San Francisco Genealogy
Girls' High School, San Francisco
May 1866

Young Ladies' High School Commencement Exercises. . .
essays by the following named young ladies of the graduating class. . .

"Climate and its Effect on Character," by Susan M. Currier;
"From Nothing, Nothing is Made," Ellen M. Casebolt;
"Nations' Birthdays," Julia A. Hutton;
"Only a Pauper," Anita C. Ciprico;
"The Pen, the Pencil and the Harp," Clara W. Gerberding;
"Ou Vas Tus?," Alice C. Allen;
. . .the following girls had prepared essays, which lack of time precluded the reading before the audience:
"Free Schools," Susan M. Benjamin;
"The World a Scene of Strife," Mary E. Morgan;
"The Real and the Ideal," Naomi E. Hoy;
"We Live not to Ourselves Alone," Sallie Johnston;
"The mere Reading of Books cannot Educate a Man Truly," Caroline E. Younger;
"Silent Influences," Amie V. Lunt;
"The Golden Key that Unlocks the Human Heart," Mary E. Perkins; . . .

Source: Daily Alta California, San Francisco, 31 May 1866, page 1.

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