San Francisco History

Evening High School Class


An Evening High School Class to Be Inaugurated at the Business School on Monday.

There are many of the working boys and girls of the City who would avail themselves of the opportunity to get the advantages of the high school work if they only knew that there was a school where they could get the advantages of a high school training in the evening.

Last year a high school class was organized at the Business Evening School, corner of Bush and Stockton streets, and advanced instruction was given in some of the high school branches. It is proposed to continue that class this year, and to offer courses in English, history of the United States, Government of the United States, algebra, Latin and geometry.

The class is free to any boy or girl of this City who is prevented from pursuing the higher branches of the day school, and who can give satisfactory evidence of having completed the course in a grammar school.

Source: San Francisco Call, 01 August 1896, page 9.


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