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Sarah Dix Hamlin School

Girl's College 32 Years Old

Sarah Dix Hamlin Opens Another Term; Motto Emphasizes Policies

With a record of thirty-two years of successful achievement, the Sarah Dix Hamlin School for Girls, located on Pacific avenue, in the Western addition of San Francisco, has become one of the leading institutions of its kind in the West, and has fully maintained the standards emphasized through its motto, "Semper plus Ultra."

Four departments are maintainedhigh school with a post-graduate course, intermediate, primary and French school for little children. The high school prepares girls for college, and has always been accredited to the University of California and Stanford University as well as other colleges that accredit preparatory schools.

Both day and boarding pupils are accepted. The faculty is large and fully covers all the courses offered. The student activities are conducted by the different classes under the supervision of the teachers, with every attention to proper instruction in handling such affairs.

The school has a long list of prominent alumnae, many of whom live in San Francisco and keep in constant touch with the school, while many are sending their daughters to the "old school."

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 8 August 1926, page 4SC.


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