Santa Cruz County Genealogy

Source: List of Subscribers of the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. and Sunset Telephone and Telegraph Co, March 1898
Transcribed from the images scanned by Nancy Pratt Melton, available online (pages 364-366) at The Golden Nugget Library

Main 36. ABBOTT, A.G., San Lorenzo Stables.
Red 283. Same. Res.
Red 214. ADAMS, F.R., Wood and Hay.
Red 253. ANDERSON, Dr. C.L., Physician, Office.
Black 282. ANTHONY, W.E., Res.

Red 163. BAGGE, Arthur L., Confectioner.
Black 43. BALDING, Bert R., Res.
Red 281. BALDWIN, L.K., Res.
Main 37. Bank of Santa Cruz County.
Black 14. BARTLETT, Frank, Iron Foundry.
Black 283. BEDELL, A., The Bedell.
Black 81. BENNETT, Ruth P, Phydicvisn.
Red 64. BESSE, Milton, Red.
Red 183. Bias & Towne, Groceries.
Main 12. Big Creek Power Co. Church.
Black 111. Big Tree Brewery, Carl BECK.
Red 82. Big Tree Saloon.
Red 261. BIXBY, C.A., Res.
Main 3. Bixby's Drug Store, C.A. BIXBY.
Black 132. BLISS, F.W., Office.
Black 65. Same. Res.
Red 25. BOCCARDO, L.  & Co., Bakery and Grocery.
Main 1. Bonner Stables, CARDIFF Bros.
Black 61. BOSTON, Bessie, Res.
Red 41. Bousch & Co., Vienna Brewery.
Red 13. BRYNE Bros., Hardware.

Black 32. California Fruit Market, O.M. OWENS, Prop.
Main 13. Cal. Powder WOrks, B. PEYTON's Office.
Main 31. Cal. Restaurant, k. Criletich & Co.
Red 211. CANFIELD, Chas., Groceries.
Red 204. CARDIFF, R.L., Res.
Red 115. Cascade Steam Laundry, MORRISON Bros., Props.
Black 91l Casino, Public Telephone.
Red 151. Charley's Cash Store, C.M. LEWIS, Prop.
Main 25. City Bank, W.D. HASLAM, Cashier.
Main 47. City Clerk, J.L. WRIGHT.
Red 181. City Hack Co., Fred MARKHAM, Prop.
Red 131. City Hack and Gurney Cab Co., F.A. TOWNE, Propl
Main 15. City Stables, Hopkins & Ede.
Red 172. CLARK, Dr. H.H., Office.
Main 2. CLARKE, H.H., Physician.
Red 84. COATES, Fletcher, Grand Central Bakery.
Black 133. COLLINS, C.M., Groceries.
Red 171. Commercial, The.
Red 112. CONGDON, Dr. W.R., Res.
Red 43. COREY, W.A., Constable.
Red 81. COSTELLA, C., Garibaldi Villa.
Main 53. County Clerk, Ed MARTIN.
Red 111. County Hospital.
Black 84. CRAGHILL, Judge, Justice's Court.
Red 85. CROWE, W.H., Groceries.

Black 184. DABELICH, The, F. HUBSCH, Prop., Restaurant
Main 4. Daniels Express Co., L.A. DANIELS.
Red 191. DEMING, E.S., Res.
Main 93. District Attorney, C.E., LINDSAY.
Black 152. DOYLE, Dr. C.W., Res.

Red 91. Electric Light and Pump Works.
Main 55. ELY, F.W., Pacific Ocean House.
Black 34. Ely & Wright, Wood Yard.
Black 175. ENGLE, Dr. H.M., Office.
Black 14. Enterprise Foundry, F. BARTLETT.

Black 64. FAGEN, C.E., Res.
Main 64. FAY, Hamilton, Drug Store.
Black 62. FILBEN, Rev. Thomas, Res.
Black 252. FITCH, A.H., Res.
Black 33. FOSTER, H., Groceries and Feed.
Black 181. French Laundry, C. TICOULAT, Mgr.

