San Francisco Genealogy

Source: The San Francisco Blue Book, 1905
Charles C. Hoag, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1905

CABANISS, Judge and Mrs. G.H., 1859 Larkin.
CABANISS, Judge and Mrs. G.H., cor. Filbert and Broderick.
CABELDU, Mr. Horace, 268 Turk.
CADWALADER, Mrs. E.B., 1807 Octavia.
CADWALADER, The Misses, 1807 Octavia.
CADWALADER, Mr. B.L., 1807 Octavia.
CADWALADER, Mr. Geo. L., 1807 Octavia.
CAFFREY, Mr. John, Palace Hotel (Tel. Main 5435).
CAGLIERI, Mr. and Mrs. Geo., 1068 Filbert (Tel. East 618).
CAHEN, Mr. and Mrs. I.W., 1917 Franklin (Tel. East 271).
CAHILL, Mr. B.J.S., 1600 Van Ness Av. (Tel. Jessie 541).
CAHILL, Mr. and Mrs. Edward F., 515 Ashbury (Tel. Grove 292).
CAHILL, Mr. and Mrs. P., 1012 Fifty-sixth Street, Golden Gate Station, Oakland.
CAHILL, Miss Alma, 1012 Fifty-sixth Street, Golden Gate Station, Oakland.
CAHILL, Mr. Wendell E., 1012 Fifty-sixth Street, Golden Gate Station, Oakland.
CALDWELL, Mrs. L.G., 939 Bush.
CALDWELL, Miss, 939 Bush.
CALL, Mr. and Mrs. Colin J., Berkeley.
CALL, Miss Fannie S., Berkeley.
CALL, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W.
CALL, The Misses.
CALL, Mr. Geo. H.
CALL, Mr. Carlos.
CALLAGHAN, Mrs. Daniel, 1900 Washington (Tel. Pine 4961).
CALLAGHAN, Miss Minnie, 1900 Washington (Tel. Pine 4961).
CALLAGHAN, Miss Maggie, 1900 Washington (Tel. Pine 4961).
CALLAGHAN, Miss G., 1900 Washington (Tel. Pine 4961).
CALLAGHAN, Miss I., 1900 Washington (Tel. Pine 4961).
CALLAGHAN, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J., 2306 Franklin (Tel. Sutter 3346).
CALLAHAN, Mr. Henry C., 2230 Pacific Av. (Tel. West 546).
CALLAHAN, The Misses, 2230 Pacific Av. (Tel. West 546).
CAMERON, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H., 312 2d Av. (Tel. Kate 3234).
CAMERON, Miss Gladys, 312 2d Av. (Tel. Kate 3234).
CAMPBELL, Mr. and Mrs. Colin J., 719 Bush.
CAMPBELL, Miss Fannie S., 719 Bush.
CAMPBELL, Mr. and Mrs. E.L., Occidental Hotel, Palo Alto, San Mateo.
CAMPBELL, Mr. and Mrs. G.D., 841 Devisadero.
CAMPBELL, Mr. and Mrs. Henry H., 1700 Steiner (Tel. Geary 4038).
CAMPBELL, Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard J., 1324 Masonic Av. (Tel. Fell 3566).
CAMPBELL, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. C., 1819 California.
CAMPBELL, Miss Gertrude, 1819 California.
CAMPBELL, Dr. Mary P., 1527 Larkin (Tel. Hyde 771).
CAMPBELL, Mr. and Mrs. W.C., 1820 Turk (Tel. Pine 2551).
CAMPBELL, Mr. and Mrs. W.R.L., 1618 California (Tel. Larkin 246).
CAMPE, Mrs. Elise, 20 Devisadero (Tel. Page 1078).
CAMPE, Miss Clara, 20 Devisadero (Tel. Page 1078).
CAMPE, Mr. and Mrs. Henry M., 1428 Hayes.
CANFIELD, Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey L., Palace Hotel.
CANNEY, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick G., 1079 Bush (Tel. Pr. Ex. 720).
CANNON, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M., 2580 Mission (Tel. Church 2049).
CAPELLE, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, San Rafael, Cal.
CAPPELMANN, Mr. and Mrs. O.C., Mill Valley.
CARD, Dr. and Mrs. E.F., 1623 McAllister (Tel. Fell 7526).
CARD, Miss, 1623 McAllister (Tel. Fell 7526).
