Part of the Charles Herbert Crookson Collection
listed in
Chronological History of Principal Events
from December 1st, 1869 to December 5th, 1870
in Langley's 1871 San Francisco City Directory

Thank you to Charles Herbert Crooksen for his donation of this data

[Page 33-36]
Dec. 1, 1869 Frederick ZAHN commits suicide by hanging.
Dec. 8, 1869 J.O. RAWLINS, brother of the late Secretary of War, died from injuries received at the Golden Gate Sugar Refinery.
Dec. 12, 1869 George M. THOMPSON, died suddenly.
Dec. 12, 1869 he body of J.E. DIXON found in the bay.
Dec. 15, 1869 F.N. NEUVAL arrested for the murder of Carrie DIAMOND.
Dec. 20, 1869 Mrs. Bridget CUSIC fatally burned.
Dec. 24, 1869 W.C. McELROY, an old pioneer, dies.
Dec. 27, 1869 W.P. WALCH, after attempting to murder Mary WILLIAMS, committed suicide.
Dec. 30, 1869 Mrs. Mary A. EATON committed suicide.
Jan. 1, 1870 P.J. DEVINE, a prominent sculptor, died.
Jan. 4, 1869 James McGOWAN, a tinsmith, fell from a scaffolding, and was killed.
Jan. 8, 1869 M.G. SEARING thrown from a buggy and fatally injured.
Jan. 9, 1869 Remains of A. HIRSCHFELDER drowned July 1868 found on Alameda shore.
Jan. 9, 1869 Charles F. KNOLL dies suddenly.
Jan. 10, 1879 Margaret SCANNELL committs suicide.
Jan. 13, 1870 R.B. MONK, an old resident, died.
Jan. 13, 1879 A.D. WOHLER, who in turn was killed by the former in a saloon fray.
Jan. 14, 1870 Clement B. ELLIS, a pioneer, dies suddenly.
Jan. 16, 1870 Sophia SANDS commits suicide.
Jan. 23, 1870 Maggie RYAN, a child six and one half years old, is ravished and then murdered under the wharf.
Jan. 23, 1870 Charles GOODHOPE drowned in the bay.
Jan. 25, 1870 Captain Edward CORDELL, U.S. Coast Survey, died suddenly in the street.
Jan. 29, 1870 C.T. CARVALHO, for years Chinese interpreter, dies.
Feb. 8, 1870 John BERRY killed by Thomas LLOYD.
Feb. 15, 1870 F.G.W. TITTEL, a pioneer, and Henry WATTSON, secretary Spring Valley Water Works, die.
Feb, 28, 1870 Charles M. ARMSTRONG commits suicide.
March 1, 1870 Matthew ROWE, thrown from a wagon and fatally injured.
March 3, 1870 James SMILIE attempts to kill a Mexican woman and then commits suicide.
March 9, 1870 Herman JOELEKE commits suicide.
March 10, 1870 Capt. John H. MAY, a pioneer died.
March 10, 1870 The remains of H.M. WHITMORE, a pioneer merchant, found floating in the Bay.
March 11, 1870 John C. BREWER killed by Frank SMITH
March 12, 1870 George MILLER was killed by Nicholas JOHANNES.
March 18, 1870 Major John HILL, a Mexican veteran, dies.
March 25, 1870 Remains of Col. Thomas HAYES lie in state at Platt's Hall.
March 27, 1870 Funeral of Col. Thomas HAYES was attended by 4,000 persons.
March 28, 1870 Maj. Gen. Geo. H. THOMAS dies of apoplexy.
March 30, 1870 A.H. McEWEN, of steamer Pacific, drowned in the bay.
April 4, 1870 M. EMANUEL, aged 7 years, run over by a truck and fatally injured.
April 8, 1870 H.B. GILL committed suicide.
April 8, 1870 Verdict of $5,000 rendered against the city, for causing the death of Florence MEYER, by being run over by a steam fire engine.
April 16, 1870 Adolph F. MARQUARD commits suicide.
April 20, 1870 J.M. DOHERTY commits suicide.
April 23, 1870 D. McGINNESS cuts his father's throat, and then attempts suicide.
April 24, 1870 Charles BRADLEY's residence on Rincon Hill destroyed by fire, and his infant son burned to death.
April 27, 1870 Mrs. Annie SCHNEIDER commits suicide.
May 2, 1870 M. RAMIREZ, Peruvian Consul, dies.
May 5, 1870 Benjamin C. HOWARD dies.
May 16, 1870 Col. M. MARTINEZ, a distinguished Mexican, dies.
