsum, Clarence Van Buren Wooley, Harriet Malone Wright, William Hardcastle Wright, Irving Elmer Llewllyn Wright, Milton Edgar Wright, __________ York, Charles E York, Charles Warren York, Ralph Edwin Young, Mabel Edna Young, Francis C Young, Harold Grant Young, Adrian Weller Zarcone, William Penn Zarcone, _______ Zimmer, Albertina Zimmer, Clara May [Baptisms.] REV. BURR MILLER WEEDEN. 1899 - 1901. Atherton, Harry Claire Baff, Bertha Edwards Beach, Sarah Della Beevers, Pearl Irene Bennison, Ellis Norma Lanibley Blackmore, Kathleen Olif Butler, Edgar Emmett Butler, Ada Ruth Butler, Eva May Butler, William Peace Campbell, Kenneth Cardinell, Susie Grace Church, Lillian Emily Coe, Rinaldo Louis Curnow, Grace Gertrude Frank, Dorothy Margaret Green, Elizabeth Margaret Hankensen, Minette Harris, Blanche Esther Harris, Levi Maurice Hayne, Laura Lee Howatt, Maggie Blanche Johnston, Bernard Johnston, Russell Reubin Johnson, Henry Hinkley McElwaine, George Vance Balderine McGinnis, Summer Dotts McKee, Georgia McKinstry, Francis Lee Ogier, Margaret Perrin, Maude Elizabeth Perrin, Frances Viola (Mrs.) Pieper, Edna Marciele Prindle, Emma Tolwille (Mrs.) Prindle, Eva Maud Randle, Alta Frances Robinson, Sarah Shirley Rockwell, Harold Augustine Rockwell, Marian Rodgers, George Lincoln Ross, James Madison Scott, Charles Tremaine Stiles, Jeanette Lillian Voshell, Francis Whitney Watson, Irene Margaret Wright, Sarah Louisa Wright, Emmaline Amelia ---page 38--- [Baptisms] REV. CHARLES H. MOCKRIDGE, D. D. 1901 - 1902. Baker, Mabel Claire Baker, Clyde Wilson Bates, Ernest Ray Bates, Leslie Arthur Bell, Helen Gladys Bodelle, Matilda Eleanor Branham, Hattie Mary (Mrs.) Brown, Frank Palmer Cambers, Lelah Thelma Esatine Cameron, David Rinaldo Campbell, Maud Cather, Marcie Janet Center, George Stuart Chaboya, Arthur Bates Chaboya, George Randolph Childers, Edna Clayton, Willis Sherman Christie, Loretta May Coutant, Ruth Anne Elmer, Bessie Helen Elmer, Leon Harold Elmer, Walter Merle Evans, Lloyd Miner Fassett, Thomas Lee Odian Ferguson, Allie Fritz James, Dorothy Harrell, Edith Galvin Harrell, George Franklin Harrell, John Franklin Henderson, Elizabeth Adel Henderson, Irene Henderson, Martha Alice (Mrs.) Holloway, Leslie Beeston Huffman, Leona Illif, Clarence Lemuel Knox, Allen Woolley LaGrange, Charles Edwin Lotz, Cyril Clyde Macaulay, Hazel Irene Macaulay, Martha Macaulay,Thadeus Warsaw Hobson Malone, Jarrett Jenkins Matlack, Idela Myrtle Matlack, Cora Mabel McComb, Eleanor Mehitable McGeorge, Grace Anne McKee, Edith Pearl Millard, George Sherman Minor, Emma Sophie Minor, Rhodes Claassen Moore, Earl Henry Otto, Alice Jacqueline Polhemus, Charles Bispham Powers, Edward Eugene Powers, George Thomas Rayner, Robert Askelon Reid, Letitia Scott Richards, Mary Whitney Richards, Eleanore Kathleen Ricks, Adeline Amelia Ricks, Hazel Margaret Ricks, Hiram Lambert Ricks, Carson, Steinmets Ripley, Lila Irene Schneider, Phillip Sumner Smith, James Henry Smith, John Christopher Smith, William Joseph Soderer, Carrol Augustus Standley, Helen Pauline Sutton, Arnold Lewis Lincoln Talbot, Estella Maud