Source:  Misericordia, Published by the Students of St. Mary's School of Nursing, San Francisco, Califorania, June 1923

     The pioneer band of Sisters of Mercy arrived in San Francisco on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 1854.  They immediately volunteered their services to the plague-stricken city, during the cholera epidemic, which was raging at that time.  Their services were so well rendered and so appreciated by the Civic authorities, that they were requested to take charge of the San Francisco County Hospital on Stockton treet, where they labored for two years.

     In 1857 they purchased the building and opened there the first Catholic Hospital in California, St. Mary's.  Soon these quarters were outgrown and the Sisters found it necessary  to construct a larger and better equipped hospital.

     The corner stone of the beautiful structure on Rincon Hill was laid by Archbishop Alemany on September 3, 1860, and in November, 1861, the new St. Mary's was opened.  Keeping pace with the growing city, the building was enlarged from time to time.

     Realizing the great need for properly trained nurses, arrangements were made for the establishment of a School of Nursing in connection with the hospital.  In October, 1900, the School was opened with an enrolment of nine, under the direction of Miss Kerwin, a Superintendent from Mercy Hospital, Chicago.

     Sister Mary Malachi, Misses Mary Deasy, Emma Keely, and Katherine Welch were the succesful members of the first class, receiving Graduating Honors from the Rev. John Butler on November 21, 1902.  Miss Kerwin then returned to Chicago and Sister Mary Malachi assumed direction of the School.

     On November 23, 1903, the first public graduating exercises were held in the maple room of the Palace Hotel.  The Most Reverend George Montgomery, coadjutor Archbishop, honored the occasion with his presence and delivered an inspiring ovation.  Eloquent addresses by Doctors T.E. Bailly, George McDonald and Thodore Rethers added to the memorable splendor of the evening.

     The catastrophe of 1906 laid waste the edifice on Rincon Hill, but the care of the sick and the instruction of nurses was uninterrupted.  A tent hospital was immediately erected on Hayes and Schrader streets, and Sisters and nurses found ingenious ways and means of rendering service.

     A temporary hospital was put in order at 2544 Sutter street and opened on July 17.  The patients were transferred from their tent homes to this building where excellent hospital service was rendered during the erection of the present structure.

     St. Mary's new hospital, an ornament to our beautiful city, was formally opened on February 22, 1911.  The School of Nursing has steadily grown and today stands among the foremost schools in the State.

—Eleanor Slaven, '23
Sister Mary Veronica - Directress
Miss Anna A. HUGHES - Instructress
Sister Mary Austin, G.D.
Sister Mary Rosalia, R.Ph.
BUSSING, Margaret
O'CONNOR, Hannah
ADAIR, Melinda
AHERN, Gertrude
BROWN, Agnes
COLLIER, Elizabeth
CORNETT, Winifred
CROWLEY, Francis
CROWLEY, Margaret
FLYNN, Loretta
HAYES, Virginia
LYCETTE, Francis
MANNION, Margaret
MARTIN, Eleanor
McARDLE, Rosaleen
McCARDLE, Catherine
McINTYRE, Myrtle
McMAHON, Marie
MURPHY, Loretta
NAVONE, Helene
QUINN, Elizabeth
ROWE, Margaret
SHEA, Angela
SIMON, Wilhelmona
SLAVEN, Eleanor
SLAVEN, Katherine
SLAVEN, Margaret
STUMP, Margie
WOOD, Josephine
Miss Winifred FAY - President
Miss Anna SEGORD - Secretary
     On November 21, 1902, two years before the golden jubilee of the hospital, the first graduating exercises of St. Mary's Hospital Training School took place.  By January, 1906, our graduates numbered twenty-seven.  Realizing the mutual benefits to be derived from organization, they decided to form an alumni association.  On February 9, they met for this purpose.

     Miss Mary L. Sweeney, who is ever ready to respond to calls from nurses was invited to organize the alumni.  Sister Mary Malachi was elected temporary chairman and Miss Helen Stack secretary.  A Constitution and By-Laws were adopted.  Sister Mary Malachi was elected president and Miss A.A. Hughes secretary.  A vote of thanks was tendered Miss Mary L. Sweeney for her services and kind interest.

