Part of the Charles Herbert Crookson Collection
Deaths in the Harbor Receiving Hospital
from the 1897-1898 San Francisco Municipal Report

Thank you to Charles Herbert Crooksen for his donation of this data

[Page 30-37]
July 5, 1897 James GRAHAM Lombard street Steuart and Folsom sts Epilepsy
July 16, 1897 Michael DUNN Townsend street Steamer Doric Fracture of skull
July 17, 1897 Chas. EMERSON 629 Clay street same place Cebadilla poisoning
July 23, 1897 Geo. T. BROWN 903 1/2 Valencia street Dupont street Brought in dead
July 28, 1897 Edw. OLSEN Vallejo and Mason Steamer Tiburon Internal injuries
Aug. 3, 1897 T.B. FERGUSON Unknown Powell street Gunshot wound in head
Sept. 24, 1897 John Doe CROWLEY Unknown California Street Station Brought in dead
Oct. 16, 1897 G.D. GARTHORNE Oakland 228 Front street Gunshot wound in head
Nov. 3, 1897 Edward O'BRIEN Unknown Howard Wharf No. 1 Brought in dead
Nov. 15, 1897 James FANNING Unknown Kearny street Stab wound in neck
Nov. 18, 1897 John GODSEL Unknown Sacramento street Morphine poisoning
Nov. 20, 1897 John DOE Unknown 533 Sacramento street Morphine poisoning
Nov. 29, 1897 D.E. YOUNG 95 Steuart street Pier Saloon Brought in dead
Dec. 9, 1897 John DOE Unknown 856 Howard street Morphine poisoning
Dec. 25, 1897 John DOE Unknown Harbor Police Station Brought in dead
Dec. 28, 1897 M. TORRE 215 Broadway Same place Fracture of skull
Dec. 31, 1897 Rosa CONNEFF Unknown Jackson and Kearny Brought in dead
Jan. 10, 1898 Edw. E. LOW Steamer Alex Duncan Same place Epilepsy
Jan. 10, 1898 Mary DUFFY 321 1/2 Broadway Same place Carbolic acid poisoning
Jan. 26, 1898 Robert JOHNSON Kearny and California sts Same place Gunshot wounds
Feb. 2, 1898 Captain John LEE 3426 Twenty-second st Alpha House Morphine poisoning
Feb. 2, 1898 Wm. BRITTON Unknown California Streeet Station Brought in dead
Feb. 12, 1898 Nellie ANDERSON 17B Hinckley alley Same place Carbolic acid poisoning
Feb. 14, 1898 Fannie (Chinawoman) 614 Pacific street Same place Brought in dead
Feb. 22, 1898 John Doe SHUBERT Unknown 28 Sacramento street Cyanide of potassium
Feb. 28, 1898 J.P. GOUTH Sixth and Harrison Arizona Warehouse Fracture of skull
March 28, 1898 John DOE (Chinaman) Dupont and Washington Dupont and Washington Brought in dead
April 4, 1898 Mary ANTIPPA 80 Jessie street Same place Gunshot wound in head
April 13, 1898 John DOE Unknown Kearny and Pacific Brought in dead
May 14, 1898 John GIBBONS 261 First street Pacific Mall Dock Brought in dead
May 31, 1898 E. HAYDEN 411 Fourth street Third and Kearny sts Internal injuries
June 3, 1898 Gus FORSTMAN Schooner Louise Third and Berry sts Fracture of skull
June 15, 1898 John DOE Unknown Mission Wharf No. 1 Submersion
June 18, 1898 Henry MAGINI Unknown Ferry Depot Brought in dead
Thirty-four (34) deaths for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1898.

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