San Francisco Genealogy
San Francisco Blue Book Directory, 1924
(All names and addresses are San Francisco, unless otherwised specified.)

Source: The San Francisco Blue Book and Club Directory, 1924
Jed J. Hoag and Arthur H. Page, Publishers, San Francisco, California, 1924

UHL, Mr. and Mrs. George, 1188 Lombard (Prospect 3208).
ULLOA, Consul and Mrs. W. Lopez, 1707 Ulloa.
ULLOA, Miss Virginia, 1707 Ulloa.
ULLOA, Miss Julia, 1707 Ulloa.
ULMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Lourin T., 2714 Steiner.
ULMAN, Miss Elizabeth, 2714 Steiner.
ULMAN, Miss Madeline, 2714 Steiner.
ULMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Victor R., 178 Commonwealth Av. (Prospect 33).
ULRICH, Mr. and Mrs. John Alvin, 1325 Hyde (Franklin 9260).
UMBSEN, Mrs. Gustave H., Miramar Hotel, Santa Barbara, Cal.
UMBSEN, Miss Marcia, Miramar Hotel, Santa Barbara, Cal.
UMBSEN, Mrs. Ida K., 1340 Vallejo (Franklin 1480).
UMPHRED, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Franklin (Oakland, Cal.), 305 Euclid Av. (Lakeside 5242).
UMPHRED, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M., (Hotel Oakland), Oakland, Cal. (Lakeside 100).
UNDERHILL, Mrs. Henry B., Jr. (Kathryn C.), 2856 Vallejo (West 156).
UNGER, Mr. and Mrs. Milton E., 321 Lake (Pacific 138).
UNNA, Mr. and Mrs. Walter J., 3929 Clay (Pacific 8642).
UPHAM, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin P., 2728 Union (Fillmore 3808) and Mill Valley, Cal.
UPHAM, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Oliver, 680 Sutter (Prospect 951).
UPTON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 1247 Taylor (Prospect 4503).
UPTON, Mr. Francis R., Jr., 686 Mills Blvd. (Sutter 1560).
UPTON, Mr. John R., 2016 Pacific Ave (West 172).
UPWARD, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, Los Gatos, Cal. (Los Gatos 129-J3).
U'REN, Mr. and Mrs. Milton T., 2170 Pacific Ave. (Fillmore 4999).
URQUHART, Mr. and Mrs. George Alexander, 216 Moncada Ave. (Randolph 1783).
URQUHART, Miss Ruth C., 216 Moncada Ave. (Randolph 1783).
URQUHART, Mr. and Mrs. John L., 1146 Taylor.
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