California Collegiate Institute
Class of 1866
Source: San Francisco Evening Bulletin, 01 June 1866, page 3.

Commencement of the California Collegiate Institute.

It speaks well for the interest felt in the cause of education by the citizens of San Francisco, when an audience like that which assembled at Platt's Hall last evening can be drawn, together to witness the commencement exercises of one of the private schools of the city. The California Collegiate Institute, under the charge of Miss Lammond, is a select school for young ladies, and although comparatively young, has already acquired a reputation for  its thorough course of study and the careful training of its pupils, such as few schools on the Pacific coast possess. The commencement exercises last evening were well calculated to enhance its reputation with all who witnessed them. The programme embraced an opening song by the whole school, selections from Trovatore, by Miss Clara Pensam, essay on "Agriculture," by Miss Eudora Tolles; a duett [sic] from Martha, by Miss Tolles and Miss Annie Bolinger; Farewell, a song, by Miss Bolinger; a duett by Miss Stanford and Miss Marina Villarino; the Angel's Serenade, by the whole school, etc. The musical part of the programme was performed under the direction of Professor Butler, and both essays and music were rendered in a manner reflecting the highest honor upon the pupils.

At the close of the exercises Rt. Rev. T. Scott presented, on behalf of Miss Lammond, medals to two of the pupils distinguished for correct department—one, a gold medal, to Miss Eudora Tolles; and the other, a silver medal, to Miss Mary Dumas. The presentation was accomplished by appropriate remarks.

R.t Rev. Bishop Kip then conferred the diplomas upon the graduating class, prefacing the act with a well-timed speech, in which he spoke of the pleasant associations of the school-day life to which the young ladies were now about to bid farewell, and of the duties and responsibilities that would devolve upon them on their entrance into the active life of the world. He exhorted them to bear in mind constantly the principles that had been inculcated by their teachers, and to so conduct themselves as to be a blessing to the circles in which they move. Diplomas were then presented to Miss Mary E. STANFORD, Miss Eudora TOLLES, and Miss Annie BOLINGER.

The exercises closed with a song, entitled Daylight closes round us.

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