Source: The Barrister June 1937
Published by San Francisco Law School, San Francisco, California, June 1937

Thomas J. Straub, President
Robert L. McWilliams, Vice-President
Hon. Alden Ames
David M. McKell
Robert Johnston - Secretary-Treasurer

Robert L. McWilliams - Instructor in Evidence
David M. McKell - Instructor in Torts and Corporations
John Selby - Instructor in Conflict of Laws
Arthur B. Dunne - Instructor in Introduction to the Study of the Common Law
Duncan Low - Instructor in Equity
Ben C. Duniway - Instructor in Property I, Persons and Domestic Relations, and Moot Court
Albert Brooks Cox - Instructor in Contracts and Property II
C. Coolidge Kreis - Instructor in Sales
Robert Littler - Instructor in Equity
I.M. Peckham - Instructor in Constitutional Law
Robert M. Ford - Instructor in Pleading and Practice
David M. McKell - Instructor in Torts
Justin M. Jacobs - Instructor in Negotiable Instruments
Robert E. Burns - Instructor in Introduction to Real and Personal Property and Furture Interests
William H. Brailsford, Jr. - Instructor in Introduction to Real and Personal Property and Legal Research
Sigvald Nielson - Instructor in Trusts and Taxation
William T. Paullin - Instructor in Common Law Pleading, Criminal Law, Agency, and Wills
Charles L. Barnard - Instructor in Suretyship and Mortgages
Grant H. Wren - Instructor in Bankruptcy

Miss Dorothy Walker
Robert Johnston
Charles Daglow


Marion B. LaFollette
Ted M. Norton
Rubert G. Crittenden
Daisy M. Schmidt
John F. Foley
Paul J. Parker
Frank Finn
Charles L. Bagby
Frank F. Burrows
Fredk. Dumans
J.K. Taylor

Frank Finn
M.K. Taylor
Frank F. Burrows
John F. Foley
Charles L. Bagby
Paul J. Parker
Rubert G. Crittenden
Daisy M. Schmidt
Ted M. Norton
Oscar C. Sponheim
Fredk. Dumans

Bruce M. Parks
A. Alan Rosenbaum
Elizabeth Gilbert
Harold H. Bates
Charles F. Flint
Milton T. Smith
Harry D. Richards
Hans Fath
Doughlas Quinlan
Kathryn G. Woodruff
J.E. Mills
Harlan Thomapson
John T. Williams
Maurice E. Strom
Norman Stiller
Dorothy Delrup
Victor W. Nielson
Frank L. Barrott
Lawrence L. Newby
Harry A. Jackson
Clare A. Cameron
Francis M. Passalacqua
Jay Pfotenhauer
Charles Garry
Richard D. Donahue
George M. Drake
Frank W. Adelstein
Elden C. Friel
Eugene A. Biglow
John F. Linehan
Peter Mannino
Irving H. Baum

Emile A. Lieutard
Paul M. Potts
Cas. A. Rogers
John E. Hennessy
Irving E. Sullivan
Geaorld R. Miller
Irene K. Applas
Melvin Moore
John Thacher, Jr.
Paul M. Thompson
Hartley R. Appleton
Peter J. Awnder
Willard G. Graham
Joseph R. Edmiston
Merle Love
John W. Keenan
Mardel Sweeney
Robert G. McMaster
Joseph Tricoli
Aubrey Estes
Reginald G. Hearn
Jay H. Taylor
Frank Kansagrad
Harry Brock

Frank B. Blum
William Pinney, Jr.
Reva Ziev
Marion M. Smith
David Lupescu
Harry K. Mayeda
Raymond W. White
Harold E. Bechtold
John C. Cassedy
William J. Steward
Donard V. Smith
Marian Young
Lloyd Yoder 
Richard C. Johnston
Van H. Pinney
Lloyd Wiseman
J. Hampton Hoge, Jr. 
Ray A. Johanson
Guernsey Carson
Elwood L. Quayle
Stephen Mana
Donald L. Avery
James Stevenson
Keith Delrup
Charles A. Brown
LeRoy Haley
Scott J. Warner
John F Gallen
Charles W. Craw
Antonio E. Gaetani
Al Matthews
Harold E. Song
Olaf K. Amdahl
Lewis S. Connell

Adams, Melbert M., '34, attorney-at-law, offices in the Humboldt Bank Building, San Francisco

Blum, Leon A., '14, attorney-at-law, offices in the Russ Building, San Francisco

Brewer, Julian D., '24, attorney-at-law, offices at 41 Sutter St, San Francisco

Brown, Harold C., '31, attorney-at-lawoffices at 1241 Russ Building, San Francisco