CARDINELL, Mr. and Mrs. John D., 228 Fair Oaks (Tel. Capp 2640).
CARDINELL, Mr. and Mrs. John D., 1103 Guerrero (Tel. Church 5475).
CAREW, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R., 1533 Waller (Tel. Fell 3202).
CAREY, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest W., 446 Ashbury (Tel. Fell 3365).
CARMANY, Mr. John W., "Fern Cliff," Mountain View, Santa Clara Co.
CARMANY, Miss Sara, "Fern Cliff," Mountain View, Santa Clara Co.
CARMANY, Mr. and Mrs. Ringgold, 1026 Green (Tel. Hyde 3332).
CARMANY, Mr. Thornhill, 1026 Green (Tel. Hyde 3332).
CARMODY, Mr. and Mrs. A.F., 1613 Larkin.
CAROLAN, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. K., 1714 California.
CAROLAN, Miss, 1714 California.
CAROLAN, Dr. H.C., 1714 California.
CAROLAN, Mr. Edgar, 1714 California.
CAROLAN, Mr. and Mrs. Francis, Burlingame, San Mateo (Tel. Main 53).
CARPY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 2714 Sacramento (Tel. Baker 1791).
CARR, Mr. and Mrs. George G., The Empire Apartments.
CARRIGAN, Mr. and Mrs. ANdrew, 2256 Jackson (Tel. West 761) and Ross Valley.
CARRINGTON, Mme. Abbie, 1712 Bush (Tel. Scott 1146).
CARROLL, Mr. and Mrs. F.H., 1276 Eleventh Av. (Tel. Fell 1331).
CARROLL, Mrs. Richard T., 2018 Van Ness (Tel. East 1034).
CARROLL, Miss Gertrude, 2018 Van Ness (Tel. East 1034).
CARROLL, Miss Margaret E., St. Dunstan's.
CARROLL, Miss Frances A., St. Dunstan's.
CARSON, Mr. and Mrs. John B., 1955 Geary (Tel. Steiner 1226).
CARTAN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 1119 Washington.
CARTAN, Mr. Frank M., Sausalito, Marin Co., Cal., or Bohemian Club.
CARTER, Mr. Frank J., 2541 Twenty-first.
CARTER, Miss H. Cecil, 2148 Post (Tel. Pine 3121).
CARY, Miss, 930 Chestnut.
CARY, Mr. Walter M., 930 Chestnut.
CARY, Mr. and Mrs. L.H., 595 Waller (Tel. Page 6091).
CASEY, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice, 2606 Broadway.
CASHIN, Mr. and Mrs. John, 2023 Webster (Tel. Pine 4836).
CASHIN, The Misses, 2023 Webster (Tel. Pine 4836).
CASHIN, Mr. John P., 2023 Webster (Tel. Pine 4836).
CASSELL, Mrs. John F., 2515 Gough (Tel. Geary 2682).
CASSERLY, Mr. and Mrs. John B., 2123 Buchanan (Tel. West 496).
CASTELAZO, Mr. Arthur, Olympic Club (Tel. Main 178).
CASTLE, Mr. and Mrs. Albert E., 2316 Clay (Tel. Pine 3481).
CASTLE, Mrs. Charlotte L., 2402 Steiner.
CASTLE, Miss Eva, 2402 Steiner.
CASTLE, Mr. Arthur H., 2402 Steiner.
CASTLE, Mr. and Mrs. Walter M., 2613 Pacific Av. (Tel. Scott 83).
CASWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W., 1921 Sacramento (Tel. East 1037).
CATTON, Mrs. Annie M., 1417 Taylor.
CATTON, Mr. and Mrs. WM. M., 1417 Taylor.
CAVAGNARO, Mrs. F., 2618 Gough (Tel. Larkin 2551).
CAVAGNARO, The Misses, 2618 Gough (Tel. Larkin 2551).
CAVAGNARO, Mr. Joseph F., 610 Montgomery (Tel. Main 5659).
CEBRIAN, Mr. and Mrs. J.C., 1801 Octavia (Tel. West 333).
CENTER, Mr. and Mrs. A., 2017 Sacramento.
CENTER, Miss, 2017 Sacramento.
CENTER, Mr. A.G., 2017 Sacramento.
CENTER, Mr. George L., 2828 Sixteenth, cor. Shotwell (Tel. Church 3642).
