Source:  Gold & White, Published by the Senior Class of St. Rose Academy, San Francisco, California, 1927
Thank you to Pat Procida and Judie Cook for donating this material.

Editorial from the 1927 Annual of St. Rose Academy in San Francisco

A year ago, "L’Etincelle" the first journal to be published in Saint Rose was presented, with righteous pride to the students and friends of our beloved Alma Mater.  Now, glowing with the same happiness that warmed our predecessors, we have published the second edition of our long-dreamed-of book, and it is with a sense of achievement that we offer our production to you.
     Our responsibility this year was to establish as a tradition in our school the journal which last year's Seniors created, and it is in the  hope that this issue signalized that achievement that we have discarded the original name of "L'Etincelle" (The Spark), for one more appropriate.  In choosing "Gold and White" for a permanent title, we have carefully considered the high esteem and affection in which our school colors are held, and the long hours of toil that have been spent in t heir honor.
     Symbolical in its name of the true Dominican Spirit that pervades the atmosphere of our school, the "Gold and White," we feel sure will succeed in winning the loyal support of future editors and contributors.  Surely then, as year after year rolls by, we shall see our treasured journal becoming more and more worthy of the spirit which created it.

Editor-in-chief Virginia O'Shea
Associate Editors Mary Markey
   Eleanor Ward
   Mary Butler

Business Manager Florence Pometta
Associate Managers Jessie Boeken
   Elizabeth Muzzy
   Betty Ward

Bernadine Diebels
Florence Doane
Madeline Fahs
Rose Swords
Lucille Pearson
Jean Markwart
Frances Hayden
Winifred Muller
Virginia Fox

President  Florence Pometta
Vice President Edna Powers
Secretary  Margaret Spohn
Treasurer  Esther Beardsley


Arate, Linda
Bannon, Bernice
Barry, Elizabeth
Barry, Evelyn
Beardslee, Phyllis
Beardsley, Esther
Boeken, Jessie
Clancy, Elizabeth
Denehy, Barbara
Diebels, Bernardine
Doane, Florence
Downey, Marie
Edwards, Kathleen
Edwards, Lawrine
Egan, Blanche
Fahs, Madeline
Fenelon, Margaret
Futscher, Bernice
Gould, Margaret
Higgins, Winifred
Knacke, Loretta
Labhard, Ruth
Larkins, Marion
London, Dorothy Helen
Markey, Mary
McSheehy, Margaret
Muzzy, Elizabeth
O’Farrell, Kathleen
O’Shea, Virginia
Pometta, Florence
Powers, Edna
Redmond, Marion
Sinnott, Helen
Spohn, Margaret
Spohn, Marie
Twomey, Agnes
Walch, Madelene
Walsh, Vivian
Ward, Eleanor
Wheeler, Julia
Wilkinson, Eleanor

ALUMNAE-Class of 1926

President   Myrtle Bannan
Vice-president   Jane Jones
Treasurer   Safa Conlin
Corresponding Secty.  Mrs. H. P. Briggaerts
Recording Secretary  Adele Goodwin

Attending University of California at Berkeley

Barry, Wilma
Boland, Margaret
Geis, Catherine
Mackall, Claire
Newell, Kathryn

Attending Dominican College at San Rafael
Crowley, Constance
Creedon, Marie
McCarthy, Eunice
Welch, Naomi

Attending San Mateo Junior College
Bailey, Virginia
Byrnes, Alma
Kerr, Margaret

Attending State Teachers College San Francisco
Ghiradelli, Ruth
Murphy, Victorine
Thompson, Bernice

Other student and their colleges:
Lorenzen, Evelyn is studying art with Mrs. Livington in San Francisco
Rapp, Frances is a student at Miss Miller’s School
Reddy, Helen is attending a local secretarial school
Snyder, Carolyn is a student at University of Washington in Seattle

Students planning to resume their studies next autumn:
Carpenter, Mary Frances,
Halpin, Ruth
O’Dea. Pauline

Girls who have business positions in San Francisco are:
Carlisle, Bernice
Carroll, Mary
Connolly, Mary
Cronan, Alice-marie
Foster, Edna
McCormick, Patricia
O’Connor, Eileen
O’Neil, Genevieve
Ramon, Dona
Schilling, Marcella
Wallis, Dorothy

Other students from 1926:
Louise Lewis has recently returned from a visit to Kentucky.
Viola Denny is at home in this city.
Elizabethe Tichenor recent bride of Earl Tiernan
Claire Maison recent bride of Roderick McNeil
Kathleen Wilson has announcer her engagement to Hugh Mauser.
Straub, Virginia (Mrs. Vincent Morabito) is the mother of a daughter, Frances Kathryn.

Newell, Kathryn ‘26
Farrell, Doris ‘26

Names of those listed as appearing in theatrical productions
Barrios, Anna
Diebels, Bernardine
Fahs, Madeline
Fenelon, Margaret
Fox, Virginia
Gilpin, Fern
Hayden, Frances
Martinelli, Louise
Mills, Frances
Moore, Marie
Peterson, Lucille
Pometta, Florence
Powers, Edna
Redmond, Marion
Rielly, Frances
Rossi, Marie
Ruelas, Esperanza
Skelly, Jean
Spohn, Margaret
Sullivan, Helen
Swords, Rose
Toso, Marion
Ward, Betty
Ward, Eleanor
Wilkinson, Eleanor

Bannon, Bernice
Barry, Betty
Beardsley, Esther
Diebels, Bernardine
Gould Margaret
O’Farrell, Kathleen
O’Shea, Virginai
Pometta, Florence
Powers, Edna
Twomey, Agnes
Walsh, Vivian

Boeken, Jessie
Finn, Anna
Fox, Betty
Graham, Ruth
Lins, Gretchen
London, Dorothy
Martin, Ellen
McCarthy, Mary
Nelson, Grace
Nugent, Margaret
Sullivan, Helen

Seniors:  Margaret Fenelon, Edna Powers, Betty Barry, Loretta Knacke, Bernice Futscher, Virginia O’Shea, Florence Pometta

Juniors:  Helen Lynch, Lillian Viedermann, Mary Butler, Alyce McCarthy, Betty Ward, Lucille Peterson, Rose Swords

Sophomores:  Mary Merschen, Kira Iserguin, Kathryn McCormick, Consuelo Albedi, Esperanza Ruelas

Freshman:  Ruth Delaney, Margaret Mount, Winifred Mullin, Dorothy Callaghan, Grace Corbett, Alice Donohue, Helen Sullivan

Receipents of the Class Will:
Barrios, Isabel
Beronio, Nora
Brady, Helen
Buckley, Virginia
Butler, Mary
Casey, Ann
Creedon, Marion
Cronin, Catherine
Donnelly, Bernice
Dunleavy, Bernice
Farrell, Aileen
Gilpin, Fern
Hickey, Viola
Hughes, Emma
Lynch, Marie
Marshall, Georgianna
Martinelli, Louise
McCarthy, Mary
McCarthy, Serena
Nelson, Grace
Peterson, Lucille
Reddy. Elizabeth
Sherry, Florence
Swords, Rose
Viedermann, Lillian

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