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The Human Magnets


Whose Phenomal Powers Are Like Unto
the Gift of the Apostolic Ages.

At Metropolitan Hall, One Week, Commencing

Giving a Grand and Graphic Portrayal of the Power of Vital
Magnetism and Its Startling Results in Healing the Afflicted.

The Eminent Medical Specialist,
Will long receive the praises of the suffering public for introducing these Wonder-
ful Twins.
The Sick and Suffering to Be Treated FREE Upon the Stage.

Never before in the history of California has such a noble, charitable and magnanimous offer been placed before the sick and suffering as that which to-day emanates from the Pacific Coast Medical and Magnetic Institute. With the twofold purpose in view of alleviating suffering humanity and to quickly introduce the latest dicovery and most scientific method in the treatment of all chronic diseases, thereby affording an opportunity to see and judge for themselves relative to the unquestionable efficacy of magnetism as the one great healing power of the universe, the management makes the unprecendeted offer to treat all who are sick ABSOLUTELY FREE at Metropolitan Hall for one week, commencing THURSDAY NIGHT, August 22.

The Human Magnets
The Human Magnets, Karl and Forest

There was a day when magnetism as a curative agent was doubted, but that day has passed. The Human Magnets have perfected too many remarkable cures that cannot be disputed. They have been witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people throughout Europe and this country. They possess a power too strange to define, too mysterious to fathom, too miraculous to comprehend, too wonderful to explain, too remarkable to conceive. Their public demonstrations of healing the sick are the most glorious and awe-inspiring of all triumphs in medical research. The audience becomes fairly bewildered as they witness the almost instantaneous healing of chronic cases that have been pronounced incurable and given up by the medical profession. No pen or  words can deseribe [sic] such an exhibition of soul-stirring events. It is worth going miles to see.

The Human Magnets are without a peer in their professon; they are the acknowledged leaders and exponents of Magnetism, not only in this country, but in all Europe, daily generating, as they do, eight times more of the vital fluid than any other known  Magnetist. A power so strong and subtle in its effects that they cure the most difficult and malignant types of chronic disease often by a single treatment, which for years had baffled the best medical experts.

By this marvelous power and gift of healing, combined with their famous Magnetized remedies, they have cured the deaf, blind and lame and all diseases of the
throat, lungs, heart, liver and kidneys and nervous system, vitalizing and driving all impurities from the blood. They are especially successful in all forms of paralysis, rheumatism, epilepsy, dropsy, diabetes, Bright's disease, tumors and cancers, the stomach and wombsurpassing anything ever attempted or conceived of the healing art.

Professor W.F. Hall
The Expert Lecturer on Magnetism.

Accompanying the pubic demonstration on Magnetic Healing are the following series of private lectures delivered by Professor Hall, the eminent lecturer, which are not only interesting, but highly instructive to both sexes:

THURSDAY NIGHT, August 22General Lecture to Both Sexes. Subject: "The Human MagnetsTheir Power and From Whence It Came."
FRIDAY MATINEE, August 23Private Lecture to Ladies only. Subject: "Suffering Woman and Her Heroic Fortitude to Endure."
FRIDAY NIGHT, August 23Private Lecture to Gentlemen only. Subject: "Our Disobedience of Nature's Laws."

Saturday morning, August 24th—From 10 to 11 A. M. and every morning the following week from 10 to 11 a free public demonstration will be given at Metropolitan Hall, showing the power of vital magnetism in the cure of chronic disease, at which time the DEAF, BLIND, LAME, PARALYTIC, AND RHEUMATIC will be treated free upon the stage.


The Pacific Coast Magnetic Institute is permanently located at 930 Market street, entrance at Baldwin Hotel annex, rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14, where all those who are able and willing to pay for private treatment may call any day except Sunday from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. and obtain consultation, examination and advice free of all expense, and if curable may take the treatment if they so desire. Prices are within the reach of all.

Source: The San Francisco Call, Wednesday, August 21, 1895, page 9.


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