San Francisco History

Cliff House Improvements

Improvements at Point Lobos.

The Cliff House, always too small to adequately accomodate the public, is being completely metamorphosed and enlarged to about three times its original capacity. Two wings, each considerably wider than the original house, have been added and are fast approaching completion. The space between these wings, outside of the old structure, will be devoted to an open platform in front, with seats for those who wish to enjoy the sunlight and avoid the wind; and on the seaward side will form a very broad verandah, so arranged as to readily be turned into a dancing hall in a few minutes when required. The south wing, which runs out to the very edge of the crag, at the foot of which the sea is ever breaking with an incessant moan, will contain the ladies' parlor and accessories; and in the north wing wil be a bar-room, reading-room, restaurant, card room, and other conveniences for gentlemen's use, while the old building will be cut up into minor rooms for the accommodation of parties, etc. These improvements will make the place far more desirable as a popular resort than it has ever been before.

Source: Daily Alta California. 26 April 1868. 1.


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