Thornton, Richard Baxter Thornton, Stuart Rutherford Thornton, Eva Isabel Thornton, Florence Esther Thornton, Leslie Mockridge Thornton, Pearl Edith Weller, Herbert Dalrymple Werner, Adela Irene Werner, Lawren Webster White, Ella Ethel White, Edith May White, Winifred Edith (Mrs.) Willes, Ethel Joan Withrow, Earl Boynton Woolley, Bessie Winifred Wright, Gladys Maud REV. GEORGE W. FOOTE. Rector in Charge, December, 1902 to April, 1903. Caldwell, Ethelwyn Althea Easton, Ione Vivian MacLouth Millard, Allen Ramsay Millard, Roger Binney Rinn, Ida Vestal, Maxwell ---page 39--- Confirmations. REV. SYLVESTER S. ETHERIDGE. 1861 - 1864. Appleton, Joseph L Bond, Maria Brown, O C Canon, Andrew J Cassey, Peter Comstock, Ellen D Creighton, Frederick Creighton, Emily A Davis, William R Devine, Frances Featherstone, Hettie Hammond, J W Hammond, R C Hanjary, Anna Hardy, Mark Hardy, Sarah J Hartwell, Julia Hester, Sarah Hewlings, Margaret Holabird, Sarah Littlefield, E Lowe, Ralph McComus, Samuel C Meadowcroft, William Meadowcroft, Mary I Meadowcroft, Elizabeth Meadowcroft, Matilda Ray, Hepbsibah Rhodes, Caroline Schallenberger, Fannie M (Mrs.) Smith, Harriet E Warhurst, Anna B White, Rebecca V Yoell, James Alexander Yoell, Emily REV. DINSMORE D. CHAPIN. 1864 - 1866. Bond, Anna Crosby, Maria Devine, Lilly Faulkiner, John Gish, Ellen S Hensley, Helen Yountz, Mary REV. H. H. MESSINGER. 1866. Cleal, Catherine Gavitt, Mary A Hart, Wilkin Hart, Joanna Haskell, Alvina E. (Mrs.) Latimer, Benjamin G. (Sr.) Latimer, Virginia L Latimer, Elizabeth V Massey, Sarah Randall, Ann Elizabeth Smith, William Alexander Smith, Willette Cassey Spencer, Eleanor Tennant, Nellie Tiffany, Cornelila Starr Tiffany, Eliza Ann White, Howard Cassey ---page 40--- [Confirmations.] REV. EDWARD S. PEAKE. 1866 - 1870. Adams, Lizzie Allen, August C Bacon, Alvira Ellis Bradford, Anna Maria Bradford, Ethelbert J Chapin, Rachel N Chapin, Kate Chapin, Ida Chase, Ruth Amelia Cleal, Thomas Lenham Clevenger, Thomas Denny, J J (Mrs.) Emery, William Gabriel, Ferdinand Gavitt, Jessie Gibbs, William Horace Hammond, Jennie Hastings, Fannie Hoffman (Mrs.) Houghton, Eliza Poor‚(Mrs.) Johnson, William Henry Judah, Nameokee Lapam, Mary A Lawrence, Augustine Leonard, Elizabeth Leonard, Edward Lewis C E (Mrs.) Maitland, Mary Elizabeth Millen, Murdock McLeod Moses, Anna E Overton, Jacob Polhemus, Anita Polhemus, Caroline Randall, Sarah O Rhodes, Byron Rhodes, Emma Smith, George Washington Speights, Noah Edgar Swan, Mary Florence Thomas, Emma Tidball (Mrs.) Warthen, Arrilla White, Elbert L Young, Mary Ann REV. GEORGE W. FOOTE. 1871 - 1884. Adams, Dura Maria Adams, Mary Allen, Addie Allen, Carl Harman Allen, Harriet Allen, Jane Anderson, Eleanor Profetta Appleby, Kate Appleton, H J H Armstrong, Josie Baker, Minnie C Baker, Nellie S Bardenwerper, Kate G Bendeleben, Alfred G Birch, Ruth Blackford, Lilly Blakeslee, May Blanchard, David Boyce, Evlyn B Bradley, Nellie T Breyfogle, Edward S Brown, Victoria Browne, Carrie Ruggles Caldwell, Caroline Henry Caldwell, Horace Campbell, Emily L Capey, Ada Case, C E Chapin, Maria (Mrs.) Chapin, Samuel Fletcher Chapin, Mary E Childs, Sarah B Cochrane, Fanny Forester Coddington, Fanny F Colman, Barbara Congdon, Georgietta Cook, Kate E Creighton, Lottie Creighton, Florence A Cullen, Alice J Cullen, William O Daingerfield, Eliza Parker Davidson, Douglas N ---page 41--- [Confirmations. REV. GEORGE W. FOOTE. 