San Francisco History

1910 City Street Guide

(now Anza), from First Av bet Geary and Balboa, W to the ocean, for nos. see Clement
Cross Sts. N. S.
Arguello Boulevard 2 1
Second Avenue 100 101
Third Avenue 200 201
Fourth Avenue 300 301
Fifth Avenue 400 401
Sixth Avenue 500 501
Seventh Avenue 600 601
Eighth Avenue 700 701
Ninth Avenue 800 801
Tenth Avenue 900 901
Eleventh Avenue 1000 1001
Twelfth Avenue 1100 1101
A South (now Alvord)
Abbey, from N S Seventeenth bet Dolores and Church
Aberdeen (closed), W of San Bruno Av nr County Line
Academy, from Fairmount nr Chenry, S to Charles
Acadia (Sunnyside), from Circular Av nr San Jose Av N to pt nr Mangels Av
Acme Alley, from Seward nr Douglass, S W to Grand View Av
Acorn Alley, from W s Leavenworth bet California and Sacramento
Acton (West End Homestead), from Mission nr County Line
Ada Alley (now Amity Alley), from Ada Court nr O'Farrell
Ada Court, from N s O'Farrell bet Leavenworth and Hyde
Adair, from W s Howard bet Fifteenth and Sixteenth W to Capp
Adaline (Glen Park Terrace), from Diamond S E to Moreland
Adam (Bernal Heights), from Army bet San Bruno Av and Holladay Av, S to Eve
Addison, from Bemis W to Castro
Ade Alley, from N s Jackson bet Stockton and Powell
Adela, E of San Bruno Av nr Islais Creek
Adelaide Place, from W s Taylor bet Geary and Post
Adler, from E s Columbus Av bet Pacific and Broadway, W to Grant Av
Agate Alley, from N s Post bet Taylor and Jones
Ahler's Court, S s Filbert bet Buchanan and Webster
Aileen, off Larkin nr O'Farrell
Aileen Avenue (now Street), from N s Fifteenth bet Guerrero and Dolores
Alabama, from Division bet Florida and Harrison S to Esmeralda Av
Cross Sts. W. E.
Division 2 1
Alameda 100 101
Fifteenth 200 201
Sixteenth 300 301
Seventeenth 400 401
Mariposa 500 501
Eighteenth 600 601
Nineteenth 700 701
Twentieth 800 801
Twenty-first 900 901
Twenty-second 1000 1001
Twenty-third 1100 1101
Twenty-fourth 1200 1201
Twenty-fifth 1300 1301
Twenty-sixth 1400 1401
Army 1500 1501
Precita Avenue 1600 1601
Montcalm 1701
Norwich 1700
Ripley 1800 1801
Esmeralda Avenue (e) (e)
Aladdin Terrace, from E s Taylor bet Union and Filbert
Alameda, from the bay W to Harrison
Alamo Square, bet Steiner, Scott, Hayes and Fulton
Alaska (South S. F.), from the bay S to Indin Basin
Alaska Place, from W s Mason bet Bay and North Point
Albany, from Flint W to Masonic Av
Albert (closed), W of San Bruno Av nr County Line
Albert Alley (now Alert Alley), from W s Dolores bet Fifteenth and Sixteenth
Alberta (Reis Tract), between Ervine and Severance from Campbell Av N to Wilde
Albion, from S s Fifteenth bet Valencia and Guerrero, S to Seventeenth
Alcatraz (late Chase), from Islais Creek S to Hecker
Alder (Reis Tract), from Ankeny S to Harkness Av
Alder Alley (now Ames)
Aldine (now Golden Gate Av), from North Stanyan bet Turk and McAllister, to Willard North
Aldrich Alley, from W s New Montgomery bet Jessie and Mission W to Annie
Alemany (now Abbey)
Alemany Avenue (Academy Tract), N W of Mission, from Fingley S W
Alert Alley, from W s Dolores bet Fifteenth and Sixteenth
Alexander Avenue (Crocker Bay Shore Tract), from San Bruno Av E and N E to Nueva Av
Alger Place, from E s First bet Harrison and Bryant
Algeria (South S. F.), see Eighteenth Av South
Alice, from S s Folsom bet Third and Fourth
Alice Alley, see Agate Alley
Alleghany (South S.F.), see Arthur Av
Allen (now Eastman), W s Hyde bet Union and Filbert
Allison, from Mission nr County Line
Alma, from Belvedere nr Grattan, W to Stanyan
Alms House Road, from Corbett Av nr Stanford Heights Av, N W to Dewey Boulevard opposite Alms House
Alpha (Reis Tract), west of San Bruno, north to Wilde
Alpine (late Emma), from point N of Duboce Av W of Castro, S to Fourteenth
Alta, from W s Sansome bet Union and Filbert to point W of Montgomery
Alta Alley (now Acme), Seward nr Douglass, S W to Grand View Av
Alta Plaza, bet Steiner, Scott, Clay and Jackson
Alta Vista, from N s Vallejo bet Mason and Taylor
Altamont, (Clarendon Heights), from junction Lincoln and St. Germain Avs S
Alvarado, from W s San Jose Av bet Twenty-second and Twenty-third, W to View Av
Cross Sts.
San Jose Avenue
Hoffman Avenue
Grand View Avenue
Alvord, from Evans Av S W to County Line
Amador (South S. F.), from the bay S of Islais to Arthur Av
