Jeremiah AHERN
Jeremiah AHERN is listed in the 1867 Great Register. The following information was found at the National Archives (NARA) in San Bruno. The first section was transcribed from his index card on the NARA microfilm M-1744. The image is the actual naturalization certificate on file at the NARA.

Family Name: AHERN
Given name or names: Jeremiah
Certificate no. (or vol. and page): Vol. 4 p-1269
Title and location of court: US DC SF
Country of birth or Allegiance: Great Britain
When born (or age):
Date and port of arrival in U.S.:
Date of naturalization: June 27, 1859
Names and Addresses of Witnesses: D. Sullivan, J. M. Fitzgibbon

U.S. Department of Labor, Immigration and Naturalization Service. Form 1-IP. 14-3202

IMAGE - AHERN, Jeremiah, Certificate of Citizenship, 27 June 1859

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