San Francisco Genealogy
Boys High School, San Francisco
1856  -  1875

Source:  Centennial Edition   Red and Black  1856--1956
Published by Lowell High School Student Association, San Francisco, California, Volume 83, June 1956

Thank you to Janet Anderson for her donation of this data

Holmes, Ellis H., Principal;  Nat. Sci., 1856-1864
Minns, George W., Anciet Languages, 1856
Parks, Miss Anna C., Lower Division, 1856
Hewes, Mrs. M. C., English Branches, 1856-1861
Hansen, George D., French; German, 1859-1861
Clapp, Mrs. Lily A., Literature, 1861-1864
Bradley, Theodore, Mathematics, 1864
Bunnell, George W., Ancient Languages, 1864
Minns, George W., Principal, 1864-65
Bradley, Theodore, Principal, 1865-1875
Leonard, Thomas C., Mathematics, 1865-68
Atwood, Mrs. C. L., Belles-Lettres, 1865-1871
Pioda, Paul, Belles-Lettres, 1865-1868
Mann, Azra L., Ancient Languages, 1866
Sibley, John M., English Branches, 1867
Winn, Abel T., Science, 1868
Rowell, William K., Classics, 1868
Howell, S.S., Mathematics, 1870-1875
Levy, Daniel, French and German, 1872
White, William, Mathematics, 1873
Carlton, H.P., 1873-1874
Herbst, Prof., Modern Languages 1869-1871

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