CENTER, Mrs. Jennie D., 2116 Bush (tel. Stiner  4381).
CHALFANT, Dr. and Mrs. John, 311 Taylor (Tel. Sutter 3951).
CHALMERS, Dr. and Mrs. William P., 1404 Page.
CHAMBERLAIN, Mr. Jos. P., St. Dunstan's.
CHAMBERLAIN, Mr. Selah, St. Dunstan's.
CHAMBERLAIN, Miss, St. Dunstan's.
CHANDLER, Mr. and Mrs. Richard D., 887 Chestnut.
CHAPMAN, Mr. Edgar C., Corte Madera, Marin Co., Cal.
CHAPMAN, Mrs. E.C., 1692 Fell. (Tel. Page 8221).
CHAPMAN, The Misses, 1692 Fell. (Tel. Page 8221).
CHAPMAN, Mr. Edward K., Hotel Pleasanton.
CHAPMAN, Mr. and Mr.s G.F., 507 Frederick (Tel. Park 211).
CHAPMAN, Mr. G.F., Jr., 507 Frederick (Tel. Park 211).
CHAPMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred H., 1123 California (Tel. East 77).
CHAPMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H., 4327 20th (Tel. Church 5414).
CHAPMAN, Mr. William S., Palace Hotel.
CHAPPELL, Mrs. Joseph J., Cosmos Club, 1534 Sutter and Menlo Park.
CHARTREY, Mr. and Mrs. Raoul, 2323 Jackson (Tel. Scott 442).
CHASE, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Blanchard, "Stag's Leap," Napa Valley.
CHASE, Mr. John M., University Club.
CHASE, Mr and Mrs. G.B., 832 California.
CHENERY, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard, 1541 Clay (Tel. East 473).
CHENEY, Mr. G.B., 832 California.
CHENEY, Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Fitch, 906 Polk (Tel. East 7).
CHESEBROUGH, Mr. and Mrs. A., 2371 Jackson (Tel. Geary 447).
CHICKERING, Mr. and Mrs. Allen L., 2371 Jackson (Tel. Geary 447).
CHICKERING, Mr. and Mrs. W.H., Occidental Hotel.
CHICKERING, The Misses, Occidental Hotel.
CHICKERING, Mr. Roger, Occidental Hotel.
CHILDS, Mr. and Mrs. George, 230 Fair Oaks (Tel. Church 2614).
CHIPMAN, General and Mrs. Norton P., Hotel Bella Vista.
CHIPMAN, Mr. Reeve, 901 Powell (Tel. James 46).
CHISMORE, Dr. George, 705 Sutter (Tel. East 425).
CHISMORE, Miss, 705 Sutter (Tel. East 425).
CHOWN, Mr. and Mrs. James G., 1715 Lyon (Tel. Geary 2603).
CHRISTENSEN, Major and Mrs. Charles, San Rafael, Cal. (Tel. Black 571).
CHRISTENSON, Mr. and Mrs. A., 119 Broderick (Tel. Fell 6061).
CHRISTENSON, Mr. Geo. A., 119 Broderick (Tel. Fell 6061).
CHRISTENSON, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew, Hotel St. Francis.
CHURCH, Mr. Seymour R., Cosmos Club, 1534 Sutter.
CHURCH, Mr. and Mrs. R.B., 1016 Franklin.
CHURCH, Miss Gertrude M., 1016 Franklin.
CHURCH, Mrs. Walter, The Nordhoff, 939 Bush (Tel. East 71).
CHURCH, Miss, 939 Bush (Tel. East 71).
CHURCH, Mr. L.C., 939 Bush (Tel. East 71).
CLARK, Dr. and Mrs. Charles, 1156 Scott (Tel. Pine 2116).
CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. Edward H., 2604 Jackson.
CLARK, Mr. Fred, 32 Mills Bldd., 9th floor (tel. Main 5497).
CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. J., Fessenden, 1125 Leavenworth (Tel. East 901).
CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. George, 1327 Sutter and Larkspur.
CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. G.D., 120 Frederick (Tel. Page 797).
CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. John G., 2710 Filbert (Tel. Baker 2276).
CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. L. Curran, Redwood City, Cal. (Tel. Suburban 151).
CLARK, Mrs. Mary Cheney, 2218 Webster (tel. West 975).