Black 213. GAMBLE, Dr. W.W., Res.
Black 124. GARDNER, W.M., Res.
Red 132. Gardner & Cory, Justice's Court.
Black 24. Grand Central Restaurant, F. ZAMELICK, Prop.
Red 101. GROVER, D.W., Res.
Black 202. GROVER, L.F., Res.
Main 18. Grover & Co., Lumber Yard.

Black 51. Hack Co., F.A. TOWNE, Prop.
Main 6 1. HAGEMANN, F., Res. Soquel Road.
Black 154. Hagemann Hotel, J.P. KRIEG, Prop.
Black 173. Hall of Records.
Main 9. Harrington & Holliday, Slaughter House.
Black 54. HASLAM, W.D., Res.
Red 135. HAYMANSON, Alfred, Commercial Clearing House.
Red 35. Heard Furniture Co., 184 Pacific Av.
Black 251. HEARD, Geo. W., Res.
Main 16. HIHN Co., F.A., Office cor. Pacific Av. and Lincoln.
              Same, Gold Gulch Mill.
Black 271. HIHN, F.A., Res.
Red 271. HIHN, F.O., Res.
Black 82. HINDS, A.J., Music Store.
Black 11. HINCKLE, C.D., Groceries and Provisions.
Red 173. HOFFMAN, W.C., Real Estate.
Main 9 4. Same, Res.
Red 203. HOPKINS, M.C., Res.
Red 154. Hopkins & Ede, Sea Beach Stables.
Main 79. HORSNYDER, J.H., Druggist.
Black 241. HUNTINGTON, Nellie A., Res.

Main 10. Independent Meat Market.
Red 212. IRISH, H.E., Music and Stationery Store.

Main 24. JETER, W., Res.
Red 31. JOHNSON, W.M., Physician.
Red 181. JOHNSTON, A.M., Feed Store.

Black 212. KLINGLER, Gottlieb, Contracting and Mill Work.
Main 29. KNIGHT, Benjamin, Physician and Surgeon.
Main 27. Kron Tanning Co., San Lorenzo Tannnery.
Red 121. KRUEGER, Fred, Dealer in Hay, Wood amd Carriages.

Black 131. LAMB., W.H., Hardware.
Black 134. LEASK, Samuel, Seaside Store.
Black 22. LIGHTHOUSE, Laura J.F. HECOX, Cliff Drive.
Black 231. LILLY, C.E., Res.
Black 182. LINCOLN, C.H., Livery Stable.
Red 54. LINDSAY, C.E., Res.
Red 133. LINDSAY & CASSIN, Attorneys-at-Law.
Red 51. LONERGAN, J.E., Res.
Red 22. LORENZEN, J., Cowell's Wharf.
Red 14. LUKINS, E., Blacksmith Shop.

Black 163. MAKINNEY, H.E., Searcher of Records.
Black 222. MARKHAM, F.J., Res.
Red 282. MARTIN, Ed., Res.
Main 58. Mathews & Tuttle, Real Estate and Insurance.
Black 135. MATZEN, L.C., Wholesale Liquor Store.
Red 33. MAXWELL, Walter A., Fruit Store.
Red 23. McGUIRE, Dr. J.A., Res.
Main 49. McLAUGHLIN, Major Frank, Res.
Red 141. McNEIL, James, Res.
Main 62. Minneapolis Furniture Co.
Main 41 3. Model Drug Store, J.G. TANNER.
Main 9 4. Moore Ranch, Coast Road.
Black 201. MOREY, A.A., Res.
Red 73. MORGAN, Dr. F.E., Res.
Black 212. Morris Steam Carpet Beating Co.
Black 85. MORRISON Bros., Cascade Steam Laundry Office.

Black 184. Natural Bridge Dairy, Howard HEALD, Prop.
Black 171. NEARY, Patrick, Groceries.
Red 164. New Era Bakery, W.S. FITCH, Propl
Black 41. NOBLE, S.W., Meat Market.

