Thank you to Brian White for submitting this list and photograph

Top Row, L to R:
Adeline Curran
Arthur Guevara
Elizabeth Zipse
William Cloonan
Elsie Walsh
Charles Meynberg
Dolores Colen
John Sanchez

2nd Row, L to R:
Eilen Menard
Robert White (*note)
Marian Devine
Robert Noonan
Ann Ramos
John Signorello
Nathalie Costa
Dan Scannel

3rd Row, L to R:
Mary Williams
Victorine McDevitt
James Affolter
Frederick Arnke
Robert Osterlo
Edward Kirchen
Warren LeFevre
Constance Riordan

4th Row, L to R:
Viola Drady
Bernice Holl
Mary Ann Hoffman
Rev. Clement Berberich, OFM
Dorothy Christiansen
Frances Brady
Mitzi Vlahovich

Bottom Row, L to R:
Edward Cantwell
Margaret Cooney
Bessie Anastole
Irma Budde
Saverio Zolfarelli
Charles Ratto

Robert White is the submitter's father. Contact Brian White.
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