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Blyth Firm Anniversary

Blyth Firm Celebrates Anniversary.

The investment banking firm of Blyth & Company yesterday celebrated the 35th anniversary of its founding in San Francisco.

In recent years the company has been among the first 10 investment banking houses and the leading underwriter for all the large financing operations in the country.

Founders of the firm were Charles R. Blyth, president-founder, George Leib, now in charge of the New York office; Roy L. Shurtleff, resident vice president in San Francisco, and Dean Witter, who later formed his own firm.

Blyth & Company is the only firm of its kind which has grown from West to East. The first expansion movement was in 1916, when the Los Angeles office was opened. In time the firm established branches in New York, Chicago, Seattle and Portland and now has 25 offices and branches in major cities of the Nation.

Blyth has a long record of public service, including chairmanship of the San Francisco chapter of the San Francisco War Chest, chairman of the Victory Fund Committee of Northern California, and a member of the national sponsoring committee of the USO during World War II.

Recently he was appointed California chairman of the American Cancer Society's educational and fund raising drive now in progress.

In addition to Shurtleff, vice presidents in San Francisco are A. E. Ponting, B. S. Kampert, Bernard W. Ford and John Inglis.

Representatives of the major offices will gater at the Mount Diablo Country Club on Friday and Saturday in honor of the firm's anniversary.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 19 April 1949, page 20.


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