     At the March meeting, Sister Mary Malachi resigned and Miss Mary Deasy (now Mrs. J.D. Sullivan) a member of the first graduation class was elected president.  Mrs. Sullivan was untiring in her efforts for the success of the Alumni, and under her able guidance the organization had a steady growth.

     The Sisters of Mercy amont the graduates are honorary members of the association, and take a most kindly interest in everything pertaining to the welfare of the graduate nurses.  A Directory of the Alumni is maintained at the hospital.  The regular monthly meetings are held in the Lecture hall on the first Wednesday of each month, at seven-forty-five in the evening.

     This organization has taken part in the activities of the nursing profession.  When the American Nurses' Association convened in San Francisco in 1908, the Alumni contributed toward the entertainment fund.  The society also took a leading part in the bazaar given at Scottish Rite Hall, November, 1918, by the San Francisco County Nurses' Association, for the benefit of the Rest Cottage at Los Gatos.  The Alumni furnished a room in the new St. Mary's Hospital as an act of appreciation for the kindness of the Sisters.

     A glance at our regiter will disclose that the Alumni are to be found in active and earnest work in every branch of the profession.

Miss Abbie AHERN is in San Diego doing private duty.  For a while she held a position in St. Joseph's Hospital of that city.
Mrs. Amelia ABELE WILLIAMS lives quite near to the hospital.
We have not heard from Mr. Francis ALLEN since he was overseas.
The Misses Clara and Maude ALLEN are doing private duty in our own hospital.
Mrs. Hazel ARHCER MOWR is very happy in her new home.
Miss Agnes BAILEY is doing private duty at Dante Hospital.
Miss Marian BALLESTY is nursing in Reno, Nevada.
Mrs. Audrey BASSETT KELLY is living out of town.
Miss Tina BROWN has gone to live with her mother in El Paso, Texas.
Miss Irene BAYLEY is keeping up the record of St. Mary's graduates as efficient surgical nurses in the Dante Hospital Surgery.
Miss Mary BEGLEY is Anaesthetist and X-Ray technician at the Woodland Sanitorium.
We have not heard for many years from Mr. Nathaniel BERNARD.
The Misses Thora BENSON and Ruth BEIGELOW are doing private duty.
Miss Lavina BALOUN has returned from her trip East, and is perfectly well.
Mrs. Louise BIGELOW HALLA is the happy mother of two beautiful children and lives in her country home.
Miss Ethal BREMER is Surgical Nurse at the Woodland Sanitorium.
Miss Irene BONEN lives in San Diego.
We hear that Miss Ethel BUCKLEY is married.
Miss Elizabeth BORSCH id soing private duty in the city.
Miss Anastacia BURNS has entered the novitiate of the Little Sisters of the Poor.
Mrs. Meta BROWN MAHAN lives in Yreka.
Miss Nan BURKE, our popular Social Worker, is now devoting all her energies to the new Orthopedic clinic at St. Mary's Hospital.
Mr. John CAREY has resigned from nursing.
The Misses Anita CAREY and Elizabeth CASSANO are doing private duty at St. Mary's.
Miss Aurelia CASSANO is Surgical Nurse at the Mater Misericordia Hospital in Sacramento.
Miss Lillian CORK is our able head-nurse in the Obstetrical department.
Miss Florence CARDOSA is doing private duty at St. Mary's.
Miss Mary COANE is with us again after an extended visit in Nebraska.
Mrs. Hermina COANE WIER has made her home in San Francisco.
Miss Mary CHAMBERLAIN is at FOrd Institute, Detroit, Michigan.
