San Francisco Genealogy
Girls' High School, San Francisco
Senior Class and Faculty
December 1922

Electa THOMAS, President
Victoire PADILLA, Vice-President
Ruby LEFKOVITZ, Secretary
Sophie SCHAINMAN, Treasurer
Aileen PARKHILL, Yell Leader
Gloria COOKSLEY, Sergeant at Arms

(name, nickname, ambition)

Jocelyn BABBITT, Babbie, Lawyer.
Frances BARRY, Frank, Physics Teacher.
Azalia BLIVEN, Zale, Ziegfeld's Follies.
Beatrice BOYEN, Bee, Tea for Two.
Sybil BRADFORD, Ishka, Nurse.
Evelyn BURROUGHS, Eve, An Adam.
Lucille CHASE, Pat, To make better Beaded Bags.
Othella BURNER, Tillie, To stand in the spray of Niagara Falls.
Naomi CLOUSE, Na, President of the U.S.A.
Lily CHINN, Lil, To be more so.
Vivienne COLLINS, Viv, A Debutante.
Ruth COOK, Cookie, Pianist.
Gloria COOKSLEY, Babe, Somebody's Baby-Doll.
Sylvia CORNET, Syl, Prima Donna.
Catherine DAY, Kate, Good-bye Girls High.
Dorothy DEALEY, Dot, School Teacher.
Elvyra DE LUCA, Vyra, To Hear the Wedding Bells Ring.
Madolyn DOODY, Mad, A "Tillie the Toiler."
Fleurette DOWDELL, Dowdy, Picture in the paper.
Eloise FITCH, Jones, Honey-Moon.
Thomasine FLEISSNER, Thomy, To knock 'Em over.
Josephine FREEDMAN, Jo, Hollywood.
Emiline FONG, Em, To pass in Civies.
Thelma GLASER, Thel, Society Belle.
Minnie GOUGH, Min, Travel far across the sea.
Sally GRAY, Sal, To make herself heard.
Edna GUNSBERGER, Ed, To be a Mischa Elman.
Alice HIRSHBERG, Al, A worthy dancin' partner.
Iva HOLLIS, Ive, Architect.
Elfrieda IMOBERSTEG, El, Rule the Bar-Stalls.
Roma KAUFMANN, , A Good Time.
Audrey KELLY, Aud, To be heart-whole and fancy-free(!).
Katherine KENT, Kath, To push a perambulator.
Ruth KNUDSON, Ruthie, To tickle the Ivories.
Charlotte LAIRD, Charley, She doesn't know yet.
Ruth LEE, Ruth, She never told us.
Ruby LEFKOVITZ, Rube, Politician.
Beverly LEVINGSTON, Baa, Twins.
Pauline LEWIS, Paul, A big secret (?).
Eileen LYNCH, Bill, Denishawn.
Mary McCARTHY, Mac, To be popular with the Gentlemans.
Marion MEYER, Mar, To grow.
Marion MEYERFELD, Marion, Editor of Life.
Norma MILANI, Normie, College.
Marion MOORE, Blondie, The Usual One.
Avis NELSON, Avie, To be indispensable.
Viola OLSEN, Vi, To own a Diploma.
Florence O'NEILL, Shorty, Somebody's Stenog.
Victoire PADILLA, Vic, Geraldine Farrar II.
Aileen PARKHILL, Eye, Artist.
Norma PODESTA, Norm, Movie Actress.
Adelaide POOLE, Freckles, Theda II.
Dorothy PRENTICE, Dotty, U.C.
Maybelle REINECKE, Belle, To be Popular.
Yetta REUBIN, Etta, To grow big like Thelma.
Gladys ROBERTS, Glad, To Shine.
Delphine ROSENBLATT, Dellie, Stanford.
Virginia ROSSI, Ginny, Leave the rest of the world behind.
Carmel ROTHERMEL, Pettie, Cecil (?).
Elaine RYAN, 'laine, Carmel-by-the-Sea.
Sophie SCHAINMAN, Soph, To own some Armer-ous love.
Gertrude SHELD, Gert, Teach sewing.
Evelyn SPENCER, Ev, To teach the young.
Thelma TAIT, Thel, To Pass.
Electa THOMAS, Tommy, To become an M. D.
Eleanore THRONDSON, Dinty, Nurse.
Berenice VALENTE, Volont, To start something.
Marian VICTOR, Vicy, To change her name.
Thora WAHLIN, Thor, To create an effect.
Lois WALDRON, Lo, To be on timeonce.
Virginia WALKER, Gin, Noneso she says.
Lucy WEBB, Lu, Be an interviewer.
Helen WENTWORTH, Billie, Housewife.
Bertha WIDMER, Bertie, To develop a "finished" sarcasm.
Vanadine WILSON, Van, To catch a Sheik.

