San Francisco Genealogy
San Francisco High School
Class of 1864

Source:  Centennial Edition   Red and Black  1856--1956
Published by Lowell High School Student Association, San Francisco, California, Volume 83, June 1956
Thank you to Janet Anderson for her donation of this data

Anna Barnard
Teresa Buckma
F. C. Burr
Agnes Chalmers
Fanny M. Cheney
Katie B. Childs
George M. Ciprico
Georgiana F. Cofran
Clara A. Cummings
Mary Goldsmith
W. Hale, Jr.
W. F. King
Mary F. Knowles
Louisa Morgan
Albertina Plummer
Philena S. Sawyer
Jane Smith
Charles S. Tilton
Margaret M. Wade
F. M. Wiley

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