Part of the Charles Herbert Crookson Collection
Abstracts from the
Public Administrator's Report
August 1, 1864
from the 1863-1864 San Francisco Municipal Report

Thank you to Charles Herbert Crooksen for his donation of this data

To the Honorable the Board of Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco:

     Gentlemen:  Herwith, I submit my Annual Report, for the year ending June 30, 1864, showing the Name of the Estate, Nativity of Deceased, Appraised value of the Estate, Personal Property, Real Property, Money Received, Money Disbursed, Balance on Hand, Fees of Administrator on the amount administered, Residence of Heirs, &c., and respectfully request that the same be published in the Municipal Report.

I remain respectfully,
J.W. BRUMAGIM, Public Administrator

Name of Estate Nativity of Deceased $ Value of Estate Residence of Heirs Page #
FRESCHI, Marie Louise Italy 2463.00 Italy 245
ANDERSON, Charles Sweden 1250.00 Gothenburg 246
CAROLAN, Patrick Ireland 1708.00 San Francisco-minor children 246
CARROLL, Dennis Ireland 4005.00 Wm. CARROLL, Hazelwood, Ireland 246
OLIVER, Henry M. Maine 10,000 247
BUTLER, Wm. J.H. Virginia 136.75 247
COSTALIN, Augustine Machet France 25.00 Paris, France, a daughter 247
CHRISTIANSEN, Claus Switzerland 58.00 247/248
THOMPSON, Robert Ohio 951.50 Washington, Gurnsey Co, OH 248
THEIS, Charles John Germany 3300.00 Germany-Marie THEIS 248
REYNOLDS, Peter Ireland 315.00 Ireland-father 249
NERAC, Elle[n?] France 1266.00 San Francisco-Adrien SEGIEL 249
TIGHE, John S. Ireland 2493.00 part in Ireland, part in Wisconsin 249
BARRETT, Sarah, alias et al England 2405.[52?] San Francisco 249/250
KING, A.J. unknown 5167.10 a sister-Long Island, NY 250
THOMAS, Thomas Ireland 14,951.03 Ireland-a daughter 250
REILLY, William R.O. 1050.00 New Orleans-wife 250/251
ROBB, Samuel 2545.00 mother-NH;  Mrs. C.M. ROBB, late of this city, now deceased 251
HOGBERG, Carl R. Germany 291.25 wife in this city 251
NEWLAND, E.F. New York 2300.00 Henry NEWLAND-Webster, Monroe Co, NY 251/252
POUJAL, Desiree 2500.00 South America-husband 252
DEADY, Charles Ireland 252
LERCARIE, Peter 750.00 brother-Joseph LERCARIE, Stockton 252/253
MAGRAUDER, Lloyd of Idahoe [sic.] New York 253
PRATT, Walter 571.00 253
WILLIS, James England 253
McCREADY, James Ireland a watch Ireland, County Down 253
SMITH, Mary B. 253/254
ESFELD, Francis Germany claim against estate of SCHAFFER wife and child in this city 254
NELSON, Charles M. Helsignborg, Sweden Helsingborg, Sweden 254
HEMPSILL, William unknown 49.33 Ireland-mother 254
BLOOMER, John Othmar Switzerland 101.70 255
CLIFFORD, Clara, alias S.M. CARGAL 255
HUGHES, Patrick Ireland 46.75 John HUGHES-father-Kilbray Parish, County Down, Ireland 255
DAVIS, John unknown 175.35 Australia 255
LYNCH, Catharine New York not yet appraised New York-two sisters 256
FLANAGAN, Thomas Ireland not appraised New York-a sister 256
JONES, Thomas New York not appraised San Francisco 256
McLAUGHLIN, James Ireland not appraised San Francisco 256/257
GORMAN, John Ireland not appraised part in Ireland, part in New Orleans 257
MULLER, G.A. Germany not appriased Washington, District of Columbia 257
FOUQUE, Gaspard Toussaint France not appraised Paris, France-wife and child 257
   The above List of Estates comprised all the property which I have received, up to and including June 30, 1864.
   As a large portion of the Estates are still unsettled, the amount of the Administrator's Fees cannot be stated, but the same will be, on final settlement, four per cent, upon the amount administered in each Estate.
   All of which is respectfully submitted,
J.W. BRUMAGIM, Public Administrator

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Contributed by Charles Herbert Crooksen