Dr. A. W. Scott, Principal
Miss Laura Daniel, Vice-Principal and Head of Mathematics Dept.
Miss Evelyn D. Armer, Head of English Department
Miss Sophia A. Hobe, Head of History Department
Mr. Edward J. Dupuy, Head of French Department
Miss Helene E. Rosenberg, Head of Physical Education Department

Mrs. Rose Baer, English, History
Mrs. Mildred Bickel, English, Mathematics
Miss Ruth Bliss, Mathematics, Cooking and Sewing
Miss Helen C. Bovard, Mathematics
Miss Edith Browning, English
Miss Ella Castelhun, History of Art; Mathematics
Mr. Martin A. Centner, Latin
Miss Lenora Clark, Physical Education
Miss Anna T. Cresalia, Spanish and Italian
Miss Margaret Dougherty, Science, Cooking
Miss Alma Eastin, History
Miss Helen Flynn, English
Miss Tillie Hesselberg, History
Miss Hattie H. Jacobs, English
Miss Marion A. Jones, Art
Miss Edith King, Science
Miss Ottilie Kohlberg, History
Miss Katherine Lahaney, Sewing
Miss Blanche Leviele, French
Miss Estelle Maloney, English
Miss Elizabeth McDermott, Art
Mrs. Mary McGlade, Music
Mr. Thomas A. McGlynn, Art
Miss Marie McKinley, Mathematics
Miss Mary Meehan, Commercial Work
Miss Emma L. Noonan, Mathematics
Mr. Lorenzo A. Offield, Science
Miss Helen Papen, Spanish
Miss Muriel Pettitt, Science, Cooking
Miss Edna Reeves, Science
Miss Helen Revoy, French
Miss Natalie E. Roth, English
Miss Isabel Sandy, History, Commercial
Miss Clara Stark, Latin
Miss Genevieve Sullivan, Sewing
Mrs. Laura H. Tharp, Physical Education
Miss Harriet Tabor, Sewing
Miss Emmelina De Th. Walker, Spanish, Italian
Mrs. Alice B. Wilson, Spanish, French

Miss Aida Ducato, Principal's Secretary


Elise HARRIS, June '21...
Helen HIRSH, June '21...Dr. Sanford STEIN.
Sylvia HORVITZ, June '22...

Elinor WOOD...Mr. John M. MacDONALD, Jr.
Doris WIRTNER, Dec '16...Mr. Harold McCANDLESS
Paula FRANKLIN, Dec '20...Mark GLASER

Mrs. WRIGHT (Marian HARPER, Dec '15)...a daughter
Mrs. CLAUSSEN (Gertrude McGOWAN), now a resident of Humboldt County...a third daughter

Ruth BOOLE, '22 is not attending Columbia...
Alice GIBSON, June '22 is President of the Student Body at the State Teacher's College...
Isabel CARTER is in the East attending Goucher College...
Leslie JACOBS, June '22 is attending the Dominican College in San Rafael...
Antoinette BEAN, Katherine SPENCER, Eugenie ROLPH, all of '22 are attending
the State Teacher's College...
Florence ARCHIBALD, June '21 is head stenographer in the Special Mail Order
Department of the Emporium...
Penelope BODEN, President of the Senior Class of Dec '18 was taken into the
Anthropology Honor Society at U.C.
Marian HARRON, June '20 is one of the two women admitted to Delta Sigma Phi,
the Men's Honor Debating Society at U.C.

Source: Girls' High Journal, San Francisco, California, December 1922.

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