Source:  CHIPS MCMXXVIII, Volume 28, Published by The Associated Students, College of Physicians and Surgeons, a School of Dentisty
San Francisco, California, 1928
Thank you to Gloria Wiegner-Lane for contributing this list.

R.H. WALKER - President
L.A. SHELTON - Vice-President
L.R. MUSSER - Representative
W.W. GREENLAW - Representative
R.I. GOAD - Treasurer
R.W. SIBBET - Secretary
L.D. LINN - Sergeant-at-Arms
ANDREWS, M. - San Luis Obispo, CA
ARENA, A.J. - Oakland, CA
ATKINSON, J.F. - San Francisco, CA
ATWOOD, T.G. - Placerville, CA
BOOTH, H.H. - Seattle, WA
BRASCH, F.O. - Oakland, CA
BRODKE, N.I. - Alameda, CA
BURG, D.W. - Los Angeles, CA
CRUZ, R.Y. - Guadalajara, Mexico
DAVIS, C.O. - Santa Rosa, CA
DELMAS, D.P. - San Francisco, CA
DIMOCK, O.D. - Redding, CA
FLINN, T.R. - San Francisco, CA
GARTER, S. - San Francisco, CA
GOAD, R.I. - Taft, CA
GREENLAW, W.W. - Oakland, CA
JENKINS, K.M. - San Francisco, CA
JENSEN, J.C. - San Francisco, CA
JONES, T.E. - San Francisco, CA
KEYES, R.H. - San Francisco, CA
KIRKISH, A.A. - Syria
KLEIN, P.A. - San Francisco, CA
LAPPIN, M.L. - Los Angeles, CA
LEONARD, F.J. - San Francisco, CA
LEWIS, T.M. - Placerville, CA
LINN, T.D. - Stockton, CA
McLAUGHLIN, W.R. - San Francisco, CA
MICHAELSON, J.G. - Los Angeles, CA
MIEGER, E.H. - Oakland, CA
MOLKENBUHR, C.L. - San Francisco, CA
MOORE, L.C. - Redding, CA
MORRISON, J.T. - Oakland, CA
MUSSER, L.R. - San Francisco, CA
NELSON, R.F. - Danbury, Conn.
NIELSON, C.M. - Berkeley, CA
NOFTE, M. - Oakland, CA
NORWALL, A.H. - San Francisco, CA
O'CONNOR, G.T. - San Francisco, CA
ORME, O.L. - Berkeley, CA
PASLIN, L.I. - San Francisco, CA
PAVLIGER, J.J. - Oakland, CA
PLANER, W.C. - Oakland, CA
PUTZKE, G.F. - San Francisco, CA
REMY, L.A. - San Rafael, CA
ROSENBLATT, A. - Oakland, CA
RYDER, R.T. - San Francisco, CA
SHELTON, L.A. - San Francisco, CA
SIBBET, R.W. - Oakland, CA
SMITH, C.R. - Redding, CA
SQUERI, L.R. - San Francisco, CA
STORZ, A.W. - San Francisco, CA
VICK, C.C. - San Francisco, CA
WALKER, R.H. - Redding, CA
WHITE, W.R. - Santa Cruz, CA
WOLFF, C.L. - Berkeley, CA

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