Part of the Charles Herbert Crookson Collection
from the San Francisco Municipal Report

Thank you to Charles Herbert Crooksen for his donation of this data

Engine Company No. 15 - 2114 California Street
A. IMBRIE    Chief Engineer
Frank LERMAN    Driver
Timothy O'BRIEN    Fireman
Patrick BARRY    Foreman
Fred WHITAKER    Assistant Foreman
James KOOPMAN    Hoseman
Thomas R. WALSH    Hoseman
J.J. MORAN    Hoseman
Edward J. MORAN    Hoseman
M.E. WORMUTH    Hoseman
George F. BROWN    Hoseman
Eugene McINTYRE    Hoseman
Engine Company No. 16 - 1009 Tennessee Street
Thomas MURPHY    Engineer
John T. CRUMMEY    Driver
M.E. GRAY    Fireman
Patrick McCORMICK    Foreman
Michael BROWN    Assistant Foreman
Patrick NOONE    Hoseman
E.R. DOUGHERTY    Hoseman
William MOORE    Hoseman
Hans ESKERSEN    Hoseman
Dennis TOOMEY    Hoseman
Garrett WELCH    Hoseman
Constantine McCALL    Hoseman
Engine Company No. 17 - 34 Mint Avenue
William H. KERRIGAN    Engineer
Claude BROWNELL    Driver
F. McCLUSKEY    Fireman
John DOHERTY    Foreman
Thomas ATKINSON    Assistant Foreman
T. MULDOWNEY    Hoseman
Wm. O'FARRELL    Hoseman
Joseph HAYDEN    Hoseman
William NICHOLSON    Hoseman
John CONROY    Hoseman
J.J. CALLEN    Hoseman
Charles CULLEN    Hoseman
Engine Company No. 18 - 317 Duncan Street
D. McLAUGHLIN    Engineer
Charles THONEY    Driver
Charles MACDONALD    Fireman
James RILEY    Foreman
Daniel MURPHY    Assistant Foreman
Henry SPECKMAN    Hoseman
Wm. CROWHALL    Hoseman
John McCARTHY    Hoseman
Robert STRAHLE    Hoseman
Thos. MURPHY    Hoseman
John REIMERS    Hoseman
Thomas P. JONES    Hoseman
Engine Company No. 19 - 1421 Market Street
S.P. OPPENHEIM    Engineer
Daniel FARREN    Driver
Charls BRYAN    Fireman
Henry F. HORN    Foreman
John MATHESON    Assistant Foreman
William CONNORS    Hoseman
Joseph ZAMMITT    Hoseman
Wm. SMITH    Hoseman
William MULCAHY    Hoseman
Joseph O'BRIEN    Hoseman
Patrick HENIKER    Hoseman
Engine Company No. 20 - 2117 Filbert Street
Frank CROCKETT    Engineer
William MATHESON    Driver
James J. TYRRELL    Fireman
Henry SCHMIDT    Foreman
Patrick CANTY    Assistant Foreman
John DEVLIN    Hoseman
Richard COSGROVE    Hoseman
George CLEMENT    Hoseman
P.J. CREEDE    Hoseman
J.J. KELLY    Hoseman
John GAVIN    Hoseman
John FITZPATRICK    Hoseman
Engine Company No. 21 - 1152 Oak Street
Henry SMITH    Engineer
Joseph CULLY    Driver
H.H. SMITH    Fireman
John FAY    Foreman
Joseph RODGERS    Assistant Foreman
Daniel COONEY    Hoseman
Chas. F. O'BYRNE    Hoseman
James FEENEY    Hoseman
James FITZGERALD    Hoseman
J.F. MEACHAM    Hoseman
Henry MONSEESE    Hoseman
Charles COCHRAN    Hoseman
Engine Company No. 22 - 1819 Post Street
F.S. HALL    Engineer
M.J. O'CONNOR    Driver
James H. STROUD    Fireman
J.R. MITCHELL    Foreman
Thomas COLLINS    Assistant Foreman
Robert JONES    Hoseman
William TAYLOR    Hoseman
James WALSH    Hoseman
John CLEMENTS    Hoseman
Theodore YEAZELL    Hoseman
