San Francisco Genealogy
Boys High School, San Francisco
Class of May 1886

Thank you to Janet Anderson for her donation of this data

Source:  Centennial Edition   Red and Black  1856--1956
Published by Lowell High School Student Association, San Francisco, California, Volume 83, June 1956

John Q. Adams
Francis C. Bailey
William D. Ball
Nicholas Beatty
J. R. B. Bockman
Charles J. Bonnell
Duncan J. Cargy
Robert T. Caughlan
George S. Corbell
Charles A. Deane
Lyle A. Dickey
Frank W. Doughty
Alexander Fletcher
Walter F. Grier
T. Byron Harker
M. L. Haskin
Philip Hyde
Albert F. Incell
James J. Lawler
Isidor S. Leszynsky
William A. Meyer
Daniel A. Peck
Giuseppe Peixotto
Archie R. Pierce
Hermann I. Proshold
Benjamin F. Rideout
W. A. Rowell
Guy R. Sanchez
Joseph Sheldon
Solomon B. Siceman
Josiah P. Stokes
Frank T. Swett
Samuel N. Walter
Mark H. Weaver
Jacob S. Weil
Robert Emmet Welsh
George Willes
Lawrence F. Wilson
Norman L. Wilson
Samuel S. Woods, Jr.
John Worley
Fred O. Zimmerman

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