CLARK, Dr. and Mrs. John Rogers, 1809 Gough (Tel. West 21).
CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. Warren D., 3500 Clay (Tel. West 810).
CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. W.F., 521 Van Ness Av. (Tel. South 300).
CLARK, Mrs. Z.P., 1523 Sacramento (Tel. Larkin 2341).
CLARK, Miss, 1523 Sacramento (Tel. Larkin 2341).
CLARK, Miss Elise, 1523 Sacramento (Tel. Larkin 2341).
CLARK, Dr. and Mrs. W.R.P., 982 Hayes (Tel. Page 8596).
CLARKE, Mr. and Mrs. B.F., 1814 Devisadero (Tel. Pine 2946).
CLARKE, The Misses, 1814 Devisadero (Tel. Pine 2946).
CLARKE, Mrs. Thomas Percy, 260 Sixth Avenue.
CLARKE, Mr. and Mrs. C.W., 2231 Washington.
CLAXTON, Mr. G. Kellogg, 1609 Larkin (Tel. East 993).
CLAY, Mr. and Mrs. Philip T., 2214 Steiner (Tel. Baker 3961).
CLEARY, Mr. and Mrs. P.J., 2919 Howard.
CLEARY, The Misses, 2919 Howard.
CLEARY, Mr. Frank C., 2919 Howard.
CLEMENT, Mrs. Henry N., 1306 Page.
CLEMENT, Miss Ada, 1306 Page.
CLEMENT, Mr. W.O., 1306 Page.
CLEMENT, Col. and Mrs. Lyman H., Hotel Bella Vista.
CLEMENT, Miss Ethel, Hotel Bella Vista.
CLEMENTS, Mrs. Gilbert, 2098 Green (Tel. Geary 181).
CLERFAYT, Mr. and Mrs. Jules, Palace Hotel.
CLEVELAND, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. W., 66 Fifth Avenue (Tel. Steiner 391).
CLINCH, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. G., 2310 Buchanan (Tel. West 807).
CLINCH, Mr. Wm., 2310 Buchanan (Tel. West 807).
CLINE, Mr. and Mrs. Walter H., Hotel Bella Vista, 1001 Pine St.
CLINE, Mr. J.G.M., Hotel Bella Vista, 1001 Pine St.
CLINTON, Dr. and Mrs. C.A., N.E. cor. Howard & 21st (Tel. Mission 133).
CLOUGH, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L., 2021 Webster (Tel. West 2123).
CLOUGH, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 400 Ellis (Tel. East 1001).
CLOW, Dr. and Mrs. G.B.N., St. Nicholas Hotel.
CLUFF, Major and Mrs. William, Palace Hotel (Tel. Bush 790).
CLUFF, Miss California, Palace Hotel (Tel. Bush 790).
CLUNESS, Dr. and Mrs. W.R., Redwood City.
CLUNESS, The Misses, Redwood City.
CLUNESS, Dr. and Mrs. W.R., Jr., 2640 Steiner (Tel. West 524).
CLUNIE, Mr. Andrew J., 115 De Long Avenue (Tel. Park 230).
CLUNIE, Mrs. Florence, 310 Fell (Tel. Fell 4251).
COBURN, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W., 2440 Jackson.
COCHRAN, Mr. and Mrs. H.M., 200 Eureka, cor. Nineteenth (Tel. Mission 365).
COCKROFT, Mr. and Mrs. Louis F., 613 Market.  Residence, Oakland, Cal.
CODE, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. A., 1706 Oak.
CODE, Mr. and Mrs. Philip D., 976 Valencia.
CODE, Mr. Philip, Jr., 976 Valencia.
CODE, Mr. T. Kimball, 976 Valencia.
COFFEY, Judge James V., City Hall, Department 9, Second Floor.
COFFEY, Dr. W.B., 1502 McAllister (Tel. Park 523).
COFFIN, Mr. James, 2518 Broadway (Tel. West 1091).
COFFROTH, Mr. James, Olympic Club.
COHEN, Dr. and Mrs. Albert, 2915 Cal.
COHEN, Mr. and Mrs. I.S., 1225 O'Farrell (Tel. Scott 2979).
COHEN, Mr. and Mrs. Max, 2915 California (Tel. Scott 3591).
COHN, Dr. and Mrs. David, The Princeton (Tel. Pr. Ex. 710).
