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The announcement of the engagement of Ruth Bloch to Francis Knorp was of great, interest to Girls High. Ruth was of the class of December, '24, and after graduation attended Mills.

In the honor student list issued by the University of California are included the names of eighty-one San Franciscans. Of the eighty-one, thirty were girls, and best of all, sixteen were from Girls High. They were: Doris Asplund, Marian B. Bloch, Claire Blumlein, Clarice Friedlander, Madelein Goldsmith, Shirley Nolan, Helene Park­inson, Dorothy Teagar, Elizabeth Howlett, Avis Wickens, Esther Belli, Marie Bloch, Helen Mersing, Rachel Staley, Evelyn Trauner and Helen Wade.

As delegate from the Girls Friendly Society, Margaret Hammond, of December, '26, is leaving for Boston for a short stay to attend a convention of girls of the Society from all parts of the United States.

Florence Lowry and Robena Dexter of December, '26, are the only two girls at  Cal. who are majoring in agriculture. Well, they say there is nothing like being different.

Not so very long ago, Orta Helbing and Alice Phillips, both of December, '24, returned from a trip to Europe together. Now Alice has resumed her studies at Cal., while Orta has enrolled in Wellesley.

Alice Bacigalupi of June, '27, evidently has hopes of conquering the business world, for she has recently entered Miss Miller's School.

Can you imagine Vida Setencich of June, '24, as a teacher? Shall we say poor or lucky children?

If we could only all get a graduation present like Jean Hamilton's. Jean is traveling in Europe for being such a good little girl in high school.

"What would we do without physical education?" asks John Burroughs Junior High. Don't we know, though?

Source: Girls High Mirror, Vol. XII, San Francisco, November 16, 1927, No. 3, page 4.

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