Amazon Avenue (Excelsior Homestead), from Mission nr County Line
Ames, from S s Twenty-First bet Guerrero and Fair Oaks, S to Twenty-third
Amherst (University Homestead), from S s Silver Av bet Princeton and Yale
Amity Alley, from Ada Court nr O'Farrell
Anderson (Bernal Heights), from S s Esmeralda Av bet Ellsworth and Moultrie
Andover (Bernal Heights), from S s Esmeralda Av W of Moultrie
Angelica, from S Nineteenth bet Valencia and Guerrero
Ankeny (Reis Tract) from Cowden E to Sparta
Ankeny Place (now Anson), E s Powell bet Sutter and Bush
Anna Lane (now Glasgow), N s Eddy bet Powell and Mason, N to Ellis
Annie, from S s Market bet New Montgomery and Third, S E to Mission
Anthony, from point nr Jessie bet Ecker and Second, S E to Mission
Anton, off Cleary from Josephine to Presido Av
Antonio, from W s Jones bet Ellis and 0'Farrell
Anza, from Arguello Blvd bet Geary and Balboa, for nos. see Clement
Apollo (Silver Terrace), from Thornton Av S to Williams Av
Appleton Avenue, from Mission S of Cortland Av, S E to Holly Park Circle
Arago, N W of San Jose Av from Paulding, S W to Havelock
Arbor (Fairmount Tract), from Diamond to Sussex
Arch (City Land Association Tract), W of San Jose Av nr County Line
Argent Alley, from Grand View Av N of Twenty third, W to Corbett Av
Argentine (South S. F.), see Forty-third Av South
Arguello Boulevard, from Presidio preservation S to Parnassus Av, for nos. see Nineteenth Av
Arizona (South S. F.), from the bay, S to India Basin
Arkansas, from Sixteenth bet Connecticut and Wisconsin, S to Tulare
Arleta Avenue (Reis Tract) bet Teddy and Raymond Avs, from San Bruno Av, W to Fay
Arlington (Fairmount Tract), from Charles bet Mission and Chenery, S W to pt W of Natick
Arlington Avenue (now Ashton Av, Lake View), from Lake View Av W of Jules Av, N to Ocean Av
Armstrong Avenue, from Water Front, N W to Williams Av
Army, from the bay S of Twenty-sixth, W to Fowler Av
Cross Sts. N. S.
Illinois 900 901
Kentucky 1000 1001
Tennessee 1100 1101
Minnesota 1200 1201
Indiana 1300 1301
Iowa 1400 1401
Pennsylvania 1500 1501
Mississippi 1600 1601
Texas 1700 1701
Missouri 1800 1801
Connecticut 1900 1901
Arkansas 2000 2001
Wisconsin 2100 2101
Carolina 2200 2201
DeHaro 2300 2301
Rhode Island 2400 2401
Kansas 2500 2501
Vermont 2600 2601
San Bruno Avenue 2700 2701
Arms St North
Holladay Avenue 2801
York 2900
Precita Avenue 2901
Florida 3000 3001
Harrison 3100 3101
Folsom 3200 3201
Mission 3400 3401
Valencia 3500 3501
San Jose Avenue 3600 3601
Guerrero 3700 3701
Dolores 3800 3801
Church 3900 3901
Sanchez 4000 4001
Noe 4100 4101
Castro 4200 4201
Diamond 4300 4301
Douglass 4400 4401
Arsenius, E of San Bruno Av nr Islais Creek
Arthur Avenue, from Water Front N W to Islais Creek
Ash Avenue (now Street), from W Larkin bet Fulton and McAllister, W to Buchanan
Cross Sts. N. S.
Larkin 2 1
Polk 100 101
Van Ness Avenue 200 201
Franklin (c) (c)
Gough (c) (c)
Octavia 500 501
Laguna 600 601
Buchanan (e) (e)
Ashburton Place, from E s Grant Av bet Post and Sutter
Ashbury, from Fulton bet Masonic Av and Clayton, S to Corbett Av
Cross Sts. E. W.
Fulton 2 1
Grove 100 101
Hayes 200 201
Fell (c) (c)
Oak 400 401
Page 500 501
Haight 600 601
Waller 700 701
Frederick 800 801
Piedmont (e)
Congress (e)
Sixteenth 1000 1001
Clayton (e)
Ashton Avenue (Lake View), from Lake View Av W of Jules Av, N to Ocean Av
Astor, W of San Bruno Av nr County Line
Athens (Excelsior Homestead), from Madison to Amazon
Atlas, from Octavia bet Francisco and Bay to Laguna
Auburn, from N s Jackson bet Mason and Taylor, N to Pacific
August Alley, from N s Green bet Powell and Mason, N to Union
Augusta, from E s San Bruno Av nr Silver Av
Austin Avenue (now Street), from W s Larkin bet Bush and Pine, W to Octavia
Cross Sts. N. S.
Larkin 2 1
Polk 100 101
Van Ness Avenue 200 201
Franklin 300 301
Gough 400 401
Octavia (e) (e)
Automobile Boulevard, from Ocean Av S nr Ingleside Race Track
Avalon Avenue (Excelsior Homestead,  formerly Japan Av), from Lisbon bet China and Peru Ave
Avery, from N s Geary bet Fillmore and Steiner, N to Post
Avoca, from Burnett Av bet Thirty-first and Thirty-second
Azores (South S. F.), see Twenty-ninth Av South
Aztec (Bernal Heights), from Coso Av E to Shotwell

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