San Francisco Genealogy

Source: The San Francisco Blue Book and Club Directory, 1924
Jed J. Hoag and Arthur H. Page, Publishers, San Francisco, California, 1924


M.H. de YOUNG, Proprietor and Publisher
W.H.B. FOWLER, Assistant Publisher and Business Manager
Arthur C. CLARKE, Editor in Chief

Karl M. ANDERSON, Managing News Editor
Edward F. ADAMS, Editorial Writer
R.H. MAGILL, Jr., Editorial Writer
Ben MACOMBER, Editorial Writer
R.H. CROMWELL, City Editor
Ray C.B. BROWN, Music Critic
George C. WARREN, Dramatic Critic
G.E. LAUGHERY, Financial Editor
Louise WIECK, Society Editor
E.L. GRUENER, Chief of Copy Destk
F.R. BOWIE, Makeup Editor
L.J. PINKSON, Automobile Editor
Alice SWAIN, Librarian
B.M. PALMER, Editorial Auditor

APPLEBY, F., Local Staff
BEHRENS, E.C., Local Staff
BAILY, T.W., Local Staff
BERG, Robt., Local Staff
BOYDEN, J.E., Local Staff
BRADLEY, D.H., Local Staff
BRUCKART, L.D., Local Staff
BURLINGAME, P.L., Local Staff
CARSKADON, T.R., Local Staff
DeSPAIN, G.W., Local Staff
DOWSETT, Frank, Local Staff
DYAR, Warren, Local Staff
ESTCOURT, Z, Local Staff
GEE, H.B., Local Staff
GILLEN, L.C, Local Staff
HANDY, T.W., Local Staff
HELM, Carl, Local Staff
HILL, C.M., Local Staff
HITT, Neil, Local Staff
HUGHES, J.P., Local Staff
KEOUGH, J.A., Local Staff
LANG, H.C., Local Staff
LONG, D.W., Local Staff
LOUNSBURY, E., Local Staff
MacCANTS, F., Local Staff
MARTIN, L., Local Staff
MAVITY, Nancy, Local Staff
MITCHELL, S., Local Staff
MONFORT, L.M., Local Staff
MORSE, C.E., Local Staff
O'GARA, G., Local Staff
ORBELL, E.D., Local Staff
PARKER, F.C., Local Staff
PIERCE, E.F., Local Staff
QUEEN, W.M., Local Staff
SARTAIN, G., Local Staff
SAUNDERS, R.C., Local Staff
SCANLON, L., Local Staff
SMALL, H.A., Local Staff
SMITH, H.W., Local Staff
SOHER, H.J., Local Staff
STODDARD, L.E., Local Staff
SWANSON, W.G., Local Staff
THOMAS, J.C., Local Staff
THOMPSON, W.J., Local Staff
ULRICH, J.C, Local Staff

VOORHIES, Earle, Local Staff
WALKER, G.A., Local Staff
WATSON, W.S,  Local Staff
WOEHL, Frank, Local Staff
YOUNG, H.M., Local Staff

Harry B. SMITH, Sporting Editor
E.R. HUGHES, Assistant Sporting Editor
R.H. Hay Chapman, Golf Editor

Theodore LANGGUTH, Chief of Art Staff
BORNMUELLER, H.R., Art Department
BRONSTRUP, G., Art Department
FRALEY, F.M., Art Department
FRENCH, D., Art Department
GLYNN, J., Art Department
JOLLEY, W.R., Art Department
KENDRICK, R., Art Department
KING, J., Art Department
LANGGUTH, T., Art Department
MINEHAM, Ray, Art Department
PHILLIPS, S.M., Art Department
SMITH, H.M., Art Department

BUSS B. LEECH, Assistant Business Manager
Perry EPSTEN, Advertising Manager
George A. FISHER, Circulation Manager
James R. GREGORY, Assistant Circulation Manager
A.D. ATWOOD, Assistant Cashier


R.A. CROTHERS, President
Loring PICKERING, Vice President
B.Berle PAGE, General Manager

Elmer ROESSNER, City Editor
Jack PARKS, News Editor
J.A. BALES, Assistant City Editor
George DOUGLAS, Editorial Writer
Frank STURKEN, Financial Editor
Abe KEMP, Sporting Editor
Paul BUCKLEY, Oakland Office
James Hatlo, Automobile Editor
Mrs. W.H., HARRISON, Librarian
Robert KROEZE, Manager Art Department
Douglas RODGER, Cartoonist
T.P. STROUPE, Photographer
W. Aird McDONALD, Photographer
Cecilia MacSHANE, Editorial Secretary
Marion BLANCHFIELD, Secretary to Publisher

C.H., BAILY, Local Staff
C. La BELLE, Local Staff
Glenn BYERS, Local Staff
A.H. CAMPION, Local Staff
F.J. CARTER, Local Staff
W.F. CROWLEY, Local Staff
Hazel B. DODD, Local Staff
Eileen DOYLE, Local Staff
R.E. DUNAVAN, Local Staff
Earl ENNIS, Local Staff
Helen ENNIS, Local Staff
S.M. EWING, Local Staff
W.C. GETTY, Local Staff
D.H. GLICKMAN, Local Staff
C.M. JACKSON, Local Staff
Geo. JARRETT, Local Staff
L.J. LUCAS, Local Staff
H.B. MATSON, Local Staff
Sutart A. NEALE, Local Staff
Ruth PIELKOVO, Local Staff
Walter RIVERS, Local Staff
R.W. SCOTT, Local Staff
Jack TIERNAN, Local Staff
Sherwood TYRRELL, Local Staff


Andrew M. LAWRENCE, President
Bruce D. ELLIS, General Manager
J.P. McSORLEY, Managing Editor

Fred W. SCHELL, Auditor
James TUFTS, News Editor
George PAPAZIAN, City Editor
H.W. SIMKINS, Editorial Writer
Clay M. GREENE, Dramatic Editor
Anna Cora WINCHELL, Music-Arts-Clubs
Josephine BARTLETT, Theatres-Books
Wintrhop MARTIN, Financial
Dr. J.C. REID, Churches
Owen MERRICK, Sports
C.H. SMITH, Circulation Manager
David J. RANDALL, New York Representative, general advertisiting
Robt. S. FARLEY, New York Representative, Financial Adv.
John W. HUNTED, Chicago Representative

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