The Misses Letitia COCHRAN and Madeline CUMMINGS are doing private duty.
Miss Katherine COLLINS, our former Night Superintendent, has gone to live with her mother in Fruitvale, and nurses occasionally at St. Mary's.
Mrs. Gerturde COLEMAN WALL is doing private nursing at St. Mary's.
Miss Frances COLLUM is also doing private duty.
Miss Blanche COLLETE is in Public Health Service in Kern County.
Miss Lucille COYNE has returned to enjoy California more than ever.
Mrs. Stella COTTER QUINN is living in Santa Rosa.
Mrs. Ruth COCKRELL HIRST is living in Placerville.
Mrs. Lena CORNELIUS SMTH has her home in the city.
Miss Annie CUMMINGS is now Sister Agnes of the Franciscans.
Mrs. Laura DEASY RIGGLE is living in Oakland.
Mrs. Mary DEASY SULLIVAN is also living in Oakland.
Mrs. Agnes DEMARTIN SWEENEY we expect to visit us any day with her beautiful baby.
Miss Helen DESMOND is doing private duty.
Miss Catherine Dillon KIELTY is an energetic volunteer worker in our new clinic.
Miss Evelyn DONNELY is nursing in San Rafael.
Miss Marie DELAHANTY is doing private duty at St. Mary's.
The Misses Mary DOYLE and Agnes DRISCOLL are doing private duty in the city.
Mrs. Madge DEVILBISS ENGLER is the happy mother of a beautiful baby.
Mrs. Eleanor Dwyer RAGNAS is the fond mother of Baby RAGNAS.
Mrs. Mary DUNLEAVY FALLON is a frequent visitor at St. Mary's.
Miss Jane DWYER is in Fresno, doing private duty.
Miss Florence ELMER is an Industrial Worker in Fresno.
Mrs. Electa EASTON HANSEN is living across the Bay.
Mrs. Ida EPP GOWAN is living in San Diego.
Miss Bernardine ELWELL is now SIster Mary Geraldine, a Sister of Mercy.
Miss Bertha ESTES is doing private duty.
Mrs. Nettie FERREIRA BABCOCK is living in the country.
Miss Winifred FAY is the worhty President of St. Mary's Alumni.
Mr. Louis FLEITZ has taken up Physio-therapy with success.
The Misses Annie FARRELL, Phyllis FRANIS, and Anita FISHER are doing private duty.
Miss Caroline FONTES, we are happy to say, is now rapidly regaining her strength, after a long illness.
Miss Mary FLEMING is nursing in her home town, Eureka.
Mrs. Katherine FLYNN DAMESOT, former Superintendent of Nurses at the San Francisco Hospital, is happy in her beautiful home.
Mrs. Katherine FRASER is Anaesthetist at St. Mary's Hospital.
Mrs. Eleanor FFRAZIER WHITMORE is living in Los Angesles.
Miss Mary GADDY is doing private duty at St. Mary's.
Mrs. Armandine GAUGHEROT GUMAR is active in the new clinic.
Miss Elizabeth GILLON is in New York.
Mrs. Lottie GENOCHIO DIXON is living in San Francisco.
Mrs. Marie GEINGER MADDEN keeps her charming home in the city.
Miss Clare GRIFFIN is a head-nurse at St. Mary's.
We do not know Miss Lillian GOYEN's married name.
Miss Teresa GEORGIANNI, former Night Superintendent at the San Francisco Hospital is now doing private duty at St. Mary's.
Miss Josephine GOBBY is doing private duty.
Miss Nettie HARRIS is not nursing at present.
Mrs. Mary HEALY FAHEY is a head-nurse at St. Mary's.
Miss Hilda HIESE is doing private duty at St. Mary's.
Mr. Joseph HAUGHEY is nursing at St. Mary's.
Miss Emma HEIER is Surgical Nurse at the Mater Misericordia Hospital in Sacramento
Miss Catherine HEALY is Assistant Supervisor in the department of Surgery at St. Mary's.
Miss Margaret HENDERSON is living in Los Angeles.
Miss Marie HELM is living in Yokohama.
Miss Anita HINES and Mrs. Ruth HIRST RICHARDS are doing privte duty and St. Mary's.