1871 - 1884. continued] Dawson, Emma Denny, C.W. (Mrs.) Denny, Minnie Denny, Lilly M Dimmick, Margaret Helen Dimond, Harry Dixon, Georgia E Doble, Emma Dunn, Susan M Eastin, Sarah Eastin, Annie Eaton, Cornelia Elizabeth Edmondson, Clara Estabrooke, Robert Clarence Estabrooke, Elizabeth Estabrooke, Mary J Floyd, Martha Gay, Florence Gibson, Letitia Graham, Mary J Griffetts, Sarah Guppy, Maria Ruth Haley, Samuel Hall, Alice Hall, Adelia Evans Hargrave, Lucy Hart, Annie Hart, Mary Haskell, Flora Hawkhurst, Theodosia M Hollenbeck, Beatrice Houghton, Sherman Otis Houghton, Clara H. Houghton, Charles Donner Houghton, Mary M Houghton, Eliza Hughs, Anna Hughs, Sarah Huntsman, Martha Hutchinson, Ezra Hutchinson, Laura A Incagnone, Rosa Jackson, Harriett Jones, Laura Kavanaugh, Mary King, Henry Klotz, Christina Klipstein, Minnie Koman, James Latimer, Louisa Lawrence, John Lee, Louise E Leigh, Hugh A Lendrum, Andrew Reuben Lendrum, Lizzie Lendrum, Margaret E Lewis, Lutie Lewis, Abbie A Lewis, Lucy Elizabeth Long, Lizzie Long, Sarah Lusson, Adele Merlin Lusson, Cornelia Armistead Magee, Nellie Maynard, William Trever Maynard, Edward W Maynard, Eva Gertrude Maynard, Henry Wilford Mayo, Alice McAllis, James Frederick McBain, Agnes B McMeekin, Josephine Megerle, Lisette Megerle, Ella Miles, Morgan Miles, Eleanor Elizabeth (Mrs.) Miles, Mary Mabel Miles, Martha Jane Miller, Elizabeth S Minor, Mary Brayne Moore, Bettie Moore, Maud Moore, Gertrude Morgan, Isaac Richard Moyer, William Moyer, Mary Ella Murgotten, Martha K Nesmith, Loring Newcomb, Mary Alice Nixon, James Nixon, William Northron, Elizabeth Parker, David Parker, William L. Payne, Louise Pease, Eva Maria Pembroke, Marion E Polhemus, Josephine Polhemus, George B Porter, Florence Rayner, Susie Reid, Annie M Roberts, Mary E Schaaf, Martha S Schallenberger, Margaret E Scott, Edward Scott (Mrs.) Scott, Nellie ---page 42--- [Confirmations. REV. GEORGE W. FOOTE. 1871 - 1884. continued] Smith, Effie Soderer, Elizabeth Somers, Mary Emma Spafford, Adelaide Cecilia Spencer, Mary C Sprague, Josephine Stetson, Edith Swilk, Louisa Taggart, Sarah Tennant, Fred Tennant, Clementina (Mrs.) Tennant, John Thorn, Matilda Tompkins, Ella F Tompkins, Annie Townsend, J H M Tuttle, Rebecca Tuttle, Kitty Clover Wagener, Allan Walker, Mary J Watson, Elizabeth A Webb, Ida Gertrude Wheeler, Sylvia Jane Whipple, Clara A White, Alfred J White, Annie M Whitwell, Jennie L Whitewell, Florence Agnes Willett, Sarah Wilson, Mary E Yates, Martin Young, Mary E Young, William B REV. JOHN B. WAKEFIELD, D. D. 1884 - 1899. Abbott, Clara Frances Abbott, Pansy Jewett Adel, Grace Adel, Mabel Allen, Dora Louise Allison, Camille Allison, Winifred Anderson, Nellie Anderson, Oliver P Anderson, Chloe Arques, Mabel Arques, Mattie Alice (Mrs.) Atkins, R H (Mrs.) Austin, Reginald Austin, Elizabeth May Avery, Wallace Ogden Avery, Carrie Louise Aysberry, Florence Bacon, Mary L (Mrs.) Bacon, Sanford Lord Baker, Matilda Baker, Emily Lester Baker, Annie Hollis Baker, Clara Baker, Isabella M Baker, Teecie Barker, Zoe Autumn Barlow, Elizabeth Ann Barmby, Emily (Mrs.) Barney, Grace Edith Barnhardt, Prudence (Mrs.) Barnhardt, Mary Prudence Barrows, Estelle Bates, Annie Eliza Bates, Ella Bell, Enid Lyell Bemis, Bessie Bennett, Ella Bennett, Eliza (Mrs.) Benson, Charles Henry Berry, Benjamin Clark Billington, Paul Bird, May Frances Boardman, Louis P. Bohlman, Laura (Mrs.) Bohlman, Eugena Edna Bohlman, Laura Bothwell, James Lewis Bowers, Edith Bowles, Ora Bradley, Harriett P Brady, E R (Mrs.) Brady, Ella Branham, Mary Brewer, Emma (Mrs.) Brewer, Daisy Brewer, Andrew George Brooke, William Brotherton, Laura R Brower, Marcus Theodore Brower, Clara Gertrude Buckley, Marcella ---page 43--- [Confirmations. REV. JOHN B. WAKEFIELD, D. D. 1884 - 1899. continued] Buckley, Helen Bull, Frances Amy Bull, Edith Mary Burgess, Tristam Burrell, May Addie Burrell, Lulu Burrell, May Burrell, A H (Mrs.) Bynon, Rachel Cornell Caldwell, Louise J (Mrs.) Caldwell, Roberta Camp, Josephine Campbell, Abby Jane Carter, Thomas Chapin, Margaret Eliza Chapin, Maria Endicott Chapin, John Chapman, Ida Chapman, Belle Clark, Emma (Mrs.) Clark, Josephine Clark, Luna Clark, Allan Clayton, Dora Anna (Mrs.) Clayton, Mary Dora Clayton, Marguerite Anna Clow, Cora Cochrane Collins, Guy Collister, C H (Mrs.) Compton, Eulalia Coombs, Mattie G (Mrs.) Cordell, Fanny Costello, Jennie Covell, Merritt J Covell, Syvene Cox, Elizabeth Jane Cozzens, Olivia Craze, Lizzie Crichton, Isabel (Mrs.) Crichton, Alice Mabel Culverwell, Richard Daby, Jessie Davis, Susie Davis, Serena Mary Denny, Cora Dennison, Florence Elizabeth Deyo, Ray Dongdon Dizon, Susie Bernice Douglas, Mary Dorothea Du Brutz, Kittie Beck Laubson Du Brutz, Anthony Duncan, Mary J (Mrs.) Edmunds, George Herbert Edwards, Belle Ogier Emory, Francis Evans Empy, Maud Eppler, Hannah Taylor Erkson, Jennie A (Mrs.) Farrington, Elizabeth Farron, Clara Adeline Faul, Mildred W Field, Grace B Flannery, David M Flannery, Gertrude Flannery, Marguerite Frolich, Theodore Hugo Galbut, Gabrielle Garey, Walter D Gebhardt, Margaret Jane Gebhardt, Theodora Glenn, Katherine Eveline Goaz, Georgia Gohranson, Oscar Stone Gohranson, Victor Gohranson, Frederick Gohranson, Dora Concordia Gohranson, Formia Laura Gordon, Edith A Gosbee, Annie E (Mrs.) Good, Helen (Mrs.) Gouland, Edith Graeter, Jennie (Mrs.) Graeter, Alice Frances Graham, Mary Frances (Mrs.) Gregory, Frances Emily Green, Elizabeth Green, Fannie Cruso Griffith, Annie Grimmer, Della May Guppy, Estella Lois Guppy, Florence Belle Guppy, Mabel Fide Guppy, Christine Mary Hague, Lilia Haley, Ione D'arcy Hall, Mercedes Hall, Beatrice Lydia Hall, Kate P (Mrs.) Halsey, Jaunita Isabella Halsey, Clara Louise Halsey, Laura Alice Halsey, Grace Ida Hamilton, Genevieve Hamilton, Mary Hamilton, Martha Selina Hampton, Sarah Brown Hankenson, Irene ---page 44--- [Confirmations. REV. JOHN B. WAKEFIELD, D. D. 