San Francisco Genealogy

Source: The San Francisco Blue Book & Pacific Coast Elite Directory, 1892
The Bancroft Company, San Francisco, 1892

Business Office, 525 Montgomery Street
Editorial Rooms 509 Clay Street
Loring PICKERING, Proprietor
George K. FITCH, Proprietor
Estate of J.W. SIMONTON, Proprietor

Ernest C. STOCK, Managing Editor

J. BONNER, Editorial Writer
G.B. DENSMORE, Editorial Writer
Charles K. GRAHAM, Editorial Writer

W.S. DEWEY, Commercial Editor

Henry P. ORVIS, Telegraph Editor
A.O. MILNE, Telegraph Editor

Adeline E. KNAPP, News Editor
George O. OATMAN, News Editor

George E. BARNES, Dramatic Critic

L.D. ADAM, Social Editor

H.J. LASK, Fraternal Editor

L.S. WHITCOMB, City Editor
Paul E. VANDOR, Assistant City Editor

M.J. GEARY, Sporting Editor

J.F. KELIN, Local Staff
A.C. JACKSON, Local Staff
F.H. DRISCOLL, Local Staff
J.C. DONALD, Local Staff
M.B. CROMWELL, Local Staff
H.G. SHAW, Local Staff
W.C. FENDERSON, Local Staff
J. McMULLAN, Local Staff
C.F. MARTIN, Local Staff
J.A. COLQUHOUN, Local Staff
J.A. KEMPSTER, Art Department
Paul C. DURAND, Art Department
Miss Maude M. WILLIAMSON, Art Department
Miss Nina BROWN, Art Department
Mrs. S.M. SEVERANCE, Special Writer
Mrs. L.E. THANE, Special Writer
A.O. McGREW, Special Writer
E.L. WAKEMAN, Special Writer
Will YOUNG, Special Writer
J.H. BROWN, Special Writer
Miss Nellie E. KELLEHER, Special Writer
Miss May E. QUIGLEY, Special Writer
Mrs. M.B. WATSON, Special Writer
Althea SALVADOR, Special Writer
T.J. CARROLL, Special Writer
J.J. BRADLEY, Special Writer
Charles DRYDEN, Special Writer
R.B. TAPPAN, Special Writer

Business Office, 576 Market Street
Editorial Rooms 508 Montgomery Street
W.R. HEARST, Proprietor
A.B. HENDERSON, Managing Editor
S.S. CHAMBERLAIN, Managing News Editor
H.D. BIGELOW, Night Editor
Mrs. Adele CHRETIN, Dramatic Editor
F.L.H. NOBLE, Literary Editor
Samuel E. MOFFIT, Editorial Writer
A.G. BIERCE, Editorial Writer
R.R. LIVINGSTON, Commercial Writer
C.E. HAMILTON, Exchange Editor
Isaac ALLEN, Telegraph Editor
E.A. WALCOT, Telegraph Editor
T.T. WILLIAMS, City Editor
W.M. HART, Assistant City Editor
Mrs. Adele CHRETIEN, Social Editor
Allen KELLY, Special Writer
T.T. WILLIAMS, Special Writer
Chas. MICHAELSON, Special Writer
E.H. HAMILTON, Special Writer
Ambrose G. BIERCE, Special Writer

C. MICHELSON, Local Staff
J. DRESSLER, Local Staff
C. TREVEATHAN, Local Staff
W.W. NAUGHTON, Local Staff
C.J. STILLWELL, Local Staff
F.H. LAWRENCE, Local Staff
H. MYERS, Local Staff
A. MURPHY, Local Staff
W. DORRANCE, Local Staff

Business Office and Editorial Rooms Corner of Bush and Kearny Streets
Geo. HEAZELTON, Proprietor
C.J. HIRSCH, Proprietor

Geo. HEAZELTON, Editor
Thos. GARRETT, Managing Editor
Jno. FINLAY, Mining Editor
Mr. HORTON, Sporting Editor

Mr. OLDER, Reporter
Mr. McCARTHY, Reporter
Mr. JORDAN, Reporter
Mr. HATTON, Reporter
Mr. WARREN, Reporter
Mr. HARRIS, Librarian

Mr. GREENWAY, Society Editor
Mr. MULRENAN, Editorial Assistant
Mr. COUGHLAN, Editorial Assistant
Mr. DEASY, Editorial Assistant

Chas. J. HIRSCH, Business Manager
C.H. HOUSE, Cashier
Frank TUTTLE, Accountant
J.E. WARREN, Collector
Wm. MEAGHER, Superindendent of Circulation
Jno. F. GARVEY, Mailing Clerk
H.H. GARDINER, Business Dept. Assistant
F. KROEGER, Business Dept. Assistant
J. DUNCAN, Business Dept. Assistant

Business Office, 622 Montgomery Street
Editorial Rooms, 517 Clay Street
G.K. FITCH, Proprietor
L. PICKERING, Proprietor

George K. FITCH, Managing Editor

R.L.C. BARNES, Business Manager

W.C. BARTLETT, Editorial Writer
M.G. UPTON, Editorial Writer

B.C. WRIGHT, Commercial Editor
W.B. ALLEN, Commercial Editor

F.H. SAWYER, City Editor
J.D. LEWIS, Editor
W.M. WEBSTER, Editor

H.S.DALLIBA, Local Staff
C.S. AIKEN, Local Staff
Mrs. C. NESFIELD, Local Staff
J.A. COLQUHOUN, Local Staff
Goe. D. SQUIRES, Local Staff
F.C. FARMAR, Local Staff
Jas. COAKLEY, Local Staff
D.H. WALKER, Local Staff