COHN, Miss, The Princeton (Tel. Pr. Ex. 710).
COHN, Dr. Robt. D., The Princeton (Tel. Pr. Ex. 710).
COHN, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, 1913 Franklin (Tel. East 17).
COHN, Miss Edith L., 1913 Franklin (Tel. East 17).
COHN, Mr. Ben. J., 1913 Franklin (Tel. East 17).
COLBURN, Mr. and Mrs. G.L., 1117 Hyde (Tel. Larkin 2936).
COLBURN, Miss Maye F., 1117 Hyde (Tel. Larkin 2936).
COLE, Mrs. C.M., 2305 Scott (Tel. Steiner 4891).
COLE, Mr. Geo. A., 2305 Scott (Tel. Steiner 4891).
COLE, Mr. John R., 2305 Scott (Tel. Steiner 4891).
COLE, Mr. Charles M., 2060 Fell (Tel. Page 4241).
COLE, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T., 1719 Geary (Tel. West 642).
COLE, Mr. Edward F., 2823 Broderick (Tel. Geary 351).
COLE, Mr. Elmer K., 246 Sutter, res. Berkeley, Cal.
COLE, Mr. Foster P., 1707 Gough (Tel. Geary 1713).
COLE, Mr. George A., 2305 Scott (Tel. Steiner 4891).
COLE, Mrs. N.P., Ben Lomond.
COLE, The Misses, Ben Lomond.
COLE, Mr. and Mrs. N.P., Jr., 343 Webster (Tel. Fell 4601).
COLE, Mr. and Mrs. W.K., 33 Scott (tel. Page 3431).
COLEMAN, Mr. and Mrs. A.G., 1320 Sutter.
COLEMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Barry, 2506 Fillmore (Tel. West 1299).
COLEMAN, Miss Sophie G.
COLEMAN, Miss Lucy G.
COLEMAN, Mr. and Mrs. DuPont, 2053 Sutter (Tel. West 494).
COLEMAN, Mr. Edward, 1701 Franklin (Tel. East 922).
COLEMAN, Mr. and Mrs. John C., 1834 California (Tel. East 462).
COLEMAN, Miss Persis, 1834 California (Tel. East 462).
COLEMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L., 2516 Fillmore (Tel. West 255).
COLLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Fred A., 206 San Jose Av. (Tel. Church 2666).
COLLIER, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, 2747 Laguna (Tel. Geary 3136).
COLLIER, Capt. and Mrs. W.B., 2509 Pacific Avenue.
COLLIER, Miss Lutie, 2509 Pacific Avenue.
COLLIER, Miss Dorothy, 2509 Pacific Avenue.
COLLIER, Miss Sarah, 2509 Pacific Avenue.
COLLIER, Mr. Wm. B., Jr., 2509 Pacific Avenue.
COLLIER, Mr. Page, 2509 Pacific Avenue.
COLLINS, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W., 2524 Union (Tel. Geary 256).
COLLINS, Mr. Robt. Hilliard, 2524 Union (Tel. Geary 256).
COLMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Chas., 2268 Franklin (Tel. East 474).
COLMAN, The Misses, 2268 Franklin (Tel. East 474).
COLMAN, Mr. Jesse C., 2268 Franklin (Tel. East 474).
COLMAN, Mr. Clarence, 2268 Franklin (Tel. East 474).
COLTON, Mrs. David, Knickerbocker Hotel, 1606 Van Ness Av.
COMINGS, Mr. and Mrs. O.L., 746 Shrader (Tel. Page 3220).
COMINGS, Miss Jennie A., 746 Shrader (Tel. Page 3220).
COMINS, Mr. O.R., 543 Post.
COMTE, Mr. and Mrs. A., Jr., 102 Guerrero (Tel. mission 174).
CONEY, Mr. and Mrs. A.K., 1562 Post (Tel. Geary 1437).
CONKLIN, Mrs. Alvah R., Hotel St. Nicholas, Woodside, San Mateo, Cal.
CONLAN, Judge and Mrs. Charles T., 536 Page.
CONLIN, Mr. and Mrs. James, 1444 McAllister (Tel. Fell 761).
CONLIN, Miss Mamie.
CONLIN, Miss Alice.
CONLIN, Miss Edward.
CONLIN, Warren.
CONLIN, Arthur.
CONLIN, Walter.
CONLIN, Charlie.