May 16, 1870 Julia WINANT attemps and John LEARY commits suicide.
May 20, 1870 Josephina PLATOFF is burned fatally, and Theresa SIEGELMEIER seriously, by the bursting of a kerosene lamp.
May 21, 1870 Capt. C. GODFREY commits suicide.
May 28, 1870 W.M. ZABRISKIE and H.O. GOUGH, prominent citizens, die.
June 12, 1870 James H. CUTTER, a useful and prominent citize, dies.
June 16, 1870 Daniel ROSS commits suicide.
June 19, 1870 The body of Louis SELIGMAN found in San Mateo County;  money and papers to the value of $10,000, and also bottles of drugs, are found on his person.
June 19, 1870 Victor CHAIGNEAU, a pioneer, dies.
June 22, 1870 H. HENRY is thrown from his horse, at the Mission, and killed.
July 2, 1870 Walter WALSH thrown from a buggy and killed.
July 2, 1870 F. ALEXANDER accidentally killed on Market Street
July 2, 1870 F.N. NEUVAL exonerated of the murder of Miss Carrie DIAMOND.
July 4, 1870 Edward MEYERS is killed by George CONNOR.
July 8, 1870 Major G.M. WRIGHT dies.
July 10, 1870 The body of J.H. VON STRAATEN found in San Antonio Creek.
July 13, 1870 Lieutenant-Colonel John W. WINTERS dies from an injury received on the 4th of Jully
July 13, 1870 F.W. VOLL found guilty of manslaughter for killing Michael WALSH.
July 17, 1870 Imposing display at the funeral of Lieutenant-Colonel John W. WINTERS.
July 26, 1870 John RIORDAN is killed by falling from a ladder.
July 30, 1870 James DOBSON is killed by John TYLER on Montgomery Street.
Aug. 3, 1870 D.W.C. RICE, former President of the California Pacific Railroad, dies.
Aug. 6, 1870 Charles QUINN, the murderer of Maggie RYAN, found guilty.
Aug. 25, 1870 F.W. HORN commits suicide.
Sept. 6, 1870 Patrick KIERNAN was killed by falling from a horse car.
Sept. 7, 1870 Paul COX, a pioneer, dies suddenly.
Sept. 18, 1870 George GORDON, a veteran of the Mexican war, dies.
Sept. 29, 1870 Miss Cornelia WISE commits suicide.
Sept. 30, 1870 Otto RABBE commits suicide at Lone Mountain.
Oct. 3, 1870 D. McFARLAND is killed by a sand cart.
Oct. 12, 1870 G. URSICH commits suicide.
Oct. 26, 1870 W.C. SCHUYLER's body found in the bay.
Oct. 29, 1870 Tod ROBINSON, a distinguished lawyer and Supreme Court Reporter, dies at Crystal Springs, California.
Nov. 3, 1870 A.P. CRITTENDEN, a distinguished lawyer, is mortally wounded by Mrs. Laura D. FAIR, in the presence of his family on the Steamboat El Capitan while crossing from Oakland.
Nov. 3, 1870 Emil HIRCH commits suicide.
Nov. 4, 1870 Mrs. DeROSSA commits suicide.
Nov. 6, 1870 Mrs. Sarah DAWSEY, a colored woman, dies, aged 113 years.
Nov. 6, 1870 A.P. CRITTENDEN dies from the effect of the wound received on the 3rd. inst.
Nov. 7, 1870 Joseph TAYLOR dies from poison.
Nvo. 16, 1870 Eli ALEXANDER, a veteran of Waterloo, dies.
Nov. 17, 1870 Wm. T. BRITTAN commits suicide.
Nov. 22, 1870 Captain Pierre CARPIE, dies from injuries received from a horse.
Nov. 25, 1870 Peter O'CONNOR accidentally killed while digging a well.
Nov. 28, 1870 Robert EVANS killed by Isaac E. BROKAW.
Nov. 28, 1870 J.B. CHEVALLIER, an esteemed citizen and teacher of languages, dies.
Nov. 30, 1870 Timothy LORD dies suddenly at Cliff House.
Dec. 3, 1870 Captain Frank B. LAS CASAS, a pioneer Californian, dies, aged 40 years.
Dec. 5, 1870 M. DeSENLES, a native of France found dead in his bed.
Dec. 5, 1870 George O'CONNOR sentenced to the State Prison for ten years for killing Edward MEYERS.
Dec. 5, 1870 Patrick SULLIVAN falls overboard from the ship Prima Donna, and is drowned.

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