Business Office, 238 Montgomery Street
Editorial Rooms, 320 Sansome Street
William M. BUNKER, Proprietor
Amos C. HIESTER, Proprietor
Daily Report Publishing Co., Proprietor

Wm. M. BUNKER, Editor

S.F. SUTHERLAND, Editorial Writer
Edward BOOTH, Editorial Writer

S.F. SUTHERLAND, City Editor
Gavin D. HIGH, Assistant City Editor

L.J. KENNEDY, Exchange Editor

Morris G. JONAS, Telegraph Editor

Wm. A. HIESTER, Business Dept.
C.H. WALL, Business Dept.
M. CALLINAN, Business Dept.
T. COFFEY, Business Dept.
W.C. BOYNS, Business Dept.
Walter SNELL, Business Dept.
C.W. HEBDEN, Business Dept.
J. HALLENSTEIN, Business Dept.
A.E. BREDULL, Business Dept.
G.F. MACOMBER, Business Dept.
James L. HANLY, Business Dept.
F.B. CROOKS, Business Dept.
A.J. COLBY, Business Dept.

Amos C. HEISTER, Business Manager
H.M. McKENNEY, Cashier
John M. WARD, Assistant Cashier
S.B. MORSE, Assistant Cashier
Hub. A. WOOD, Assistant Cashier
E.P. FISH, Chief of Adrertising Dept.

Edgar T. PRICE, Local Staff
J.P. BOOTH, Local Staff
C.A. FRASER, Local Staff
A.S. JONES, Local Staff
Burnside CROMWELL, Local Staff
A.T. BROWN, Local Staff
Thomas J. REED, Local Staff
T.F. BONNET, Local Staff
J.T. HANNA, Local Staff
D.V. CLARK, Local Staff
G.F. BROWN, Local Staff
C.F. MONTAGUE, Local Staff
R.S. MERRITT, Local Staff
J.W. HARVEY, Local Staff
George C. WILLIAMS, Local Staff
David E. WILLIAMSON, Local Staff
L.D. SMITH, Local Staff
A.E. SHATTUCK, Local Staff
A. MILLING, Local Staff
H.L. BROOKE, Local Staff
S.N. HENCOCK, Local Staff
L.G. CARPENTER, Local Staff

Business Office and Editorial Rooms,
Intersection of Market, Kearny and Geary Streets
M.H. DeYOUNG, Proprietor
John P. YOUNG, Managing Editor
Joseph B. ELIOT, Business Manager
George H. FITCH, Night Editor
Peter ROBERTSON, Dramatic Critic
Emmet E. CURTIS, Telegraph Editor
William A. BOYCE, Assistant Telegraph Editor
Frank I. FRANCOEUR, Coast Tlegraph Editor
Arthur L. CLARKE, Exchange Editor
George F. WEEKS, Agricultural Editor
THomas E. FLYNN, Sporting Editor
Walter B. COOKE, Social Editor
Marcus P. WIGGIN, Editorial Writer
James T. BURNS, Commercial Editor
A.L. WORLEY, Assistant Commercial Editor
Arthur H. BARENDT, Real Estate Editor
Frank B. MILLARD, Special Writer
Horace R. HUDSON, City Editor

James L. ROBISON, Assistant City Editor
A.C. UNSWROTH, Secretary
James G. CHESLEY, Cashier
H.Foster MARSHALL, Librarian
E.S. SIMPSON, Local Staff
M.C. ALLEN, Local Staff
M.G. COWARD, Local Staff
C.A. DOYLE, Local Staff
Miss HARVEY, Local Staff
E.A. PHILLIPS, Local Staff
W.B. THOMPSON, Local Staff
T.B. SULLIVAN, Local Staff
W.F. BURKE, Local Staff
J.P. COOPER, Local Staff
J.H. GRIFFES, Local Staff
W.I. HANCOCK, Local Staff
F.H. ROBINSON, Local Staff
M.J. WHITE, Local Staff
F.T. CUSACK, Local Staff
Charles ULRICH, Local Staff
F.E. HAWLEY, Local Staff
J.O. DENNY, Local Staff
C.B. HARTON, Local Staff
Albert MAY, Local Staff
E.S. STICKLE, Local Staff
R.M. JOHNSON, Local Staff

Business Office and Editorial Address, 213 Grant Avenue
Argonaut Publishing Company, Proprietor

Frank M. PIXLEY, Editor

Jerome A. HART, Managing Editor

Lawrence S. VASSAULT, Sub Editor

Walter B. COOKE, Society Editor

A.P. STANTON, Business Manager

Offices, Flood Building, Fourth and Market Streets
F. MARRIOTT, Publisher & Proprietor
Edward F. MORAN, Managing Editor

John FINLAY, Staff
Danl'l O'CONNELL, Staff
H.C. BEALS, Staff

Wm. M. NEILSON, Staff
G. GLASER, Staff
Mrs. Kate WATERS, Staff
Miss E.D. KEITH, Staff
S.E. MOFFAT, Staff

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