CONLISK, Mr. Chas. W., 1100 Page (Tel. Park 32).
CONLON, Mr. and Mrs. Michael, 1521 California (Tel. East 378).
CONLON, Mr. Thomas P., 1521 California (Tel. East 378).
CONNELLY, Mrs. F.J., San Rafael, Marin County, Cal.
CONLY, Mrs. John, 2935 Pacific Av. (Tel. Geary 2576).
CONLY, The Misses, 2935 Pacific Av. (Tel. Geary 2576).
CONRAD, Mr. and Mrs. J.G., 2234 Broadway (Tel. West 708).
COOK, Mr. Milton H., 871 Hyde (Tel. Hyde 2831).
COOK, Mr. and Mrs. Morton L., 3616 Washington (Tel. Park 313).
COOK, Dr. and Mrs. Russell Hopkins, 1287 Greenwich (Tel. East 359).
COOLEY, Mr. and Mrs. E.D., 3025 California (Tel. Scott 2542).
COOMBS, Mr. and Mrs. A. Leslie, The Colonial.
COON, Mr. Frederick H., 628 Sutter.
COOPER, Mrs. C.E., 2420 Washington.
COOPER, Mr. and Mrs. F.J., 1725 Lyon (Tel. Geary 2066).
COOPER, Mr. and Mrs. George D., 2009 Buchanan (Tel. West 678).
COOPER, Mrs. J.B.H., 1926 Octavia.
COOPER, Mr. and Mrs. John B.R., 1926 Octavia.
COOPER, Mrs. M.E., 1001 Bush (Tel. East 754).
COOPER, Mr. Harry R., 1001 Bush (Tel. East 754).
COOPER, Mr. Walter J., 1002 Ellis.
CORBETT, Mr. and Mrs. E., The Princeton (Tel. Pr. Ex. 710).
CORBIN, Mr. and Mrs. Wm., 201 Buena Vista (Tel. Park 246).
CORBIN, Mr. Wayne B., 201 Buena Vista (Tel. Park 246).
CORBUS, Mr. and Mrs. A.T., 1511 Jones.
CORBUS, The Misses, 1511 Jones.
CORBUS, Mr. Wayne B., 1511 Jones.
CORDES, Mr. and Mrs. W.F., 59 Cumberland (Tel. Mission 73).
CORLETT, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, 522 Polk.
CORLETT, Miss May, 522 Polk.
CORLETT, Miss Anna, 522 Polk.
CORMACK, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F., 2520 Folsom.
CORNISH, Mr. and Mrs. Frank V., 3672 24th (Tel. Capp 2642).
CORNWALL, Mr. and Mrs. A.W., Hotel St. Nicholas (Tel. South 649).
CORNWALL, Dr. and Mrs. Frank, San Rafael.
CORNWALL, Mrs. P.B., 2301 Pacific Av.
CORNWALL, Mr. Bruce, S.E. cor. Buchanan & Page (Tel. Park 228).
CORRAN, Mr. and Mrs. W.H.L., Belvedere.
CORRAN, Miss, Belvedere.
CORSON, Mr. and Mrs. Henry L., 572 Seventeenth St., Oakland.
COSGRAVE, Mr. C.J., 320 Sansome, Room 16 (Tel. Bush 240).
COSGRAVE, Dr. Millicent, 2619 Octavia.
COSGRAVE, Mr. Jas. K., 2619 Octavia.
COSGRAVE, Mr. Chas. O.M., 2619 Octavia.
COSGRAVE, Mr. L. Desmond, 2619 Octavia (Tel. Geary 233).
COSGRAVE, Miss Patricia, 2619 Octavia (Tel. Geary 233).
COSGRIFF, Mr. Harry Hall, 801 Mason (Tel. Black 2848).
COSTELLO, Mr. and Mrs. James M., 1808 Bush (Tel. Pine 786).
COSTELLO, Mrs. Wm., 923 Grove.
COSTELLO, Miss Alice, 923 Grove.
COSTELLO, Mr. Richard, 923 Grove.
COSTELLO, Mr. Joseph, 923 Grove.
COSTELLO, Mr. Stephen V., 523 Eureka.
COSTIGAN, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus B., 2907 Jackson (Tel. West 577).
COTTON, Judge and Mrs. Aylett R., 2514A Clay.
COTTON, Miss Steuart W., 2514A Clay.