Miss Anna A. HUGHES, former Superintendent of Nurses, at the Master Misericordia Hospital in Sacramento, is now Instructress of Nurses at St. Mary's, and Chairman of the Instructors' Section of the California State League of Nursing Education.
Miss Margaret HILLIS holds a prominent position as Laboratory Technician in Colorado.
Miss Mildred JOHNSTON is doing private duty in Modesto.
Mrs. Maud JOHNSON BORMAN is the proud mother of a beautiful baby.
Mrs. Marion JOHNSON SANDS, we hear, is very happy in her own home.
Miss Angela JOULIE is at home in San Mateo.
We have not heard the new name of Annie JULIAN.
Miss May JONES is nursing in South Africa.
Miss Martha KANE is doing private duty at St. Mary's.
Miss Eva KAVANAUGH is doing private duty.
Miss Alice KEEFFE is Superintendent of the Park Sanitorium.
Miss Rita KELLY is now SIster Mary Thomasine, a Sister of Mercy.
Miss Evelyn KENWAY has hatekn up stenography.
Miss Katherine KEENAN is Anaestetist at St. Mary's.
We have not heard from Miss Alice KENNEDY for some time.
Miss Adele KIRK, co-founder of the Catholic Nurses' Guild, is doing private duty at St. Mary's.
Mrs. Ethel KOMSTHOEFT is doing private duty at St. Mary's.
We have heard of Miss Josephine KRAUSKROPP's marriage.
Miss Caroline KIRSCHBAUM is in charge of the Obstetrical department in the Woodland Sanitorium.
Mrs. Sylvia LaFRANCHI GAMBONI is heard from very frequently.
Miss Mary LARSEN has gone home to Denmark.
Mrs. Agnes LEAGY MAY is very frequently seen around the hospital grounds as she supervises her young son's open air exercise.
Miss Regina LEAHY is no Sister M. Gemma, a Sister of the Holy Names.
Miss Bertha LEVY and Mis sMary LEONARD are doing private duty.
Dorothy LeQUIMME is now Mrs. FATESSI, and Bessie LEWIS is Mrs. McGUIRE.
Mrs. Annie MAHONEY O'BRIEN frequently gives us the pleasure of seeing her beautiful golden-haired children.
Miss Rose MAHER is doing private duty.
Miss Theresa MARIOTTI is at her home in Los Gatos.
Mrs. Frances Mathews HEANEY is living in Yreka.
We do not know Lillian MASCORIANI's married name.
Mrs. Olympia MAZZA KEATING is living in the city.
Mrs. Nellie MAZZA HENRIOULE is living in San Francisco.
Miss Hulda MAULHARDT is a Sister of the Poor Claires.
Miss Alice MEYER is an Industrial Worker in San Diego.
We do not know Frances MILLER's, Florence MULLEN's or Henrietta MOLL's married names.
Miss Anastasia MILLER is a Public Health Nurse in Sacramento.
Miss Ada MOORE is traveling in Europe.
We have not heard from Miss Belle MOORE.
Mrs. Jennie MULLADY LOUIS is living in San Francisco.
Miss Genevieve MORGAN is in charge of a Plantation Hospital in Hawaii.
Miss Ella MULLEN is now Sister Mary Paul, a Sister of Mercy.
Miss Nellie MULLEN is doing private duty at St. Mary's.
Miss Kathleen McARDLE is Sister Ann Patrice, A Sister of the Holy Cross.
Miss Frances McAULEY is an Institutional Worker in San Francisco.
Mrs. Catherine MOORE McQUADE is living in the city.
Miss Blanche MURPHY is a clinical worker in the Detention Home.
Miss Esmie McAULEY is on general duty at the Woodland Sanitorium.
Miss Mary McAULEY is doing private duty.
Mrs. Margaret McELEARNEY LAVELLE is the proud mother of a beautiful babe.
Miss Margaret McENERY is doing private duty.
Miss Mary McCRACKEN is living in the Middle West.
Mrs. Christine McGILLIS SHINE is living in Los Angeles.
Mrs. Irene MYRHE MONDECK is living in Reno, Nevada.
The Misses Ethel McGOWAN, Margaret McMAHON, Hanah McMAHON and Cecelia McINERNY are doing private duty at St. Mary's.
Miss Mary McGUIRE is living in Honolulu.
Miss Margaret McINERNY is doing private duty.