Carr, William, '32, Bank of America, 440 montgomery St, San Francisco

Chapman, J. Emmet, '32, attorney-at-law, offices at 1224 Hearst Building, San Francisco

Christensen, Wm. E., '23, with J.H. Kruse, lumber and hardward business, Twenty-third and Shotwell Sts, San Francisco

Collins, Waye M., '27, attorney-at-law, offices in the Mills Buildking, San Francisco

Covington, Daniel L. '24, legal Department, California State Automobile Association, 140 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco

Deasy, Frank T., '13, judge of the Superior Court, City and County of San Francisco, City Hall

Dewar, Frederick C., '30, attorney-at-law, offices at 369 Pine St, San Francisco

Dienstag, Edward B., '35, attorney-at-law, Suite 604, French-American Bank Building, San Francisco

Divine, Elliot R., '25, attorney-at-law, Lang Realty Company, 39 Sutter St, San Francisco

Donohue, Robert B., '23, member law firm of Donohue and Sumner, 703 Market St, San Francisco

DuVal, R.W., '17, cashier, San Francisco Examiner, Hearst Building, San Francisco

Falconer, Eric A., '29, attorney-at-law, offices at 433 California St, San Francisco

Finnell, Simpson, Jr., ' 31, attorney-at-law, offices at 1094 Mills Building, San Francisco

Garland, G.F., '22, Perishable Freight Traffic Department, Southern Pacific Company, 65 Market St, San Francisco

Garvey, Phil F., '34, attorney-at-law, offices at 705 Crocker Building, San Francisco

Gericke, Raymond C., '35, attorney-at-law, offices in the Central Bank Buildking, Oakland

Gilson, Donald F., '32, Loan Department, American Trust Company, 1 Grant Ave, San Francisco

Gold, Leon E., '32, attorney-at-law, offices at 1650 Russ Building, San Francisco

Haskell, A.V., '26, Deputy Clerk of the Supreme Court at San Francisco, offices in State Building

Henderson, Harry G., '23, attorney-at-law, offices in the deYoung Building, San Francisco

Hummel, Lloyd, '26, attorney-at-law, offices at 625 Market St, San Francisco

Lahanier, William A., '30, attorney-at-law, offices in the Hearst Building, San Francisco

Lauricella, Felix, '34, attorney-at-law, offices in the Russ Building, San Francisco

McKell, David McC., '22, attorney-at-law, 68 Post St, San Francisco. Instructor, San Franicsco Law School

Meinbhold, William, '24, legal department, Southern Pacific Company, 65 Market St, San Francisco

Mitchell, Edward E., '31, attorney-at-law, offices at 405 Montgomery St, San Francisco

Mohler, Mark, '35, attorney-at-law (patents), offices at 723 Crocker Building, San Francisco

Montrose, Ray E., '32, attorney-at-law, offices at 220 Montgomery St, San Francisco

Mueller, Jesse A., '11, member law firm Mueller and Westover, 1014 Hearst Building, San Francisco

Murphy, John L., '24, attorney-at-law, offices at 606 Pacific Building, San Francisco

Naylor, James M., '30, attorney-at-law, offices in the Russ Building, San Francisco

Nelson, Marie M., '29, attorney-at-law, offices at 315 Montgomery St, San Francisco

Partridge, Robert G., '26, attorney-at-law, offices in the Mills Tower, San Francisco

Pencevich, E.E., '33, attorney-at-law, offices at 25 Taylor St, San Francisco

Rafferty, Charles F., '23, attorney-at-law, offices in the Crocker Building, San Francisco

Schapiro, Abraham, '28, attorney-at-law and certified public accountant, offices at 333 Montgomery St, San Francisco

Schilling, George H., '29, legal department, Bank of America, 1 Powell St, San Francisco

Skillin, Harmon D., '16, attorney-at-law, offices at 550 Montgomery St, San Francisco

Smith, Lloyd V., '26, attorney-and-counsellor-at-law, Byington Building, 15 West Second Street, Reno, Nevada

Terkel, A., '29, attorney-at-law, offices at 1124 Financial Center Building, San Francisco

Thomas, Paul, '36, attorney-at-law, offices at 1 Montgomery St, San Francisco

Walsh, James C., '20, attorney-at-law, offices in the Bank of America Building, Oakland

Warrick, Russel L., '33 attorney-at-law, offices at 245 Turk Street, San Francisco

Watkins, Fred A., '23, attorney-at-law, offices at 111 Sutter St, San Francisco

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