COTTON, Aylett R., Jr., 2514A Clay.
COULSON, Dr. Nat T., Grant Bldg., 1095 Market, Rooms 400 to 405.
COULSON, Captain and Mrs. Washington C., Hotel Pleasanton.
COULTER, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, 1921 Clay (Tel. Polk 4601).
COULTER, Mr. and Mrs. Winfield W., 1951 Clay.
COUNTRYMAN, Mr. and Mrs. R.H., 320 Walnut (Tel. Steiner 1651).
COWDERY, Mr. and Mrs. J.F., 101 Maple (Tel. Pine 4121).
COWDERY, Miss, 101 Maple (Tel. Pine 4121).COWELL, Mrs. Henry, 413 Hyde.
COWELL, Miss, 413 Hyde.
COWGILL, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis I., Bella Vista Hotel, 1001 Pine (Tel. East 179).
COWLES, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Wadswroth, Hotel St. Nicholas.
COX, Dr. Rosamond L., 705 Sutter (Tel. Hyde 4216.)
COX, Miss Sarah, 705 Sutter (Tel. Hyde 4216.)
COX, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A., 2279 Sutter (Tel. Geary 1593).
COXHEAD, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest, San Mateo, Cal.
CRAIG, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, 3009 Van Ness Av.
CRAIG, Mr. and Mrs. Campbell W., 1312 Jones.
CRAIG, William M., 1312 Jones.
CRAIG, Mr. and Mrs. Lee D., 1602 Hayes.
CRAIG, Mr. and Mrs. Wm., 2517 Washington.
CRAIG, Miss, 2517 Washington.
CRAIG, Mr. J. Early, 2517 Washington.
CRAIG, Mrs. Jas. F., 2517 Washington.
CRAIG, Mr. Wm. B., 2517 Washington.
CRANE, Mr. and Mrs. Carlton C., Hotel St. Francis.
CRANE, Mr. and Mrs. D.B., 424 Frederick (Tel. Page 3232).
CRANE, Mr. Henry A., 314 Cherry.
CRANE, The Misses, 314 Cherry.
CRANE, Mr. Charles W., 314 Cherry.
CRANE, Col. and Mrs. Lemuel P., 404 Central Av.
CRAWFORD, Mr. E.M., Pacific-Union Club, Res. Golden Gate, Alameda Co., Cal.
CRAWFORD, Mr. and Mrs. John F., 1783 Green (Tel. Pine 2396).
CRAWFORD, Mr. and Mrs. O.W., St. Nicholas Hotel.
CREIGHTON, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F., 3370 Twenty-third.
CRESWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Harry T., 2412 Webster (Tel. West 525).
CRIM, Mr. and Mrs. George S., 2360 Howard.
CRIM, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H., 2526 Howard.
CRIM, Miss, 2526 Howard.
CRIM, Wm. H., Jr., 2526 Howard.
CRIM, Mr. S.M., 2526 Howard.
CROCKER, Mr. Charles H., 217 Bush and Belvedere, Marin County, Cal.
CROCKER, Mr. and Mrs. Henry J., 2301 Laguna (Tel. West 341).
CROCKER, Miss Jennie A., San Mateo, Cal.
CROCKER, Mr. Charles Templeton, San Mateo, Cal.
CROCKER, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 1150 California (Tel. East 194).
CROCKETT, Mrs. Joseph B., 2029 Califoria, and San Mateo (Tel. West 484).
CROOK, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver, 1814 San Bruno Av. (Tel. White 31).
CROOKS, Mr. and Mrs. George B., 514 Van Ness Av. (Tel. Grace 106).
CROOKS, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan J., San Rafael, Marin County, Cal.
CROSETT, Mr. and Mrs. J.F., Alameda.
CROSS, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dudley, 1719 Broderick (Tel. Scott 2491).
CROSS, Dr. H.N., The Chesterfield, 637 Bush and "dos Mesad," Livermore, Cal.
CROTHERS, Mr. George E., The Nordhoff (Tel. East 71).
CROTHERS, Mr. J.H., Occidental Hotel (Tel. John 5056).
CROTHERS, Mr. R.A., 1060 Bush (Tel. East 331).
CROTHERS, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G., 2998 Pacific Av. (Tel. Baker 3341).
CROTHERS, Dr. and Mrs. Wm. H., 2992 Pine (Tel. Jackson 41).