Edward McDERMOTT    Hoseman
John McDONALD    Hoseman
Engine Company No. 23 - 3022 Washington Street
Charles HEWITT    Engineer
J.J. McCARTHY    Driver
E.P. BRENNAN    Fireman
James GRADY    Foreman
James LAYDEN    Assistant Foreman
George McDONALD    Hoseman
James KELLY    Hoseman
A.W. HALLETT    Hoseman
John MURPHY    Hoseman
William H. THOMAS    Hoseman
W.J. SHIELDS    Hoseman
William F. CURRAN    Hoseman
Engine Company No. 24 - 449 Douglass Street
Chas. A. RICE    Engineer
William O'CONNOR    Driver
M.J. O'CONNELL    Fireman
Edward SKELLY    Foreman
Eugene McCORMICK    Assistant Foreman
B.S. WILSON    Hoseman
Geo. W. KAMPS    Hoseman
James TUITE    Hoseman
Fred J. POPE    Hoseman
John ARATA    Hoseman
Thomas E. BROWN    Hoseman
Edward TOLAND    Hoseman
Engine Company No. 29 - 1305 Bryant Street
John BARRY    Engineer
Thomas HART    Driver
James McTIERNAN    Fireman
William BYRNE    Foreman
Thomas J. BEANS    Assistant Foreman
Frank SULLIVAN    Hoseman
John MURPHY    Hoseman
Frank SPELLMAN    Hoseman
J.J. QUINN    Hoseman
John SWEENEY    Hoseman
James FLOOD    Hoseman
Joseph WALES    Hoseman
Engine Company No. 30 - 1737 Waller Street
Milton MORGAN    Engineer
John LITTLE    Driver
Eugene CRUMMEY    Fireman
David K. SEWELL    Foreman
John FIGUERA    Assistant Foreman
W.A. COOK    Hoseman
Edward KELLEHER    Hoseman
George S. MANNING    Hoseman
George LYNCH    Hoseman
Jeremiah MAHONEY    Hoseman
John ENRIGHT    Hoseman
William JORDAN    Hoseman
Engine Company No. 31 - 1214 Pacific Street
William T. WELCH    Engineer
John CAHILL    Driver
John FITZSIMMONS    Fireman
Thomas CANTY    Foreman
Thomas HARDY    Assistant Foreman
William MURRAY    Hoseman
M.J. O'BRIEN    Hoseman
Martin BURNS    Hoseman
Joseph F. SHAUGHNESSY    Hoseman
James MATHEWS    Hoseman
Charles O'MALLEY    Hoseman
Maurice HIGGINS    Hoseman
Engine Company No. 32 - 3050 Seventeenth Street
F.H. SHARON    Engineer
John BLYTHE    Driver
William BLACKMORE    Fireman
Arthur WELCH    Foreman
Daniel J. KELLY    Assistant Foreman
John R. THOMPSON    Hoseman
J.J. McCARTHY    Hoseman
Howard MARDEN    Hoseman
Michael O'NEIL    Hoseman
Joseph LEE    Hoseman
David CASEY    Hoseman
George W. LAHNSEN    Hoseman
Engine Company No. 33 - 117 Broad Street
James MASON    Engineer
Jerry McNAMARA    Driver
George EWING    Fireman
R.T. BROWN    Foreman
George COOK    Assistant Foreman
William D. MURPHY    Hoseman
Frank McDONALD    Hoseman
James C. FARLEY    Hoseman
John CAULLY    Hoseman
John V. CONNIFF    Hoseman
Eugene H. CASSERLY    Hoseman
George F. McAFEE    Hoseman
Engine Company No. 34 - 1119 Ellis Street
Louis KIEHL    Engineer
Samuel NELSON    Driver
James BUCKLEY    Fireman
Henry MITCHELL    Foreman
George FARLEY    Assistant Foreman
Albert LEAF    Hoseman
M. HANNAN    Hoseman
Harry NEWMAN    Hoseman
William EVERSON    Hoseman
W.P. CONLIN    Hoseman
Frank QUINN    Hoseman
J.F. QUINLAN    Hoseman

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