San Francisco Genealogy

Source: The San Francisco Blue Book, 1905
Charles C. Hoag, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1905

RAAS, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C., 102 Walnut (Tel. West 511).
RADKE, Mr. and Mrs. Gus H., 849 Clayton (Tel. Park 297).
RADKE, Mr. and Mrs. Richard L., 3777 Clay (Tel. Baker 1966).
RAIL, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B., 2017 Broadway (Tel. Geary 1331).
RAINEY, Mr. WIlliam S., 3009 Clay.
RAINEY, Mr. Geo. E., 3009 Clay.
RAINEY, W.S., 3009 Clay.
RANKIN, Mr. and Mrs. George A., 1324 Willard (Tel. Waller 514).
RAISCH, Mr. and Mrs. Albert J., Belvedere, Cal.
RALSTON, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J., Berkeley, Alameda County, Cal.
RALSTON, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C., Fruitvale, Cal.
RAMBO, Mrs. Galindo K., 994 Pine (Tel. Red 2818).
RAMBO, Miss, 994 Pine (Tel. Red 2818).
RAMSDELL, Mr. and Mrs. Harry V., The Warren, cor. Post and Jones.
RANKIN, Mr. and Mrs. George A., 212 Willard (Tel. Fell 3160).
RANLETT, Mr. and Mrs. Horace D., 1551 Devisadero (Tel. Steiner 3460).
RANSOM, Mr. and Mrs. E., 1120 Bush (Tel. Larkin 209).
RANSOM, Miss M., 1120 Bush (Tel. Larkin 209).
RANSOM, Thomas W., 1120 Bush (Tel. Larkin 209).
RASMUSSEN, Mr. and Mrs. J.C., 1622 Fulton.
RASMUSSEN, Miss Mourine, 1622 Fulton.
RATHBONE, Mr. and Mrs. Harry B., 2215 California.
RATHBONE, Major and Mrs. J.L., Palace Hotel.
RATHBONE, Mr. Gerald L., University Club (Tel. Sutter 722).
RATHJEN, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 2103 Lombard (Tel. Scott 424).
RATYE, Mrs. E., 1829 Pacific Av. (Tel. Sutter 1081).
RAVLIN, Mr. and Mrs. C.N., 3320 Sacramento (Tel. Scott 2915).
RAU, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S., 1482 Page (Tel. Park 91).
RAU, Miss Irma, 1482 Page (Tel. Park 91).
RAY, Mr. Charles E., 1496 Jackson (Tel. Larkin 586).
RAY, Mr. William S., 299 San Jose Ave.
RAY, Mr. William R., 299 San Jose Ave.
RAY, Mr. Milton S., 299 San Jose Ave.
RAYE, Mr. A.P., 134 Church.
RAYMOND, Miss Cecilia L., 2407 So. Atherton St., Berkeley (Tel. Dana 1260).
RAYMOND, Miss, 1115 Hyde.
RAYMOND, Mrs. Elizabeth B., 375 Geary (Tel. Bush 526).
RAYMOND, Lee B., 375 Geary (Tel. Bush 526).
RAYMOND, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A., 900 Sutter.
RAYMOND, Mrs. J.W., 1611 Larkin.
RAYMOND, Mrs. Samuel A., 920 Polk (Tel. East 177).
RAYMOND, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, Raymond Hotel, Pasadena, Cal.
RAYMOND, Mr. W.H.V., 807 Sutter (Tel. Polk 926).
READ, Mr. Thomas J., 2514 Clay (Tel. Baker 1341).
READ, Dr. and Mrs. Wm. P., 1415 Van Ness (Tel. Hyde 1746).
READE, Mr. F. William, 2433 Buchanan.
REDDING, Mr. A.P., "Oakleigh," Menlo Park (Tel. Redding).
REDDING, Miss, "Oakleigh," Menlo Park (Tel. Redding).
REDDING, Mr. Fred G., Olympic Club.
REDINGTON, Mr. John P., Hotel Pleasanton.