CROWELL, Mrs. E.A., 1603 Larkin (Tel. East 949).
CROWELL, Miss, 1603 Larkin (Tel. East 949).
CROWELL, Mr. Walter H., 1603 Larkin (Tel. East 949).
CROWLEY, Mr. P., 1629 Sacramento (Tel. East 96).
CROWLEY, The Misses, 1629 Sacramento (Tel. East 96).
CUDWORTH, Mr. and Mrs. Abel W., 2420 Fillmore.
CUDWORTH, Miss Mr. J.J., 2420 Fillmore.
CUDWROTH, Mr. A.N., 2420 Fillmore.
CUDWORTH, Mr. M.P., 2420 Fillmore.
CULBERHOUSE, Mr. T.L., Hotel Baltimore (Tel. Pr. Ex. 706).
CULP, Mr. and Mrs. D.S., 1015 Fell (Tel. Page 2581).
CUMMING, Mrs. George, 20 Fell.
CUMMING, Miss, 20 Fell.
CUMMING, Mr. and Mrs. J.N.,2322 Twenty-first.
CUMMINGS, Mr. and Mrs. John T., 125 Lyon.
CUMMINGS, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. T., 427 Buchanan (Tel. Fell 7411).
CUNNINGHAM, Mr. Harry L., Res. Oakland, Hotel Crelin.
CUNNINGHAM, Mr. and Mrs. John F., 2412 Sutter.
CUNNINGHAM, Mrs. Robert B., 1939 Clay (Tel. Larkin 4606).
CUNNINGHAM, Dr. H. McD., 1939 Clay (Tel. Larkin 4606).
CURLETT, Mr. and Mrs. William, 1510 Larkin (Tel. Sutter 2731).
CURREY, Judge and Mrs. John, Palace Hotel.
CURRIER, Col. John C., 2922 Pacific Av.
CURRIER, Mr. and Mrs. J. Parker, St. Dunstan's
CURTAX, Mr. Oscar H., Hotel St. Nicholas.
CURTAZ, Mrs. Agatha, 50 Bartlett.
CURTAZ, Otto, 50 Bartlett.
CURTAZ, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin A., 1428 Page (Tel. Page 242).
CURTAZ, Mr. and Mrs. H.J., 1161 Larkin.
CURTIS, Mr. and Mrs. E., 1950 McAllister.
CURTIS, Mrs. Emily, 664 Haight (Tel. Fell 3134).
CURTIS, Dr. and Mrs. H.L., 918 Ellis (Tel. Hyde 1901).
CURTIS, Mr. and Mrs. James M., 2518 Union (tel. West 504).
CURTIS, Mr. and Mrs. J.B., 1542 Page (Tel. Page 3364).
CURTIS, Mr. and Mrs. John M., 2501 Buchanan (Tel. West 630).
CURTIS, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan, 817 Van Ness (Tel. East 369).
CURTIS, Mr. Marion, 2518 Union.
CURTIS, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin, Locust Grove, Cal.
CURTIS, Dr. and Mrs. Robert H., 2205 Green (Tel. Pine 1091).
CUSHING, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar K., 17 Seventh Av. (Tel. Baker 708).
CUSHING, Mr. and Mrs. S.B., San Rafael, Marin Co. (Tel. Sunset Black 241).
CUTHBERT, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. D., 314 Cherry.
CUTHBERT, Miss, 314 Cherry.
CUTHBERT, Mr. Geo. F., 314 Cherry.
CUTHBERTSON, Mr. and Mrs. Wm., 2565 Market.
CUTHBERTSON, Miss, 2565 Market.
CUTHBERTSON, Walter J., 2565 Market.
CUTLER, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred D., 3540 Clay.
CUTLER, Mr. Pierce, 3540 Clay.
CUTLER, Mr. and Mrs. Elijah B., 1797 Broadway (Tel. Larkin 4595).
CUTTEN, Mr. and Mrs. Edward L., 2550 Sacramento (Tel. Geary 488).
CUTTEN, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E., 3454 Sacramento (Tel. Scott 2863).
CUTTER, Mrs. B.B., 2301 Pacific Av.
CUTTER, Mr. and Mrs. Edward B., 2810 Washington (Tel. West 482).
CUTTING, Mr. and Mrs. H.C., 16 Lyon (Tel. Page 6106).

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