Source: Polytechnic Journal, Volume 25, Number 1, Spring 1932
Published by the Journal Class of Polytechnic High School, San Francisco, California, Spring 1932.
Thank you to Nancy Katz for submitting this material, in memory of her mother, Bernice (Fross) Miller.

Just to keep you in touch with some of the thousands of graduates of Polytechnic, the Journal staff has gathered the following bits of information, not complete at all but suggestive of the many fields of activity into which your old friends have ventured.

First, a few ex-presidents claim our attention.

William GROSVENOR, Fall '31, is a man of leisure, aside from doing some musical work.

George GRAHAM, Fall '30, goes to San Mateo Junior College.

Ray QUIROLO, J '29, is attending San Francisco University where he is making good in track. At night he is head usher at El Rey Theatre. All that ought to keep Ray fairly busy.

Another ex-president, George OSOSKE, J '28, served in the same capacity at S.F.U. Last year.

Sava LIMNEOS, D '20, and Sid GOLDSTEIN, J '31, are also at S.F.U.

Anatoli MAIOROFF, valedictorian of June '31, is doing newspaper work at Chowchilla, Madera County.

His pal, Vlad TARANIK, of the same class, is a guard on the Stanford water polo team. We hear that he also goes abalone fishing. How about it, Vlad?

King HARRINGTON, J '31, who used to spend all his time in the art classes at Poly, is now at art school. He recently won a prize offered by Schwabacher-Frey Co.

The two MOES are busy. Pearl, D '31, is competing with two college graduates for a steady position at the Emporium. Steve, D '29, is in the sport shop at Moore's.

Gertrude CORNILS, D '31, is pursuing the thorny career toward efficiency in business affairs at the Munson School. The last time we saw her, her trial balance had come just the way a trial balance should. We may assume that they don't always do that.

Elaine JOHNSON, J '31, and Frances CHRISTIANSEN, J '31, are at the same school.

Frank WALKER, last term's football captain, is a student at Williams' Junior College in Berkeley. He plans to transfer to California as soon as possible.

Helen LYMAN, J '31, who married Ralph BARRINGER, J '30, soon after graduation, has a baby boy.

And Meredith JONES, J '29, and her husband, Carl BERMEL, D '27, have a daughter, Ann Elizabeth.

John IMWINKELREID, D '29, works at the Eureka Mills.

Vincent THEURIET, J '31, at one of the United Cigar Stores.

His brother, Leslie, is with the Western Union.

At the Bank of Italy is Leigh HUNT, J '30.

At the San Francisco Bank is Herbert BERNTHAL, D '28.

Peter WEINBERGER, D '31, works for the Johnson Oil Burner Co., but expects to enter U.C. in August.

Bob FEILING, J '31, is at Cal., while brother Bill, J '29, is at Marin Junior where he has broken an all-time record by winning four blocks in four different sports. He will go to Stanford next term.

Webster ALLEN, D '28, after going to State Teachers' for some time, is now the leader of a dance orchestra called the "Commandrians."

Ernest SPENCER, D '31, is learning the floral business from the Picetti Brothers.

Dormer PETERSON, J '29, was recently beaten by only one point for the city amateur golf championship.

George CHALLIS goes to the College of the Pacific at Stockton. He has been playing football and doing work on the college paper.

All the ALEXANDERS are busy. Alberta, D '31, is at State Teachers' learning to be a kindergarten teacher.  Virginia, D '31, is going to the Pacific Audit and System School. Ellen, J '28, is now a senior at State Teachers' while Evelyn, D '27, is a student at the French Hospital. We don't mean to imply that all these girls belong to the same family, only to the same name.

Winifred LODGE is working at I. Magnin's.

Ruth ANDERSON, at the Emporium.

Dorothy DOYLE, in the main Woolworth office.

Cecile BRAV and Esther GROSSMAN, at the City of Paris. All these girls belonged to the J '31 class.

Aileen BRODERSON, D '29, after serving as Past Worthy Advisor of the Rainbow Girls of San Francisco, has been chosen for a Grand Worthy office in the state organization. She has also been prominent at State Teachers'.

Warren HANDLEY, J '30, is running a service station at Eighth Avenue and Fulton Street.

Jack HOUSTON, J '31, is working in a Standard Oil station.

Fred PLOWMAN, J '31, is to be found in a Shell service station at Nineteenth Avenue and Lincoln Way.

Among the girls taking business courses are Margaret HUSBAND, J '31, at Miss Millers, and Christine ANDERSON, D '31, at the Saline-Johnstone School. Florence BRYANT, J '31, has just completed her course.

Babette LEVY and Elinor BUSACH, both of D '31, are at Lux.

Agnes KNOX, D '31, is dancing, and Dorothy West, 3 '31 is singing as engagements offer.

Virginia COONTZ, J '31, is looking forward to a journalistic career. Just now she is studying shorthand and is being coached for a position on the Chronicle.

At Lick are James WILLIAMS, taking five periods of chemistry. Herbert KALLMAN, studying pre-medical. George BILSTAD and Louis LOROWITZ, all of D '31.

Bill KOEPF, J '31, is studying to be a chiropractor.

Lawrence MORTIMER, valedictorian of the class of J '30, is now secretary of the Alumni Association.

Wiletta RAGLAND, J '30, has announced her engagement to Lawrence BURCH, also of J '30.

Joe PURCELL has gone into business with his father, who deals in automatic hot water boilers.

The alumni associations of Poly and Commerce staged a charity basket-ball game and dance on the night of April 8. Commerce won the game and was duly presented with the victor's cup by no less a personage than Governor ROLPH. The proceeds were divided between the P.T.A. organizations of the two schools.

A number of recent alumni came back to sing in the operetta "Lelawala" on May 20. Among them were Howard KURCHLENZ, D '31, Lee DAVENPORT, J '31, Norman KEATON, D '31, Bill LECKEY, D '31, and Elsie HART.

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