and Alumni Notes
December 1907
Source:  The Mission Graduate, Volume Three
Published by the Students of Mission High School, San Francisco, California, December 1907

Joseph O'CONNOR, Principal
Miss Mary E. DONNELLY, Vice-Principal
Miss Ada GOLDSMITH, Head of Department of History
Dr. Milton E. BLANCHARD, Head of Department of Classics
Miss Rose RYAN, Head of Department of Mathematics
Mr. Walter O. SMITH, Head of Department of Science
Mr. Paul A. GARIN, Head of Department of Drawing
Miss Augusta G. KELLY, Mathematics
Miss Elizabeth M. GRAHAM, English
Miss Adrienne CERF, French and Latin
Miss Engenie Lacoste, History
Miss Marion MICHENER, Drawing
Miss Elsie BOWMAN, Latin and English
Miss Mabel G. WING, German
Mr. A.D. DOWNEY, CHemistry, Biology and Physiography

Gordon SPROUL, President
Mae BERTSCH, Vice President
Jack WATKINS, Treasurer
Josephine MURRAY, Secretary
THomas SPELLMAN, Sergeant-at-Arms


Scientific Course.  Secretary of the Board of Managers of "The Mission '07; President of the Board of Managers of "The Mission" '07; Advertising Agent '07; Josh Editor of "The Mission" '07; Reception Committee Senior Dance '07; Class Vice-President '07; Senior Farce; Baseball Team.

Classical Course.  Arrangement Committee for Senior Farce; Vice-President Senior Class '07; Mission High Boating Club.

Neoma H. CHECK
Classical Course.  BOard of Managers of "The Mission" '04 and '05; Associate Editor of "The Mission" '05 and '07;  Author of Class Constitution; Senior Dance Committee '07.

Percy COHN
Scientific Course.  Football '05 and '07; Class Basketball '05; Track '05 and '07; Manager of Track Team '07; Assistant Business Manaager of "The Mission" '07; CLass Treasurer '07; Reception Committee Senior Dance, '07 Senior Farce; Personal Sketch

Scientific Course.

George Edmund FANNING
Scientific Course.  Board of Managers of "The Mission" '05; Class President '06; Member of Pin Committee, '07; Chairman Class Day Committee '07; Business Manager of "The Mission" '07; Baseball Team.

Harriet HANSEN
Scientific Course

Latin-Scientific Course.  Board of Managers of "The Mission"; Associate Editor '07; Reception Committee Senior Dance; Class Records; Mission High Boating Club.

Scientific Course.

Josephine MURRAY
Latin-Scientific Course.  Class Secretary '07.

Latin-Scientific Course, Baketball; Board of Managers of "The Missin": '07; Member of Farce Committee; Secretary of the Board of Managers; Class Historian

Carrie M. SHORT
Scientific Course.  Board of Managers '04 and '05; Class Vice-President '06; Class Secretary '07; Senior Dance Committee '07; Advertising Agent for "The Mission"; Mission High Boating Club; Chairman Farce Committee; Exchange Editor of "The Mission."

Scientific Coursse

Scientific Course.  Manager Class Football Team '04; Member of the Board of Managers of "The Mission" '04 and '06; Subscription Manager of "The Mission" '07; Sergeant-at-Arms '06 and '07; Member of Pin Committee '07; Chairman of Senior Dance Committee '07; Senior Farce; Personals.

Classical Course.  Class President, June-December '07; Editor of "The Mission" '07; Associate Editor of "The Mission"; Class Secretary '06; Floor Manager of the Christmas Naughty Seven Dance; Josh Editor of "The Mission" '07; Senior Farce; President of the Board of Managers of "The Mission" '07; Advertising Agent of "The Mission" '04 and '05; Member of the Board of Managers of "The Mission" '04 and Constitutional Committee '06; Track; Football.

Scientific Course.

Scientific Course.  Class Treasurer '07; Class Record '07; Track, Football and Baseball Teams '07.

Edgar FISHER, '05, is with the Mission Bank.
Seymour TRUMAN and Dwight CLARK are with the Union Trust Company.
Roy PEMBERTON is on the varsity football team of Stanford.
Cyril PEMBERTON is on the second football team of Stanford.
Frank LORIGAN, 'ex-'01 is at Hastings Law College.
Henry HAGEMAN, '01, is a graduate of Hastings Law College.
William CONNOLLY is with the California Bank.
Norman MORGAN is at Cooper's Medical College.
Miss Elice BOROUGH, '06, is at Stanford.
John and Robert LEGGETT are studying Dentistry.
Miss Helen SAXE is at the San Jose Normal School.
Miss Jessamine ANDERSON is studying Stenography.
Miss Eleanor MEHERIN is on a leave of absence from U.C.
Wilfred SOBEY is at Stanford.
Edgar DOWNING, '06, is at Medical College.
Miss Lillian ANDERSON and Miss Vella NORBERG are teaching in Northern California.
Walter CASTLEHUN is at U.C.
Miss Frances COHN, Chr. '06 and Mr. Sigmund KOHN were married on September 22nd.  They are making their home in Ogden, Utah.
George ZIMMERMAN is taking a sepcial course at U.C.
Miss Flora BAGLEY is with the Southern Pacific Company.
Mervyn DOWD, Reuben IRVINE, Miss Edith CELLA, and Miss Clara McLAURIN, all of '07, are at U.C.
Miss Emma BAZET, '07, is at Stanford.
Howard SWIFT and Edward PROST are at U.C.
Miss Edith JONES, ex-'07, is at Hopkins' Art School.
Haaver GROSS is in business with his father.
Miss Vivienne PIERCE, '05, is a stenographer.
Miss Fannie ROBINSON, ex-'07, became the wife of Richard WULZEN on November 28, 1907.
Emerson READ is at Hastings Law College.
Paul ST. JOHN, '01, is a civil engineer in Arizona.
Sherwood TAFFENDER is in China.
Mrs. EBRICK, nee Miss Mabel CRAIG, is living in Piedmont.
Miss Una CRAIG is living in Haywards.
Miss Grace STURGES was recently married to Mr. HINTON.
Miss Mildred MOOT and Miss Edith CROSSETT are also among the recent brides.
Joseph PRITCHARD, '01, is practicing law, and is associated with the Hibernia Bank.

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