San Francisco Genealogy
San Francisco Theological Seminary, 1907

Source:  Curry, James, D.D., History of the San Francisco Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. and Its Alumni Association
Reporter Publishing Company, Vacaville, California, 1907.

Classes of 1892 - 1896

CHEW, Ng Poon
Berkeley, Cal.  Born in Sun Ning, Canton Province, China, 1866; Student in China and Occidental School for Chinese, San Francisco; Took the full course in the Seminary, graduating in 1892; Lic. and Ord., 1892, Pby. of San Francisco; Stated Supply of the Chinese Pby. Church, S.F., 1892-4; Chinese Church in Los Angeles, 1894-1900; Editor of Chinese daily paper, S.F., 1900 to present.  This was the first Chinese daily ever published in America.  Under his efficient management it became a pronounced success and in May, 1906, its stock was valued at $500 per share.  In the great fire that followed the earthquake in San Franicsco, April 18, 1906, the entire plant wilth all its records was destoryed.  He is a fine speaker and has lectured on "Christian Missions Among the Chinese," "Chinese Exclusion," etc.  He was the first Chinese student to graduate from our Seminary and wields a strong and widely extended influence.
Address, Nanaimo, British Columbia.
DOANE, Frederick A.
San Francisco, Cal.  Born, San Francisco, Cal., March 21, 1860; Special preparatory course for the Seminary, from which he graduated in 1892; Lic., 1891, by Pby. of San Francisco; Ord., Oct. 2, 1892, by the same; Evangelist in San Francisco, 1892-4; Pastor Mitzpah Church, San Francsico, April 14, 1894--; Alumni orator, 1898; President of the Alumni Association, 1895 and 1905; Alumni orator, 1898; Commissioner to the Gen. Ass., 1899; Organized Mizpah Church, and two Sabbath Schools in S.F. and Camp Meeker; Built two Churches--Camp Meeker, valued at $1,500, and Mizpah, $3,500; Also manse at Camp Meeker worth $400.  One person from Mizpah Church entered the ministry, Rev. Wm. J. Clifford, now S.S. Monterey, Cal.; Church destroyed by the earthquake and fire of April 18, 1906; Loss, $7,000; Insurance, $4,070.  Temporary building occupied December 2, 1906.
STEWART, George D.B.
Ukiah, Cal.  S.F. THeo. Se., 1892; Ord., 1893, Pby. of San Francisco; Pastor Franklin-Street Church, San Francisco, 1893-97; Fowler, 1897-02; Chester, Mon., 1903; Ukiah, Cal., 1904--; Alumni orator, 1897.