REDINGTON, Mr. William S., Hotel Pleasanton.
REDINGTON, Mrs. Lucy, 952 Bush.
REDINGTON, Mr. Henry W., 952 Bush.
REED, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., 100 Devisadero (Tel. Page 7571).
REGENSBURGER, Dr. Arthur T., 637 Bush (Tel. James 2931).
REGENSBURGER, Mr. Arthur T., 900B Powell (Tel. John 1396).
REGENSBURGER, Dr. and Mrs. Martin, 3342 Clay (Tel. West 386).
REICHART, Mr. and Mrs. Theo., Hotel Westminster.
REID, Mr. James W., Hotel Savoy.
REID, Mr. and Mrs. Merritt, St. Dunstan's.
REID, Miss Merritt, St. Dunstan's.
REIBER, Mr. and Mrs. A.W., Hotel Cecil, 960 Bush (Tel. Pr. Ex. 722).
REINSTEIN, Mr. and Mrs. J.B., 906 Ellis (Tel. East 902).
REIS, Mr. and Mrs. Christian, 835 California.
REIS, Christian, Jr., 835 California.
REIS, Ferdinand, Jr., 835 California.
REIS, Mr. Ferdinand, 2201 Sacramento (Tel. West 667).
REIS, Mr. and Mrs. Julius C., 2201 Sacramento (Tel. West 667).
REIS, Miss, 2201 Sacramento (Tel. West 667).
RENARD, Mr. and Mrs. L., 1051 Broderick (Tel. West 2261).
RENFRO, Mr. and Mrs. A.D., 1649 Golden Gate Av. (Tel. Bush 549).
RENZ, Dr. and Mrs. Carl, Hotel Cecil, 960 Bush (Tel. Pr. Ex. 722).
RENNIE, Mr. and Mrs. William, 2172 Green (Tel. Geary 454).
REPSOLD, Mr. A., 623 Cole.
RETHERS, Dr. and Mrs. Theo., 2241 Jackson (Tel. West 823).
RETSLOFF, Dr. E.H., 2504 Clay (Tel. Geary 2259).
RETSLOFF, Mr. Carl. O., 2504 Clay (Tel. Geary 2259).
REYNOLDS, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. M., San Rafael (Tel. Black 102).
REYNOLDS, Mr. and Mrs. George W., Hotel Pleasanton.
REYNOLDS, Mr. and Mrs. John M., 1213 Laguna.
REYNOLDS, Dr. Harry B., 751 Sutter (Tel. Pr. Ex. 751).
RHODES, Mrs. Charles K., The Colonial.
RICE, Mr. and Mrs. B. Warner, 513 Clayton (Tel. Fell 3353).
RICE, Dr. and Mrs. Philip, 2973 California (Tel. Scott 2497).
RICH, Mr. and Mrs. O., Grand Hotel.
RICHARDS, Dr. C.W., 1512 Pine.
RICHARDS, Mrs. A.M., 1512 Pine.
RICHARDS, Miss I.E., 1512 Pine.
RICHARDS, Dr. and Mrs. Harry G., 981 Sutter (Tel. Polk 226).
RICHARDS, Mr. and Mrs. John D., 2915 Washington (Tel. Scott 2175).
RICHARDSON, Mr. Benjamin F., S.F. National Bank, Belvedere, Cal.
RICHARDSON, Mr. and Mrs. G.F., 2418 Gough (Tel. East 333).
RICHARDSON, Mr. George H., 1412 O'Farrell.
RICHARDSON, Dr. and Mrs. G.H., 2917 Clay (Tel. West 1214).
RICHARDSON, Mr. and Mrs. M.H., 11 Piedmont (Tel. Page 743).
RICHARDSON, Mr. and Mrs. William G., 115 Frederick (Tel. Park 124).
RICHARDSON, Mr. Webster M., 2331 POst (Tel. Steiner 3467).
RICHTER, Dr. and Mrs. C.M., 1017 Jones (Tel. East 956).
RIDDELL, Mr. Allan McD., 25 Baker.
