San Francisco Genealogy
Mission High School
Graduates and Faculty
June 1911

Thank you to Rosemary Penna U'Ren for her donation of this data.

Dickson Gabriel Bell
Gustaf K. F. Burghgren
Mary Cecilia Coleman
Edith V. Coombs
Alice Clare Cooney
Irene Catherine Cox
William Edward Dooling
Frederic Howard Elliott
Olive Ferns
Gertrude J. Fry
Caroline Elizabeth Gibson
Ernest James Gorman
Shirley Lee Ora Gray
Lucinda L. Hall
MM. Evelyn Hannay
Alice May Hayes
William T. Henn
Alfred Holtermann
Anna Marie Horn
Clara M. Imberg
William Wallace Jacka
Ynez V. Johnson
Anita Caroline Junck
Evelyn M. Kearney
Gladys Mae Kreamer
Florence Adelle Kripp
Robert Emmet Lally
Charlotte A. Manning
Georgia Edna McKinley
George Wesley Middleton
Ruth Evelyn Mohr
Grace Marjorie Morton
Timothy Edward Murphy
Alzire Nelson
Florence L. Obermeyer
Roscoe C. Olds
Lucy Berenice Onyon
Richard C. M. Page
Thorwald Austin Peterson
Emily Excelsior Pfeifer
Jeannette L. Quast
Alice Claire Reilly
Jay T. Schlinger
Elmina M Schuster
Ethel M. Sears
Mary B. Sperisen
Marguerite M. Toel
Teresa L. Turner
Evangeline L. Tveitmoe
Clara Lorena Walsh
Claribel West
Margaret Irene Whelan

Mr. Joseph O’Connor, Principal
Miss Mary E. Donnelley, Head of the English Department
Miss Minnie Maher, English
Miss Ella Castelhun, English
Miss Augusta G. Kelly, Head of the Mathematics Department
Miss M. E. A. Gray, Mathematics
Dr. Milton E. Blanchard, Head of the Department of Ancient Languages
Mrs. E. C. Harrison, Head of the Department of Modern Languages
Miss Adrienne Cerf, Latin and French
Miss M. C. Dowling, Spanish
Miss Ada Goldsmith, Head of History Department
Miss Eugenie Lacoste, History
Mr. W. O. Smith, Head of the Science Department
Mr. A. D. Downey, Chemistry and Biology
Miss N. K. Kendrick, Stenography and Typing
Mr. R. L. Durham, Bookkeeping and Typing
Mr. C. L. Turner, Head of the Drawing Department
Mrs. Marion Dal Piaz, Drawing
Mrs. Laura H. Tharp, Physical Culture
Mrs Amy W. Deane, Singing

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