Main 14. Pacific Coast S.S. Co., Wharf.
Main 22. Pacific Ocean House, E.B., PIXLEY, Prop.
Main 66. PALMER, S.A., Druggist.
Black 113. PARKER, F.H., Res.
Red 174. PARKER, Dr. J.P., Dental Parlors.
Black 211. Same. Res.
Black 221. PECK, W.E., Tax Collector.
Main 97. Penny Press, Lewis H. EDDY, Prop.
Black 172. People's Bank.
Main 15. People's Transfer Co., T.J. MARNELL, Prop.
Black 23. PEREZ, Fred, Fishermen's Wharf.
Main 13 1. PEYTON, B., Res.
Red 202. PLACE, G.W., Res.
Red 44. PLACE, G.W. & Co., General Merchandise.
Main 3. PLANT, B.A., Physician and Surgeon.
Black 115. PONSANO, A., Bakery and Grocery.
Red 52. POPE, Mrs. Anna, Pope House.
Red 153. Popular Market, W.P. YOUNG, Prop.
Main 75. Postal Telegraph-Cable Co.

Black 162. QUILL, J.J., Bank Saloon.

Red 252. Riverside Hotel, Fred BARSON, Prop.

Main 94. Roberts & Chittenden, Groceries.
Main 36. San Lorenzo Stable.
Main 26. Santa Cruz Butchers' Union, Washington Market.
Main 40. Santa Cruz Electric Light and Power Co.
Main 89. Santa Cruz Electric Railway Co., Car House.
Main 12. Santa Cruz Fire Department.
Red 15. Santa Cruz Foundry, W.V., PRINGLE.
Black 121. Santa Cruz Lumber Yard.
Black 71. SCOTT, J.W., Res.
Black 25. Sea Beach Hotel, J.B. PEAKE, Prop.
Main 35. Sentinel Printing Co.
Main 51. Sheriff's Office, Court House.
Red 221. SMALL, Dr. Chas. K., Physician.
Red 251. Same. Res.
Red 45. Sneath & Heard, Groceries.
Red 231. SHEDECOR, Hattie M., Res.
Black 174. SNYDER, A.C., Dry Goods.
Main 11. South Pacific Coast Railway, Union Depot.
Main 20. Southern Pacific Co., Ticket Office, Depot.
Black 52. SPAFFORD, Mrs. B.D., Res.
Black 55. STAFFLER, Geo. C., Res.
Main 5. St. George Hotel, LEONARD & WALSH, Prop.
Red 213. STRAUSS, S.J., Dry Goods.
Red 222. Same. Res.
Main 46. Superior Court, Judge SMITH
Main 21. Surf, The., A.A. TAYLOR
Black 191. SWANTON, F.W., Res.
Red 182. SWEET, Geo. B., Blacksmith.
Black 123. Same. Res.

Red 152. TAIT, J.A. & Co., Hardware and Plumbing.
Main 41. TANNER, J.G., Drug Store.
Red 122. The Comfort, D.E. SCHMUKI.
Red 113. THOMPSON, Thomas, Florish.
Red 83. Thompson & Hammer, Crockery Store.
Black 101. THURBER, I.L., Res.
Black 261. TILTON, Dr. E.W., Veterinary Surgeon.
Black 15. Troy Steam Laundry, Chas. BILEY.
Black 264. TUCKER, Prof., P.C., Res.
Red 65. TUTTLE, O.L., Res.

Black 35. VAUX, Dr. E.P., Physician.

Black 45. WALTI, F.R., East Santa Cruz.
Red 12. Same.  Eldorado Market.
Black 161. WANZER, Jas. O., Office.
Black 122. WESSENDORF, L.H., Res.
Main 62. WESSENDORF & STAFFLER, Undertakers.
Main 61. Western Union Telegraph Co.
Black 183. Whitney, E.G., Plumbing and Tinning - Rambler Cyclery.
Main 9 3. WILDER, D.D., Dairy.
Red 162. WILLEY, Henry, Hardware.
Main 7. WILLIAMSON  & GARRETT, Groceries.
Red 123. Same. Warehouse.
Red 241. WRIGHT, A.L., Res.
Red 53. WRIGHT & HODGES, Wood and Coal Yard.

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