San Francisco Genealogy
Girls' High School, San Francisco
Senior Class and Faculty
May 1904
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Viola Ahlers
Marjorie Buffington
Ediths Carew
Ada Conlin
Lilian B. Cotrel
Marian F. Cotrel
C. Couradt
Emma De Boom
Rosa M. Diehl
Ethel Dowling
Clarisse Duckett
Charlotte V. Estes
Nora Evans
Elizabeth Fitzgibbon
Ellie Flynn
Stella  Harman
Ethel L. Harris
Sadie G. Karsky
Alma Koepke
Edith Loewenthal
Ethel Lucy
Julia McCarthy
Hattie McPhun
Lillie A. Maskow
----- S. Merell
Gertrude Murphy
Ethel A. Northon
Bessie Olsomor
Carrie L. Parsons
Anita Rose
Edith E. Seale
Edith M. Snell
Edith K. Standart
Alma Blanche Tobin
Marguerite Topert
Monte Venus Webb
Grace Williams
Carrie M. Winter
Dorothy Wolfe
Hanna Wollenberg
Elsie Zeile

Elisha Brooks, Principal
George O. Mitchell, Head of Department of Science
Fidelia Jewett, Head of Department of Mathematics
Helen M. Thompson, Head of Department of English
Mary Prag, Head of Department of History
Franz M. Goldstein, Head of Department of Drawing
Clara M. Stark, Instructor in Latin and Greek
Caroline L. Hunt, Instructor in Biology
Eleanor M. Owens, Instructor in English
Kate Elliott, Instructor in History
Mary J. Mayborn, Instructor in History
Hattie L. Leszynsky, Instruction in Mathematics
Laura Daniel, Instructor in Chemistry
Elsie Bowman, Instructor in Latin and Greek
Adeline B. Croyland, Instructor in Latin
Sophie A. Hobe, Instructor in Mathematics
Edward J. Dupuy, Instructor in French
William Zimmerman, Instructor in German
Marian Michener, Instructor in Drawing

Francis B. Vail has been heard from Smyrna. . .London Archeological Society. . .en route for Athens and Constantiople.
Louise Levy, Xmas '04, was in Washington, D.C. . . .sails soon for several months in Europe.
Dr. Rachel Ash and Dr. Annie Lyle have returned. . .and are parcticing in this city.
Miss Mattie Spencer is pursuing her studies at Vassar.
...engagement ...of Jessie Burns, '02, and Horatio Stoll...
Gertrude Wheeler, '96, will go abroad soon to have her voice trained...
Miss Bessie Bunner, who has been in Paris for fiteenyears, has recently returned to Oakland...
Dr. Carrie Rosenberg is interne at the Children's Hospital. Rosamond Meherin, '99, and Thomas January...
Elsie Herman is at present teaching in Red Bluff.
Among others who have married during the past year are Pearl Haas and Annie Coulter.
Antoinette Guerney, 01, is still at Wellesley College.
Mrs. Messer, formelry Louise Holiday, daughter of Samuel Holiday, whose home is in London...visiting in San Francisco.
Jeanette Groeschel, '03, has announced her engagement to Albert Meyerfeld.
Edna Perkins, '01, is still in Honolulu...
The engagement of Clara Sawyer to Edward Bishop was announced Easter Sunday.
Irene Muzzy, '03, is studying at a French school in Geneva.
Mrs. Shute, formerly hattie Hodgdon, is at present in Athens.
Another recent engagement is that of Helen Bennett, '02, and Chester Smith.
Natalie now studying to be a trained nurse...
Evelyn Hackett, '02, was married to William Beach during the past year.
Miss Esther Rosencrantz, '04, will complete her medical studies at...John Hopkins.
Anna Blake, '03, is very much interested in the study of journalism.
Alma Bergland was recently married to George Winchester.
Emilia Zabaldano, '05, will sail for a summer tour through Europe...
Rose Drucker, '03, is at present training at Mt. Zion Hospital.
Linda Bachman, '02, is still in Paris.

Source: Girl's High School Journal, May 1904.

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