San Francisco History

South San Francisco
August 1849

THE CITY OF SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO—The undersigned beg leave to inform the public that a survey of the city of South San Francisco has just been completed, and a map of the city is now to be seen at the store of DeBoon, Townsend, & Co., on Clay st. The site is located on the bay of San Francisco, two miles southerly of the city of San Francisco, and in plain sight of the shipping in the harbor. The same depth of water found in the harbor of the city ofl San Francisco is to be found in the harbor of the city of South San Francisco, and along the bay between the two harbors. The harbor is more securely protected from the wind than the harbor of the city of San Francisco, and ships of the heaviest burden may lay lay within a boat's length of the land at many points, and quite close generally along the whole front of the city, affording the best facilities for discharging cargo. The land rises in a gentle sloop from the water, and is composed of a rich clay soil. There are extensive stone quarries, and springs of fine running water are found on the face of the hill in many places. The character of the soil always keeps the air free of dust, or sand. The surrounding scenery is highly picturesque, and a more pleasant place for residences, or a more convenient place for business is not to be found on the bay. A stream of the finest water in California, and sufficient in quantity to water both cities, and all the shipping that ever may lay in their harbors, forms the northern boundary of the city, and will be conducted into a reservoir for such purposes. The only practicable route for a good road from the city of San Francisco to San Jose, will pass through South San Francisco, crossing the mouth of Mission creek, and the mouth of the creek just alluded to. From San Francisco to San Jose and Monterey is one of the best natural roads in the world; and passing on this road from South San Francisco, you travel along a beautiful valley of hard grass land to the puerte-suelo, a distance less than two miles.

Persons desirous of seeing the city, will go out on the old Mission road, and will find the Mission about half-way. It is but a short ride: go out and sector yourselves,and if you wish to purchase lots, that will shortly equal in value those of the city of Sail Francisco, call on the subscribers, at the store of DeBoom, Townsend, & Co.


Source: Weekly Alta California, 23 August 1849, page 3.

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