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March 1905

Edith Beard, '02, is at present a Freshman at U.C.. She has been made a member of the La Solano House Club.

Wm. Cobb, Dec. '03, is to spend a few months in the city before going on another supervising expedition

Helene Hofinghoff, '00, was selected to play the part of a Japanese girl in the Mikado, recently produced at Berkeley.

Nina Foulk, '01, is a Senior at U. C. in the College of Letters.

Harlow Hamilton, '03, has left for Siskiyou county, where he has accepted a position with the McCloud Lumber Co.

Cecilia Harnett, '00, is a city substitute.

Aubrey Lieb, '00, is employed by the Royal Fire Insurance Company.

Ruby Loveland, '03, is attending Heald's Business College.

Claire Pedlar, '02, has been sleected to play the part of Dame Kitely in Ben Jonson's "Every Man in His Humor."

Arthur Thode, '02, has been made a member of the U. C. Pistol Club. This Club has been newly organized and promises to do some good work in sharp shooting. Mr. Thode has also made the place of second lieutenant of the U. S. Cadets.

Maude Wentworth is at present teaching in Oakland.

Jerome White, '00, President of the Alumni, while attending Hastings, is reading law at the offices of Heller and Bower.

Aber Weister has been made Captain of the U. C. Cadets.

Henry Schul, '02, has entered the College of Commerce at U. C.

Rogert Woodward, Dec., '02, has returned from West Point and re-entered Berkeley.

On the evening of February 21st, the Alumni gave a most delightful entertainment and dance at Hinman's Hall. The program was excellently arranged and the affair surpassed all other Alumni undertakings. Indeed the hall was so crowded, it could well have been larger. Enough praise, however, cannot be tendered the executive committee. Several selections were rendered by members of the U. C. Glee Club. "Hybris, the Cretan," sung by Mr. Herbert Hidden, showed this gentleman's voice to good advantage.

Of special interest was "Why We Are Yet Unmarried," a dialogue in which nearly all the classes of the Alumni were represented. The following took part:

Gertrude Brennan, '04
Edna Willcox, Dec '01
Lottie Kilgore, '01
Helen Macaulay, Dec '03
Margie Niderost, '01
Anita Eldredge, Dec 01
Vesta Parker, '03
Elmer Ingrim, '00
Jerome White, '00
Hans Graff, Dec '00
Ernest Leeds, '03
George Bennett, Dec '03
Andrew Branagan, '03
Ed Graff, Dec '00

Source: The Mission, March 1905.

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