1884 - 1899. continued] Hardy, Anna Katharine Hares, Reginald Hares, William Lionel Harkenss, Leslie James Harkness, Fred B Harmon, Charles H Harmon, Ida Minerva Harper, Charles Kean Harrington, Maybelle Louise Harrison, Charlotte Sophia Hatch, Viola G (Mrs.) Hathaway, Henry M Hathaway, Laura Florence Haydock, Emily Alice (Mrs.) Hayward, Julian F Heavyside, Marjorie Heavyside, William Herman, Helen Adelaide Hewlings, Elliot John Hill Harriett C Hocket, Lennie Hommerick, Marie Horton, Alice Ada Houghton, Frances J Howard, Lizette Howard, Nina Howard, Grace A Ironside, Irvin Gillis Ironside, John Hood Jarman, Kate Jarvis, Georgiana Jones, Mary (Mrs.) Jones, Mattie Julien, Edward Hood Juth, Frans Edwin Kelley, Sarah A (Mrs.) Kelley, Nannie Kelley, Libbie Kelley, Virginia Mabel Kennedy, Lottie Kilgour, Eliza Graham King, Lizzie King, Loui Foote Kittredge, Ashbel Hamlin Kittredge, Henry Seymour Kittredge, Florence Knickerbocker, Clara, (Mrs.) Kinckerbocker, Nina Laurilliard, (Mrs.) Lee, Ida Lee, Emma Smith (Mrs.) Lee, Bertha Abbie Lee, Elsie Dorothy Lee, Louse L (Mrs.) Lewis, Ella Gertude Leib, Lida Campbell (Mrs.) Leib, Frank Allen Leib, Roy Chilton Lion, Stella (Mrs.) Livingstone, Everil Pearl Longdon, Sarah Isabell Lowe, Mary Rosam Mace, June Frances Machefert, Frederick Leon Machefert, Stella Leona Machefert, Clarrisse Machefert, Adrian Claude Martin, Zaidee (Mrs.) May, Abbia Maynard Francis Dacre Maynard, Stephen Cholmondley McMeekin, Minnie McGinnis, Edith Forest (Mrs.) McGinnis, James Summer Mellan, Caroline Margaret Merritt, Charles August Metcalf, Hugh Metzgar, (Miss) Miles, Bertha Miles, Lulu Montgomery, Lulu (Mrs.) Montgomery, Coralie Montgomery, Seymour Monroe, ________ Moore, Bessie Moore, Andromache Marcella (Mrs.) Morgan, James Henry Morgan, Ida Morgan, _____ Morphy, Charlotte Mott, Ella Mott, May Mowray, Nelson Horatio Murgotten, Alexander Murgotten, Edith Clementine Mrugotten, Mary Anne Murgotten, Francis Clark Nelson, Elma Melissa Oest, Fredericka Oest, Minnie Ogier, Georgiana (Mrs.) Ogier, Ella Ross Ogier, Clara Jane Ogier, Cora Gertrude Ogier, Elizabeth Hargest Ogier, Fanny Grayson Ogier, Adelaide Reed ---page 45--- [Confirmations. REV. JOHN B. WAKEFIELD, D. D. 1884 - 1899. continued] Ogier, Andrew Reed Orkney, Royden Woolston Overton, Hattie Parker, Alice C Parker, Mabel V Parkman, Wallace E Parkman, Harry L Parkman, Jessie Ann Paulsell, Jessie N Paulsell, Edna G Payne, Rose Pease, Jennie (Mrs.) Pease, Mabel C (Mrs.) Peaslie, William Frank Perrin, Fleda Perrin, Archie Peterson, Florence Gertrude Pfieffenberger, Ella Pixley, Lulu Plate, Henry Plate, Howard Platt, Eunice Buckley (Mrs.) Plumb, Clara Blanche Plumb, Alma Ellen Plumb, Mabel Polhemus, Jennie Eliza Poole, (Mrs.) Powter, Alice G Pratt, Elinor Pratt, Lillie Pratt, James Murray Pratt, Elsie Raymond, Katherine Redcliffe, Nonie Rema, Augusta Rhiel, Emma Rhiel, Theresa Rhiel, Florence Rhodes, Margaret Elizabeth Rhodes, Agnes Louisa Richards, Mary Emma Richards, Maria Charlotte (Mrs.) Richards, ______ Richardson, Owen D Richardson, Maud Richmond, George Richmond, Edmund Richmond, Martha