San Francisco Genealogy

Source: The San Francisco Blue Book & Pacific Coast Elite Directory, 1892
The Bancroft Company, San Francisco, 1892

O'BRIEN, Mr. and Mrs. J.J., 1358 Post st.
O'BRIEN, Mr. and Mrs. James, 910 McAllister st.
O'BRIEN, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. J., The Pleasanton and Belvedere.
O'BRIEN, Victor L., The Pleasanton and Belvedere.
O'CALLAHAN, Daniel, 16 Twelfth st.
O'CALLAHAN, Miss Maggie, 16 Twelfth st.
O'CAONNELL, Daniel, 2618 Gough st.
O'CONNOR, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius, 825 O'Farrell st. and Del Coronado.
O'CONNOR, Miss Maud, 825 O'Farrell st. and Del Coronado.
O'CONNOR, Miss Cecilia, 825 O'Farrell st. and Del Coronado.
O'CONNOR, Mrs. J., Occidental Hotel and San Rafael.
O'CONNOR, The Misses, Occidental Hotel and San Rafael.
O'FARRELL, Mr. and Mrs. John J., 2035 Howard st.
O'KANE, Mr. and Mrs. William, 2119 Broadway.
O'SULLIVAN, Mrs. M.A., 1025 Bush st.
O'SULLIVAN, Miss, 1025 Bush st.
O'SULLIVAN, Cornelius D., 1025 Bush st.
OESTING, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, 1410 Taylor st.
OKELL, Charles J., Cosmos Club.
OLIVER, J.H., U.S.N., Cosmos Club.
OLIVER, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G., 1621 Vallejo st.
OPPENHEIMER, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 1116 Sutter st.
ORCUTT, F.L., Cosmos Club.
ORENA, Mr. and Mrs. Gaspard, 729 Geary st.
ORENA, Orestus, 729 Geary st.
ORENA, Mr. and Mrs. Daria, 527 Geary st.
OTIS, Mr. and Mrs. James, 1808 Gough st. and San Rafael.
OTIS, Miss Lucy, 1900 Washington st.
OTIS, Miss Helen, 1900 Washington st.
OTIS, Fred, 1900 Washington st.
OULTON, Mr. and Mrs. George, Hotel Pleasanton.
OVERTON, Mrs. Alice C., 1414 Geary.
OVERTON, Victor G., 1414 Geary.
OVERTON, Robert H., 1414 Geary.
OVERTON, Chas. P., 1414 Geary.
OVERTON, Elias P., 1414 Geary.
OWEN, Mr. and Mrs. W.J., 2101 California.
OWEN, Alice R., 2101 California.
OWEN, Frank L., 2101 California.
OXNARD, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, 2014 Webster st. and San Rafael.

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