San Francisco History

Green Oak Cemetery

Dates of Existence: 1850 to unknown
Location: between Market & Mission, 7th & 8th streets
Number interred: unknown
Moved to: unknown
"Green Oak Cemetery We notice by an advertisment in another column that an opportunity is at length offered to deposit the remains of a friend or relation in other place than "Potter's Field." A few gentleman have devoted a very pretty mount of about three acres, covered with evergreen oak, to this purpose and have fixed their charges at such reasonable rates as to meet the views of all requiring their attention."

Source: Daily Alta California, 4 January 1850.

"GREEN-OAK CEMETERY On Mission and Price streets, near Mission road. Individuals or Churches desirous to obtain lots, will please apply immediately to CHARLES W. CORNELL, undertaker, Sacramento st., Agent for the Company. Besides the usual ornaments there will be placed at each corner of the cemetery a cenotaphic tower, to be used upon extraordinary occasions, as the death of a president, governor, or other distinguished man."

Source: Daily Alta California, 4 January 1850. 


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