BEVIER, Herbert
San Francisco, Cal.  Born, Ellenville, Ulster Co., New York, 1856; Gen. Sec. Y.M.C.A., San Jose, Cal., 1886-1890; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1893; Lic., 1892, Pby. of San Francisco; Ord., 1893, by same; Pastor Memorial Church, San Francisco, 1893; Correspondent for Northern California, Chicago "Interior" for two years; Vice-President Pacific Coast Chautauqua Assembly, ten years; Stated Clerk Pby. San Francisco since 1904; Chairman of Seminary Com. of Synod for five years; was instrumental in securing a building for San Jose Y.M.C.A., costing $30,000; Organized the Reis Tract Sunday School, which became the St. James Church of San Francisco; Earlier was instrumental in organizing Y.M.C.A. of Ellenville, N.Y.; and prime mover in first Civic Federation of San Francisco.
BROWNING, Webster E.
Santiago, Chili.  Born, Missouri, 1859; Park College, Mo., B.A., 1891; M.A., 1894; Princeton University, B.A., 1894; Emporia College, Kan., Ph.D., 1895; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1893; Lic. 1893, Pby. of Benicia; Ord. 1894, Pby of Larned; Prof. Princeton University, 1894-95; Pastor Garden Kity, Kan., 1895-96; Missionary to Chile, 1896--; Principal Insituto Ingles (American College), Santiago, Chile, 1896--.  From this school more than 200 boys were turned away in 1906-07 for want of accomodations.  Rev. F.E. Clark, D.D., President of the Internationl Christian Endeavor Association, says in a recent article, "One of the best institutes in all South America is the Presbyterian College of Santiago, under the able and inspiring leadership of Dr. W.E. Browning. . . It is a school of high grade and large intellectual acquirement. . . maintaining undiluted its religion and evangelical tone.   This school is likely to do for the cosmopolitan races of Chile and Bolivia and Peru a work comparable to the great work of Robert College of Constantinople, or of the Syrian Protestant College of Beirut."  Dr. Browning is author of "Education in Chile," and "Christian Education in South America."
MACLEAN, John Norman
Clarinda, Iowa.  Born, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1861; Manitoba College, B.A. 1890, and M.A., 1893; San Francisco Theo. Sem. 1893; Lic. 1893, Pby. of San Francisco; Ord. 1893, Pby. of Sacramento; S.S. Vacaville, Cal., 1892-93; Pastor, same, 1893-1897; Bozeman, Mon., 1897-1902; Clarinda, Ia., 1902--; Commissioner Gen. Assembly, 1899; Moderator, Pby. Sacramento; Alumni orator, 1895.

HICKS, Arthur
Oakland, Cal.  Born, Wyoming, Ontario, Canada; Denver University, B.A., 1890; McCormick Theo. Seminary, Chicago, 1893; Post-Graduate San Francisco Seminary, 1893; Ord. Oct., 1893, Pby. of Denver; Pastor Littleton, Cal., 1893-94; S.S. and Pastor Point Arena, Cal., 1894-97; Livermore, 1898-1901; Synodical S. School Missionary, 1902--.  Had address at Quarter-Centennial Anniversary of the Alumni Association on "An Optomistic Outlook," but was not present on account of sickness.

HICKMAN, Frank Dos Passos
Berwyn, Penn.  Born, Philadelphia, Penn., 1866; Park College, B.A., 1892, and M.A., 1895; San Francisco Theo. Sem., 1893; Graduated Princeton Semniary, 1894; Ord. 1895, Pby. of Platte; Missionary Benito, West Africa, 1898-1906.  Mod. Pres. 1897; V. Mod. Synod, N.J., 1900.
STUCHELL, John Evans
Elizabeth, N.J.  Born, Monongahalia City, Pa.; North Western College, Md., B.A., 1890; S.F. THeo. Sem. in class of 1893, but went to McCormick; Lic. Oct., Ord. Dec., 1893, Pby. of San Jose; Pastor at Gilroy, 1893-98; Elizabeth, N.J., 1898--.
Pastor Monteceto, Cal.
CARLSON, Thomas A.
Address not known.
Address not known.

INAZAWA, Joseph K.
Los Angeles, Cal.  Born, Usuwano City, Province Iwami, Japan, 1863; Union College (Pres.), Tokyo, Japan, 1886-1889; Clerk and Instructor Girls' Seminary Methodist Mission, Tokohama; S.F. Theo. Sem., '94; Post-graduate, 1895; Lic. 1894, Pby. San Francisco; Ord. 1896,  by same; Supt. Jap. Pres. Mission Homes, San Francisco, Salinas, Watsonville, Santa Cruz, Cal., 1892-1905; also itinerant Coast Missionary; Compiled "Spirit of Japan," by Dr. Sturge; Translated "Testimony of Land to the Book," by David Gregg, D.D., and J.L. Hurlbut, D.D.; Also Four Gospels; Studies of Old Testament History; California State Series of Readers, First, Second and Third, and children's readers; Pastor Japanese Pres. Church, Los Angeles, 1905, which he organized, 1905.
Trout Lake, Wash.  Born Wooster, O.; Wash. and Jeff. College, B.A., 1890, M.A., 1897; S.F. Theo. Sem. 1894; Ord. 1894, Pby. Kansas City; S.S. Philipsburg, Granite, Dillon and Deer Lodge, Mont., 1894-97; Pastor Missoula, Montana, 1898; Trout Lake, Wash.
OKUNO, Takenosuki
S.F. Theo. Sem., 1894; Lic. and Ord. 1896, Pby. of San Francisco; Died May 27, 1897, in New York, aged about 28 years.

