Part of the Charles Herbert Crookson Collection
Report of the Commissioners
of the
Police Relief and Pension Fund
from the 1896-1897 San Francisco Municipal Report

Thank you to Charles Herbert Crooksen for his donation of this data

To the Honorable the Board of Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco --
      Gentlemen:  In compliance with Resolution No. 16,412 (third Series), of your Honorable Board, we herewith submit the annual report of the Police Relief and Pension Fund Commissioners, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1897.

[Page 472-474]
CROWLEY, Patrick (Retired April 7, 1897) Chief 573.62
DOUGLASS, William Y. Captain 888.00
SHORT, John (Died June 23, 1897) Captain 870.63
STONE, Appleton W. Captain 888.00
HENSLEY, William D. Sergeant 738.00
MELODY, Joseph Sergeant 738.00
SHARP, Abraham Sergeant 738.00
COLES, William L. Sergeant 738.00
HARMAN, George S. Sergeant 738.00
THOMPSON, Gideon Sergeant 738.00
COHRN, Edward Sergeant 738.00
DOLAN, John D. Corporal 690.00
LERMAN, Jacob Corporal 690.00
GARDENIER, Henry Patrol 600.00
BEATTY, John Patrol 600.00
McDONOUGH, Patrick Patrol 600.00
COCHRAN, James H. Patrol 600.00
TYNER, William Patrol 600.00
BIRCH, William Patrol 600.00
CLINTON, George Patrol 600.00
POMEROY, Sheldon Patrol 600.00
FLANNERY, Michael Patrol 600.00
DUFF, Thomas Patrol 600.00
CURTIS, George W. Patrol 600.00
KAVANAGH, James H. Patrol 600.00
McMAHON, Francis C.  Patrol 600.00
SCHROEDER, John Patrol 600.00
BRADRICK, Isaac Patrol 600.00
POWERS, John Patrol 600.00
DICKINSON, Charles H. Patrol 600.00
GILLESPIE, Thomas Patrol 600.00
BRIGAERTS, Joseph H. Patrol 600.00
HAROLD, James Patrol 600.00
GALLAGHER, James L. Patrol 600.00
ASHER, Alexander B. Patrol 600.00
HORRIGAN, Eugene Patrol 293.33
SMITH, James (Died April 7, 1897) Patrol 155.00
DORAN, William (Died July 10, 1897) Patrol 16.67
MICHAELS, Amelia, widow 400.00
HEALEY, Henry S. (services as Clerk) 300.00
CULLEN, Mary E. and Paul A., executors of the Estate of William CULLEN, deceased (Under provisions of Section 7) 1000.00
RILEY, Nannie, guardian of Staunislaus and Aloysius RILEY, minor children of James J. RILEY, deceased (Under provisions of Section7) 1000.00
HAGERTY, Mary and DOYLE, Katie, executrices fo the estate of Henry F. ROSKAMP, deceased (Under provisions of Section 7) 1000.00
MAHONEY, Bridget, widow of J.A. MAHONEY (Under provisions of Section 7) 1000.00
MOORE, Sarah L, and WHITE, Elizabeth J., executrices of the estate John M. FITZGIBBON, deceased (Under provisions of Section 7) 1000.00
MORAN, J.F., Property Clerk, for moneys advanced for clerk's fees in the United States Circuit Court for filing demurrers, etc., cases by Alfred CLARK against Board of Police Pension Fund Commissioners 600.00
TOTALS 29,731.25
I.W. LEES, Secretary.
Robert J. TOBIN, President.

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