FALL 1931

Source: Polytechnic Journal, Volume 24, Number 2, Fall 1931
Published by the Journal Class of Polytechnic High School, San Francisco, California, December 1931.
Thank you to Nancy Katz for submitting this material, in memory of her mother, Bernice (Fross) Miller.


    Growing larger and stronger every year the Polytechnic Alumni Association has now a membership of approximately six hundred and seventy-six. Bruce WALE is president.

    Among those who are still keeping in contact with friends whom they have known all through their high school years and with whom they reminisce of the good times that they had within the walls of their Alma Mater are:

Bill KOEPFF, J31, the former business manager of the Journal, is now employed at the Reinhart Lumber Company and he intends to enter a chiropractic school soon.

Clair BROWN, D27, was elected president of his class at the College of the Pacific, where he entered as a freshman this year.

Aileen BRODERSON has just finished a very successful term as Worthy Adviser of the San Francisco Order of the Rainbow for Girls. She was preceded in this position by Anita BANZHAF, Now Mrs. Gerard McGAVRAN. Both Mr. and Mrs. McGAVRAN are former Polyites.

Carl KALASH, D29, plays violin solos over N.B.C. frequently and plays with the orchestra every day.

Dorothy STACK, D27, is the head of the service bureau at I. Magnin and Co.

Mrs. Ralph BARRENGER, nee Helen LYMAN, graduate of June, 31 has not as yet lost interest in the commercial world, and she is now attending the San Francisco Business College with the sincere hope of becoming an efficient secretary.

Jimmie WATTS, graduate of the class of J29, is now attending the Oregon State College. We remember Jimmie for his ability as a basketball and football player and also as a good student.

James O'DONNELL is now playing on the freshman squad at St. Mary's.

Dave MITCHELL, D30, has put in his last year with post graduate work and following the sea. Dave has made four trips to Central America on the United Fruit Liners, the "Saramacca" and the "Surname." He is planning to enter college this spring.

George CHALLIS, J31, is now attending the College of the Pacific. He is not only studying Journalism but is also on the second string football team.

Val LAMB, remembered as a wonderful cheer leader, is now working as a clerk at the Bethlehem Steamship Company and is attending Poly Evening High School.

Albert BUCHALL, J28, former crew and sea scout man is now working at Weeks, Howe and Emerson Company, ship chandlers and riggers.

Sidney TRAGER, D29, is attending State Teachers' College and is on the staff of the Bay Leaf.

Roger BUSCH, J26, is a junior partner in the Busch Manufacturing Company.

Ted KREIGER is attending the State Teachers' College and is making a name for himself on the football team.

Marie Schmitt, D26, having graduated from State Teachers' is now teaching a fourth grade at the Jean Parker School.

Virginia RUETHER, D28, is modeling at I. Magnin & Co.

James FERGUSON, D27, is working for the Taylor Advertising Co.

Ross PETERSON, J31, is working for his father on the Memorial Opera House. Last summer he had a trip around the world.

Claire PAULSEN, J31, is vice-president of the freshman class at. U.C.

Steve Moe, D29, is manager of the sports department at Moore's.

Frances CHRISTIANSEN, Marion CHRISTIANSEN, and Elaine JOHNSON of J31, are attending Munson's Business College.

Becky LIEBMAN is at Mac-Master Paine's secretarial school where she is prominent in school affairs. Among other things she wrote the school song.

Harold TOSO '23 is president of the San Francisco chapter of the Santa Clara Alumni Association.

Chester JUDAH '24 who has been serving as first officer on the Dollars steamship, "President Pierce," has been transferred to the new ship, the "President Coolidge." He went to Newport News to join the ship making his first trip overland across the United States, stopping at various points of interest.

Bob CASTBERG, D30, is in the accounting department at the Emporium, and attending night classes in business administration.

Ciwa GRIFFITHS, '28, has practically "run" the paper at State Teachers' ever since she has been there and is still doing it, helped along by younger sister, Hazel '30. Ciwa was also the editor of the annual last year.

Dorothy FRIEDORFF is majoring in physical education and biological science at State Teachers'. She has six periods of gym a day, but still finds time to do other things as well.

Douglas BURNETT, '26, is writing syndicated engineering news from the northwest for some engineering magazines.

Dave WOERNER, '27, and his wife, Ruth DEAN WOERNER, '28, are the proud parents of a baby boy born in October.


Daniel DIMMICK & Mildred STERN '30
Claude HARPER, '28 & Dorothy HARPER
Edward DELL'ORA & Ruth MURPHY '30
Melvin BRENNER & Jeanette AHRENS '27
Ernest LORENZINI '22 & Helen DIERKS '22
Joseph EASTWOOD, Jr. & LeMoine WRIGHT '25
Ralph BARRINGER & Helen LYMAN '31


Frank LANG & Florence BODE '31
Roger BUSCH '26 & Stasia WOLVERTON


Mrs.George C. JONES - President
James E. ADDICOTT - Honorary Vice-President
Judge George J. STEIGER - Vice-President
Mrs. Robert C. GRUBB - Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. L.F. McCOOL - Recording Secretary
Mrs. William KIRSCH - Financial Secretary
Mrs. R.B. SILVERSTEIN - Treasurer
Frank R. JACKSON - Auditor
Mrs. Hugh CARMICHAEL - Parliamentarian
Mrs. A.E. NELSON - Historian
Arthur R. SUTHERLAND - Faculty Adviser


    The Sea Scouts have done their part in putting Poly over the top. Fourteen of the cups reposing in the trophy case were won by them in various competitions. Much work has gone into the winning of those cups. The boys were on hand at Yacht Harbor every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning at six o'clock for crew practice. Besides this, every afternoon after school found some of the boys hard at work on the boat.

    Over the Labor Day holidays, the Scouts cruised to Marin Islands and Paradise Cove. On October 11, at the Northern California General Conference of Boy Scout Officials, two Poly boys were chosen as guards of honor.

    The Poly Boat, "Flying Cloud," has the first six quartermaster Sea Scouts to receive the Quartermaster's medal on the Pacific Coast. They are:

        Russell HANSCOM
        Fred MASSON
        Tom MILLS
        Robert OBRYAN
        Ward SHOAF
        Charles WEAVER

    Stange though it may seem, their purser, Phiip LUTZI, won the San Francisco championship for lariat throwing - a sailor cowboy.

    Another aspirant for fame is Fussell CHATARD who is the city champion knot tyer and rope splicer.

    Under Skipper Elmer W. (Andy) ANDERSON, the following boys served as term's officers:

        Robert OBRYAN - first mate
        Fred MASSON - second mate
        Jules MANDERE - yeoman
        Eugene CROCKER - assistant yeoman
        Philip LUTZI - purser
        Lloyd NEUBERT - signalman

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