5th & 6th GRADES
Located at 24th Avenue between U & V Streets
San Francisco, California

Thank you to Nancy Hart Servin for this photograph and list of names.
Please fee free to contact her if you have any information on these students. Thank you!
She has donated the original photograph to the History Room of the San Francisco Public Library. Parkside School 1917

Row 1 - top row
Eileen Jileck, Mabel Donohue, Robert Siebert, Fred Cross, Charles Maggio, Winifred Wyllie, Gladys Crear

Row 2 - next down
Freda Maybach, Alice Hoffman, Murial Warburton, Edith Cross (Fred's brother), Curtis Maybach (Freda's brother), Ford Thornton, Esther Pihlgren (with birdcage)

Row 3 - next down
Marie Lamey, Myrtle Savage, Adeline Scobell, James Burke, Roger Shield

Row 4 - bottom
Olin Berry, Leslie Morie, Kathryn Ross, Wilma Kampe, Harry Stone

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