RIDEOUT, Mr. and Mrs. N.D., 1950 Washington (Tel. West 77).
RIDLEY, Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Brooke, 1455 Franklin.
RIDLEY, Mr. G.B., 1455 Franklin.
RIDLEY, Mr. J.L., 1455 Franklin.
RIESER, Mr. and Mrs. E.O., 779 Clayton (Tel. Fell 7786).
RILEY, Dr. and Mrs. Wm. C., 1296 Turk (Tel. Jackson 426).
RINALDO, Mr. and Mrs. T., Hotel Majestic, Sutter and Gough.
RINDNER, Capt. and Mrs. J.H., 1902 Page (Tel. Park 799).
RING, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, 4106 Nineteenth.
RING, Mr. Wm. R., N.E. cor. Nineteenth and Castro (Tel. Mission 47).
RIORDAN, Most Rev. Patrick W., 1122 Eddy (Tel. West 50).
RIORDAN, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. D., Hotel Colonial (Tel. East 616).
RITCHIE, Mr. and Mrs. Robert R., Palace Hotel.
RIVAS, Mrs. I., 1716 Sacramento (Tel. Sutter 2996).
RIX, Mr. and Mrs. Edward A., 1031 Vallejo (Tel. Polk 1804).
RIX, Mr. and Mrs. William, San Mateo, Cal.
RIXFORD, Dr. and Mrs. Emmet, 1795 California (Tel. East 109).
RIXFORD, Mr. and Mrs. E.H., 1011 Fell (Tel. Fell 2588).
RIXFORD, Mr. and Mrs. G.P., 1813 Pierce (Tel. Steiner 4636).
RIXFORD, Loring P., 1813 Pierce (Tel. Steiner 4636).
ROBBINS, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 1433 Post.
ROBBINS, Miss Josephine Parker, 1433 Post.
ROBBINS, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A., 326 Fremont.
ROBERTS, Mrs. A.E., 2432 Van Ness Av. (Tel. Hyde 2938).
ROBERTS, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver L., 1922 Sacramento.
ROBERTS, Oliver L., r., 1922 Sacramento.
ROBERTS, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen, 3724 Twentieth.
ROBERTSON, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M., 909 Ellis (Tel. Larkin 3484).
ROBERTSON, Mrs. Donald, Oakland, Cal.
ROBERTSON, Mrs. Henry D., 628 Sutter.
ROBERTSON, Mrs. H.S., 160 Hawthorne (Tel. Black 4762).
ROBERTSON, Mr. John D., 455 Eighth Av.
ROBERTSON, Mr. and Mrs. John H., 3460 Clay (Tel. Baker 3536).
ROBERTSON, Dr. and Mrs. J.W., 751 Sutter (Tel. Pr. Ex. 751).
ROBERTSON, Mr. Peter, San Francisco "Chronicle".
ROBERTSON, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred M., 1721 Baker (Tel. Scott 559).
ROBERTSON, Mr. and Mrs. John H., 3426 Clay (Tel. Geary 3013).
ROBINSON, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred D., 1823 Turk (Tel. Scott 693).
ROBINSON, Mr. and Mrs. C.H., Hotel Sevenoaks, 885 Sutter (Tel. Bush 890).
ROBINSON, Mr. and Mrs. C.P., 1938 Larkin (Tel. Sutter 981).
ROBINSON, Mrs. Scharlotte, 178 Pine.
ROBINSON, Mr. and Mrs. J.A., The Knickerbocker (Tel. East 123).
ROBINSON, Miss, The Knickerbocker (Tel. East 123).
ROBINSON, Mr. and Mrs. James B., 1132 Fulton (Tel. Fell 1373).
ROBINSON, Mr. and Mrs. C.L., 1213 Jones (Tel. Larkin 526).
ROBINSON, The Misses, 1213 Jones (Tel. Larkin 526).
ROBINSON, Mr. and Mrs. Liston C., 2333 Pacific Av. (Tel. West 1326).

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