Rosalie (Mrs.) Roberts, Louise (Mrs.) Robson, (Mrs.) Rosendahl, Edith Helen Saki, Misa Salisbury, Nellie Grace (Mrs.) Saunders, Kate C Schaaf, Maria Eva Schallenberger, Frances Schallenberger, Milton Potter Schartzer, Clara Gilner Schneider, Lida (Mrs.) Schoenheit, Sophie Edith Secourd, Maud Seeback, Louisa Senter, Irma Sevrnoaks (Mrs.) Sharp, Margaret Emily Sharp, Eveline Mary Shaw, Julia R Simpson, Rose (Mrs.) Shepardson, Bertha Shepardson, Mary Shepardson, Helen Stich, Emily Pearson (Mrs.) Stich, Ralph Jones Smith, Albert Sidney Smith, Jennie (Mrs.) Smith, Lewis Thornton Smith, Anita Smith, O'Fallon Smith, J Herbert Snook, Lizzie (Mrs.) Snook, Norman Albert Somers, Carrie Somers, Cora Spangler, Mary A Spangler, Lulu Spangler, Laura Spangler, Fay R Spedden, Mary (Mrs.) Spence, James W Spence, James W Spence, Mabel C Spence, (Mrs.) Spencer, Lorena Wright Spencer, Grace Squire, Emma Pearl Stackhouse, Emma (Mrs.) Stearns, Carrie Stephens, Albert Blaisdell Tanner, James A Thompson, Jennie Edith Thompson, Gertrude A Thompson, Lucy (Mrs.) Thompson, Silvia Belle Thompson, F C (Mrs.) Tompkins, Martha Madeline Tompkins, Clara Belle Turner, (Mrs.) Urmy, Clarence T ---page 46--- [Confirmations. REV. JOHN B. WAKEFIELD, D. D. 1884 - 1899. continued] Van Hagen, Winifred Van Hagen, Sayler Van Hensen, Neeley Gilbert Waidhaas, Frank Wallace, Grace Porter (Mrs.) Walk, George Edward Walk, Minnie Wastie, Mabel Wastie, Minnie Wastie, Clara Adelia Watts, Mary Elizabeth Webb, Theodore Winthrop Weber, Maria Weber, William A. Weck, Bertie Weiland, Maude Helen (Mrs.) Weller, Bessie Weller, Edith White, Edward H. White, Charles White, Harry White, William White, Louise Whitney, Edward Wigle, Gordon Wigle, Britton D. Wigle, Gilbert Wigle, Elsie Wigle, Ruby Wilcox, Frances (Mrs.) Wilkins, John Wesley Willey, Henrietta (Mrs.) Willey, Georgia Williams, Edward Williams, Emily Williams, Nina F. Williams, Carrie Williams, Nellie Williams, Bessie G. Williams, Edward Charles Willams, Lucy Charles Williams, Lucia Kirk Wilson, Josie (Mrs.) Wilson, Martha Jane Wilson, Olivia Wishaar, Grace Morton Wollper, Grace Mary Wood, A.H. (Mrs.) Woodland, Jemima (Mrs.) Woodrow, Grace Woodward, Diula Blance Woodsum, Maud Alice Worswick, Mary (Mrs.) York, Charles York, Mary Young, Harriett Young, Agnes Young, Mabel Edna REV. BURR MILLER WEEDEN. 1899 - 1901. Allison, Leone Anderson, Morris Dudley Barker, Frank P. Barker, Carrie A. (Mrs.) Beach, Sara Della Bennison, Ella (Mrs.) Blakemore, Kathleen O. Blakemore, Cecil L. Blum, Clara Minnie Buell, Amelia (Mrs.) Buller, Marion Grace Burgess, Edith A. Caldwell, Louise Church, Lillian E. Curnow, James Russell Dennis, Lydia (Mrs.) Dirks, Henry Dittus, Caroline Louise Du Brutz, Frances Evert, Annie Fellows, Jennette (Mrs.) Green, E.M. (Mrs.) Gummer, Frank Alfred Hall, Etta Benedict Hankenson, Minnette Hanltain, Doris Hayward, William Frank Heron, Ada (Mrs.) King, Luena May Leigh, Alice Delicia Longdon, John M. Loomis, Mabel I. McKee, Georgia May Ogier, Margaret Branham Pearl, Florence L. Perrin, Francis V. (Mrs.) Perrin, Maude E. Prindle, Eva Maud *** end of file ***