Source:  Golden Jubilee Pageant, May 6, 1936
(Thank you to Doug Urbanus for this transcription)

Paul Carroll
James Coghlan
Thomas Conway
F. Crowley
Frank Cullen
T. Curtin
Joseph DeLange
Lawrence J. DeLange
Fred Fegan
John Fowlie
Jack Frisch
James Gallagher
Daniel Gleeson
Raymond Henwood
Thomas Hughes
C. Jensen
C. Keck
(Albert) C. Kolar
Jack Lacey
C. Leonard
Walt Ray. Merrithew
William McNamara
Leonard Oliver
"Pete" Poulis *
Albert Sanford
Gerald Twomey
Joseph Troy
Raymond Urbanus
John E. Williams
A. Wyman

Note:  Most of the class of '38 have only first initials.  However, if they signed their names the full name was given.
* This represents his "americanized" name.  He spelled out his Greek given name as ?????? (Petros), the surname is similarly shortened to an Americanized form.

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