Part of the Charles Herbert Crookson Collection
Abstracts from the
Coroner's Report of Decedents' Property
from the 1871-1872 San Francisco Municipal Report

Thank you to Charles Herbert Crooksen for his donation of this data


[Page 273-275]
Dec. 6, 1871 Unknown Woman Trunks and bag of clothing, gold buckle and ring.  Delivered to, and sold by order of City Treasurer.
Dec. 7, 1871 James DOWNEY $2.  Delivered to widow.
Dec 15, 1871 Jose RODRIGUEZ Trunk and bag of clothing, etc. and $2.  Delivered to Widow.
Dec 17, 1871 John PENCELL Papers, key and promissory notes.  Delivered to Public Administrator.
Dec. 20 1871 James McGILVEY Gold watch and chain, and $2.17.  Delivered to Widow.
Jan 8, 1872 Michael HAGAN $1.05.  Delivered to Treasurer.
Jan. 12, 1872 Archy MATHESON Silver watch and $1.  Delivered watch and coin to J. HANISON.
Jan 16, 1872 Franz LORENZ Silver watch, pistol and $40.00.  Delivered coin to Public Administrator;  balances to, and sold by order of, Treasurer.
Jan 22, 1872 A.R. HOWE Two trucks and contents, keys and $2.50.  Delived to Chas OTTO for family.
Jan 29, 1872 Patrick CARBERRY Silver watch and chain, string of beads.  Delivered to John CARBERRY.
Feb 1, 1872 Lorenzo A. PHELPS Clothing and pistol/  Deliverd clothing to Mother, pistol to Treasurer.
Feb. 1, 1872 C.F. PAULSEN Carpet bag and contents and forty-five cents.  Delivered to Widow.
Feb. 1, 1872 Christian LEIN Silver watch, pistol, ring, cane and thirty-five cents.  Delivered to Henry LEIN.
Feb. 2, 1872 Huego LEGERIN Trunk and papers.  Delivered to H. HENNIE.
Feb 8, 1872 Menco GUSINA Rifle, papers and $43.00.  Delivered to Peter T. SECOLOVICH.
Feb 21, 1872 John JOHNSTON Clothing, pocket-book and $2.60.  Delivered to Widow.
Mar. 1, 1872 Edward O'NEIL Trunk and sixty-five cents.  Coin to Treasurer;  trunk sold by order of Treasurer.
Mar. 8, 1872 Samuel SPILLER Trunk, valise and pistol, $70 currency, $52.90 in coin.  Paid funeral expenses; balance to and sold by order of Treasurer.
Mar. 27, 1872 James DOUGLAS Trunk and contents.  Sold by order of Treasurer.
Mar. 31, 1872 Thomas H. ALLEN Trunk and contents, books, $176.50 currencty, $7.64 in coin.  Paid funeral expenses;  balance to and sold by order of Treasurer.
Apr. 7, 1872 John SPECKMAN Trunk and valise.  Sold by order of Treasurer.
Apr. 13, 1872 William HEWER Jewelry, contents of room and pockets.  Delivered to Public Admnistrator.
Apr. 15, 1872 H.E. BURKHARDT Watch, jewelry and clothing.  Delivered to sister, Mrs. MESSMER.
Apr. 17, 1872 F.J. McDEVITT Watch, chain, clothing and desk.  Delivered to Father.
Apr. 22, 1872 James ROSS Contents of room.  Delivered to landlord, by order of Public Administrator.
Apr. 24, 1872 Joseph WOLTER Valise and bag of clothing and $2.85.  Delivered to Caroline WOLTERS. [sic.]
Apr 29, 1872 Aug. FRIEDHOFER Watch, pistol, studs, purse and $3.70.  Deliverd to brother, Paul FRIEDHOFER.
Apr. 29, 1872 D.J. CANNON Clothing and letters.  Delivered to Mrs. HUNTER.
Apr. 28, 1872 J.G. VON ASPEM Bag of clothing and $2.60.  Sold by order of, and coin to Treasurer.
May 3, 1872 Thomas McDONALD Valise and contents.  Sold by order of Treasurer.
May 6, 1872 Abel G. WOODWARD Bundle of clothing. Sold by order of Treasurer.
May 13, 1872 William C. SPENCER Watch, pin, pistol, memo, and $8.15.  Delivered to brother, J.N. SPENCER.
May 13, 1872 Leonz ELMIGER Trunk and contents--last will.  Sold by order of Treasurer; will to Public Adminitrator.
May 20, 1872 L.W. JOHANNING Watch, chain, ring, studs and pin.  Delivered to Widow.
May 25, 1872 Caroline PRENEL Furniture, clothing, jewelry, and bank-books for $[650.?].  Delivered to Public Administrator.
May 28, 1872 Thomas HICKS Pistol, slung-shot and flask of whiskey.  Sold by order of Treasurer.
May 30, 1872 Tung YUK Key and $1.80.  Delivered to coisin, Ah. HING.
June 2, 1872  John H. DALEY Gold ring.  Delivered to Capt. PIPPY.
June 4, 1872 Thomas MARTIN Clothing and $7.87.  Sold by order of and coin to Treasurer.
June 4, 1872 Samuel W. McCUNE Papers, check and $224.70.  Paid funeral expenses;  balance to Treasurer.
June 11, 1872 H.B. WHEELCOCK Baggage and $435.10.  Delivered to the Heirs.
June 15, 1872 Aen JANSEN Bag of clothing.  Sold by order of Treasurer.
June 15, 1872 E. DUNTON Cobbler's shop and $5.35.  Sold by order of the Treasurer to pay burial.
June 17, 1872 Fred. CHAPMAN Clothing, books and papers.  Delivered to E. NEWMAN.
June 28, 1872 Archy McLEAN Bag of clothing.  Sold by order of Treasurer.
June 28, 1872 Louis BUSTES Contents of room and $21.75.  Delivered to Spanish Consul.
Total amounts from above paid to J.A. BAUER, City and County Treasurer, $2,006.63
Fees paid Treasurer, received in suits against the Sheriff, $51.00
All of which is respectfully submitted,
Coroner of City and County of San Francisco.

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