San Francisco Genealogy

Source: The San Francisco Blue Book & Pacific Coast Elite Directory, 1892
The Bancroft Company, San Francisco, 1892

EAGLESON, Mr. and Mrs. J.G., 410 Taylor st.
EAGLESON, R., 328 Geary st.
EARL, Miss S., Hotel Bella Vista.
EARL, Mrs. Edwin, Hotel Pleasanton.
EARL, Mr. and Mrs. D.W., 2121 Laguna st.
EASTIN, W.B., 420 Montgomery st.
EASTLAND, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G., Palace Hotel and San Jose.
EASTLAND, Joseph G., 920 Pine st. and Bon Air.
EASTON, Mrs. A.M., Leavenworth and Pine sts. and San Mateo.
EASTON, Mr. and Mrs. George, 2608 California st.
EASTON, Mrs. O.W., Hotel Pleasanton.
EASTON, Miss E.B., Hotel Pleasanton.
EASTON, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell, Palace Hotel and Redwood.
EASTON, Mrs. Hester A., 2102 Mason st.
EBBETS, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M., 1401 Jones st.
EBBETS, Miss Carrie, 1401 Jones st.
EBBETS, Annie, 1401 Jones st.
ECKHY, Mr. and Mrs. J.S., Eckhy Staton, Crockett, Contra Costa Co.
ECKHY, John H., Eckhy Station, Crockett, Contra Costa Co.
ECKHY, W. Henry, Eckhy Station, Crockett, Contra Costa Co.
ECKHY, Miss Fanny, Eckhy Station, Crockett, Contra Costa Co.
EDDY, Miss Mabel, 1514 Sacramento st.
EDGAR, William M., 601 Taylor st.
EDGERTON, Mrs. Francis B., 1001 Leavenworth st.
EDMUNDS, Miss Emily, 2524 California st. and Del Monte.
EDWARDS, Dr. and Mrs. James. W., 2924 Clay.
EDWARDS, Bert T., 2924 Clay.
EDWARDS, Mrs. M.A., 609 Post st.
EDWARDS, Miss Mercy, 609 Post. st.
EELS, Mr. and Mrs. John S., 2508 Folsom st.
EELS, Miss Lulu M., 2508 Folsom st.
EELS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles P., 2524 Washington st.
EELS, Miss, 2524 Washington st.
EGGERS, George H., 1130 Eddy st.
EGGERS, The Misses, 1130 Eddy st.
EHRENBERG, Dr. A.T., 1808 Fillmore st.
EHRENBERG, Theodore, 1808 Fillmost st.
EHRMAN, Mr. and Mrs. M., 519 Van Ness ave.
EINSTEIN, Mrs. M., 1457 Franklin st.
ELAM, Mrs. R.H., 1902 Broadway st.
ELDRIDGE, Oliver, 615 Sutter st.
ELIOT, Joseph B., 6 Turk st.
ELLIOTT, Mrs. W.L., 1827 Sacramento st.
ELLIOTT, Miss Frances V., 1827 Sacramento st.
ELLIOTT, Miss Mary B., 1827 Sacramento st.
ELLIS, Rev. and Mrs. John W., The Renton, 712 Sutter st.
ELLIS, Mr. and Mrs. A.C., 2323 Broderick st.
ELLIS, Miss Hope, 2323 Broderick st.
ELLIS, Mrs. Leila, 930 Sutter st.
ELLIS, Miss, 930 Sutter st.
ELLSWORTH, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 1326 Page st.
ELOESSER, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur, 2702 Laguna st.
EMERIC, Mr. and Mrs. H.F., 1115 Geary st. and San Pablo.
EMERY, W.H., 1632 Post st.
EMMAL, Joseph B., 612 Jones st.
EMMAL, The Misses, 612 Jones st.
EMMONS, Elmer S., 1023 Valencia st.
ENGLISH, Mr. and Mrs. John F., 2417 Howard st.
EPPINGER, Mr. and Mrs. J., cor. Pacific ave. and Webster st.
EPSTEIN, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Hotel Richelieu.
ESTEE, Mr. and Mrs. Morris M., Palace Hotel and "Hedgeside," Napa.
EVANS, P.T., Hotel Bella Vista.
EVANS, Mrs. George T., 416 Golden Gate ave.
EVANS, Miss Hallie, 416 Golden Gate ave.
EVANS, Judge and Mrs. O.P., 2416 Washington.
EVERETT, Mr. and Mrs. E., 2509 Washington.
EYRE, Co.. and Mrs. E.E., 124 Sansome st. and Menlo Park.
EYRE, Miss, 124 Sansome st. and Menlo Park.
EYRE, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L., 1804 Octavia st. and Menlo Park.

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