Source: Polytechnic Journal, Volume 26, Number 2, Fall 1933
Published by the Journal Class of Polytechnic High School, San Francisco, California, Fall 1933.
Thank you to Nancy Katz for submitting this material, in memory of her mother, Bernice (Fross) Miller.

Among the marriages in this class are the following:
Norma WHITING and William ORTH
Steve MOE and Florence RENFREW
Eileen CALIHAN and Fred McAULEY
Florence DUNAND and John McGOWAN.

After graduating from U.C. with honors in engineering, Egor POPOFF received a graduate scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.

Jerome FRIEDMAN is a student at the San Francisco Institute of Accountacy.

Jimmy "Happy" WATTS is now a senior at Oregon U.

Ray CANETA is working for the Goodrich Tire Co.

Dick STRANDLUND is with the Shell Oil.

Val LAMB helps keep the Bethlehem shipbuilding yards going.

Bap BORDI is a salesman for the Continental Engraving Co.

Mildred SCHIVO retouches photographs at Barrow's studio in the daytime and is a cashier at the Uptown theater at night.

Every one who reads the papers knows that Franklin WALKER is plaing football for U.C.

Others of the class at the state university are Ciddie Ellen MUDD, Fred WEISS, and Howard KUCHLENZ.

At Stanford are Peter WEINBERGER, Kendal DAZEY, and Vlad TARANIK. The latter is a star performer on the college water polo team.

James LONG and Leon MORAND are at U.S.F.

Herman MEISTER is making his mark in football at St. Mary's.

Herbert VREELAND is employed by the Standard Accident Insurance Co.

William LECKY is at Hale Bros.

George STANLEY is selling insurance.

Henry DECIA drives a truck for his father.

Joe PURCELL also works for his dad.

Bob HAAS is in the office of the Daily News.

Norman KEATON is still with the Realsilk Co.

Fred and Willard PLOWMAN both work for Shell Oil. Fred is engaged to Genevieve McKEOWN.

Helen BERNARD won a table silver set for a sales talk that she prepared. In fact, it was so good that the company printed it and distributed it to their salesmen to show them how it ought to be done.

Clifford WALKER is attending coaching school with the hope of entering West Point next year.

Ellis COLTON, Nicholas POPOFF, Lloyd SWIFT and Walter WEBER are at U.C.

At Stanford are Don HANSON, Hugo CURTAZ, and Jack ROLLS. Don is pledged S.A.E.

Ken HARPER is playing football at U.S.F. His engagement to Jeanette EBERT has recently been announced.

Ray EVERDING is attending Lick-Wilmerding Junior College, while Fred TOBY is at Cogswell.

Walter FINK at San Mateo is planning to study medicine later on.

Bill GROSVENOR and Waldo BLUMBERG are leaders of their own orchestras.

Agnes KNOX is in New York dancing.

George McKENNA has been ill for several months, but he is better now and is looking forward to entering Stanford in the spring.

Virginia MEYER, Alma WOLFENDEN, Helen FARRIS and Kay GRAHAM are all with the Emporium. The latter has her own desk on the fifth floor.

Esther SCHMIDT is a bookkeeper at Haas Bros.

Florence WAITE is working in a nursery school.

Emil STRAESSLER works at Kirkland's grocery store.

Bruce NORTON does art advertising work for the Parkside theater.

Howard BRODIE is on the art staff of the Examiner.

Irving KOHNKE is in the printing business.

Tom STACK works for Columbia Steel.

Walter WHITEMAN has a limited commercial pilot's license.

Virginia SHERMAN and her brother Dick are going to a business school.

Josephine BROCKMAN and Marie SONNENTAG go to MacMaster-Paine's, Pauline WATT to Heald's, Aline BAUER takes a dental nursing course at Lux, Leona BOOMERSHINE is training at St. Mary's hospital.

Elva PRICE and Jack CORMODE were married on Oct. 27.

Bill MACKEY entered Cal. in August and is a member of Sigma Phi Sigma.

Don CRONIN, Gordon RICHARDS, and Melba O'CONNELL also help to uphold Poly at the state university.

Ray McELVAINE attends the Oakland Polytechnic College of Engineering.

Dalton HENDERSON and George FERRIS are at Stanford.

Fred SINCLAIR, Frank GLYNN, "Swede" GLENNEN, Milan KOVACHIK, James FERRIS, Marhsall WEST, Harry FRIEDLANDER, Neil KELLY and Peter SIDOROV are at U.S.F.

Lois HOXIE, Leonare and Birdeena GOWAN, and Jack CYKMAN are at State Teachers.

Hyacinth WEBSTER is learning the art of costume design from Lucien Labaudt.

Emma SIBAK attends a dressmaking school.

Don CONRAD is learning to be a broker.

Bob PETERS is with Shell Oil.

Fred BOSTOCK is in the sales department of the Zellerbach Paper Co.

Walter KAHL works in an insurance office.

Bill SLISSMAN "real estates" in the Richmond District.

Charlew WILLIAMS is an assistant in the display department at the Emporium.

Many of the girls are preparing to enter the business world by attending some of the business schools. Isabelle SHEEHAN, Mattie SCHMITT, and Dolores REILLY are at Lessman's.

Mary CONNOLLY, Irene OUELETTE, Agnes SORG, and Elaine PFISTER are at MacMaster-Paine's.

Evelyn MILLS, Emie DoANE, Evelyn JOHNSON, Eleanor SMITH at the Success Commercial Adademy.

Agnes MURRAY, Audrey DONALDSON and June PEARSON are at Miss MacAleer's.

Billie RIX and Mollie SMITH are learning beauty culture.

Frank NORMAN has joined his father and brothers in business.

Ray FLINT is with the Standard Oil.

Fred MILLETTE may be found at an oil station on Monterey Boulevard.

Elmer PETERSON works for Columbia Steel.

Cecelie GAMLEN lends atmosphere to the office of a rug company.

Dorothy HARKNESS has joined the Poly club at the Emporium.

Sally NEFF may be interview at Roos Bros.

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