Miss Teresa McMENIMAN is living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Miss Annie McMILLAN is an Industrial Worker in her home town.
The Misses Anita McNAMEE and Genevieve McMURDO are doing private duty at St. Mary's.
Mrs. Teresa McMURDO KEITH is living in San Francisco.
We do not know the married names of Nellie McPHILLIPS, and Elizabeth McQUADE.
Mrs. Rose McQUADE STEIN, with her husband, Dr. STEIN, has opened a hospital in Yosemite.
Mrs. Geneva McQUADE KEATING is the mother of a bouncing girl.
We have not heard Nelle McMORRY's new name.
The Misses Agnes McSHARRY and Henrietta MURPHY are doing privte duty at St. Mary's.
Miss Angeline NAVONE is Night Superintendent at St. Mary's.
Miss Catherine O'BRIEN is Surgical Nurse at St. Mary's Hospital in Modesto.
Miss Elizabeth O'BRIEN is a Navy nurse at Yerba Buena.
We do not know the married names of Eva O'BRIEN and Genevieve PASCHICH.
The Misses Mary O'BRIEN, Ruth O'CONNELL, Mary O'CONNOR, Teresa O'CONNOR are doing privte duty.
Miss Bridge O'NEIL is also doing private duty.
Miss Georgianna PAUNCEFORE is living in Yokohama.
Mrs. Mary PERRY SINGLETON is living in St. Louis.
Miss Catherine PETERS is now Sister Mary Jerome, a Sister of Mercy.
Mrs. Eva PIAGGIO ROCILLI has a beautiful home on Mason St.
Miss Hazel PLASSE is Assistant Supervisor in the Surgery at St. Mary's.
Mrs. Katherine PRENDERGAST MATTIS is living in San Francisco.
Mrs. Loretta PUTNAM DODGE is a generous worker in the clinic at St. Mary's.
Miss Gertrude QUINN is doing private duty.
Miss Mae PIEZZI has brought back to Petaluma a splendid spirit of organization.  She is now the honored President of the Y.L.I.
Miss Finetta PHILLIPS has assisted her mother in her business enterprises.
The Misses Mary REUTER, Alma ROBSON and Edith ROSS are doing private duty.
We have not heard from Mrs. Lillian ROUST or Miss Mary RUDGE.
Miss Christine RYAN is nursing in Sacramento.
Mrs. Mary RYAN BURNS is living in San Francisco.
Miss Lydia RYAN is doing private duty.
Miss Lucy SAVAGE is Anaesthetist at St. Mary's.
Mrs. Emily SAVAGE STRICKNER is living in Vallejo.
Mr. Joseph SARTO is doing private duty at St. Mary's.
Mrs. Clara SCALLY GRIFFIN and her sister, Mrs. Irene SCALLEY O'KELL, are frequently heard from.
Miss Elizabeth SCHWAB is now Sister Mary Edward, a Holy Family Sister.
Sister Mary Pauline SEARS is in Omaha, Nebraska.
Miss Anna SEGORD is Secretary of St. Mary's Alumni.
Miss Rose SHAW is doing private duty.
Mrs. Virginia SILVA ROBERTSON, although living in Honolulu, keeps in close touch with St. Mary's.
Miss Honora SHEEHAN, a former Army nurse, is now nursing at St. Mary's.
Miss Margaret SHEEHY is now living in Watsonville.
Miss Evelyn SCHOTT is nursing in St. John's Hospital, Oxnard.
Miss Lucille SMITH is nursing in Santa Barbara.
Mrs. Mary SISCOCAN TAYLOR is the mother of a fine baby.
Mrs. Caroline WALSH RICHARDS is the happy mother of a beautiful baby.
Marian WILHELM is married and living in the Islands.
Miss Eidth WILLIAMS is in the Public Health service in Napa County.
Mrs. Belinda WRIGHT CLARKE is traveling at present.
Miss Irene YORE is a Surgical Nurse at the Dante Hospital.
Harriet YOUNG's married name we do not know.
Miss Camille YOUNG is doing private duty.
Mrs. Barry HARDING
Miss Ellen DORAN
Miss Margaret JACOBS
Mr. William McLAUGHLIN
Miss Mercedes McKINNON
Miss Jane O'NEILL
Miss Selina PARALTA
Miss Anna SILVA
Miss Elsie WEBSTER
Miss Lena WOLF

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