San Francisco Genealogy
Lowell High School, San Francisco
Class of December 1901

Source:  Centennial Edition   Red and Black  1856--1956

Published by Lowell High School Student Association, San Francisco, California, Volume 83, June 1956
Thank you to Janet Anderson for her donation of this data

Emma Theresa Banks
Paul Bovard
Mabel Burke
Monte F. Dernham
Minnie M. Ellerv
Carolyn Fowle
Harry M. Hall
Joseph Lucey
Margaret McKennie
Thomas J. O'Neal
Bessie Patton
Howard H. Salz
Milton H. Salz
Helen Sinsheimer
John Skerrett
Luella M. Somerville
George K. Tanigoshi
Henery F. Ungewitter 
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