KELLY, Edward P.
San Francisco, Cal.
MACKAY, Duncan O.
Address not known.
McEWEN, George A., M.D.
Address not known

AKERS, Flavius J.
Champagn, Ill.  Born, New Haven, Ill.; Park College, Mo., B.A., 1892; S.F. Theo. Sem. 1895; Lic. 1894, Pby. of Benicia; Ord. May 7, 1896, Pby. of Oakland; S.S. Elmhurst, Cal., 1892-94; Pastor South Berkeley, 1895-97; Centennial Church, Oakland, 1897-99, and resigned on account of ill health.  Now engaged in business.
HAYS, Edwin B.
La Grande, Oregon.  Born, Macomb, Ill., 1863; Occidental College, Los Angeles, Cal.; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1895; Lic. 1894, Pby. of Benicia; Ord. 1895, Pby. of Stockton; S.S., Fulton, Cal., 1893-95; Modesto, Cal., 1895; Gilroy, Cal., 1898-'01; Pastor-elect, Placerville, Cal., '01-94; La Grande, Or., 1904--; Organized Gospel Mission, Los Angeles; C.E. Union of Los Angeles; State Pres. Cal. C.E. 1892 and 1894; Moderator of the Synod of Oregon, 1906; Commissioner to the General Assembly, 1907.
Mt. Tamalpais Academy, Cal.; graduated in this class, returned to Japan, and is now dead.
Roseville, Cal.  Born, Stellarton, N.S.; Manitoba College; S.F. Theo. Sem. 1895; Lic. 1894, Pby. of San Francisco; Ord. 1895, Pby. of Sacramento; Pastor Roseville, Cal, 1895-96; Placerville, Cal., 1896, and afterwards of Roseville.  Demitted the ministry April 22, 1904.
PHELPS, George W.
San Franicsco. Born, Springfield, Mass; Was in business; Graduated from S.F. Theo. Sem., 1895; Preached awhile successfully and then returned to business.

Wee Chang, China.
Manhattan, Kan.  Lic. 1895, Pby. of Benicia; Ord. Sept. 3, 1896, Pby. of Benicia.
GARVIN, Samuel
Address not known.
GILLETTE, John Morris
Received Ph.D.  Now Professor, Valley City, N.D.
SCROGGS, Walter R., M.D.
San Anselmo, Cal.  Born, Greenfield, Mo.; Park College, Mo., B.A., 1891, M.A., 1895; S.F. Theo. Sem. 1896; Ord. Dec. 13, 1896, Pby. of Benicia; Medical Missionary to Laos, 1896-97; Cooper Medical College, San Francisco, M.D., 1895; P.G. Medical School Hospital, New York City; Practiced medicine in San Francisco, Palo Alto and San Anselmo, Cal.

BARNUM, Orien Sherman
Bremerton, Wash.  Born, San Joaquin Co., Cal., 1866; Mt. Tamalpais Acad., S.F. Theo. Sem., 1896; Lic. 1896, Pby. of Stockton; Ord. 1896, Pby. of Benicia; S.S. Ukiah and Merced, Cal.  Cosmopolis, Vancouver, and Wenatchee, Wash.; McKinley Memorial address at Merced; Moderator Pby. of Benicia, 1897.
BAZATA, Benjamin Vaclav
Maui, Hawaii.  Born, Bohemia, 1867; University of New York City; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1896; Lic. 1897, Pby. of Los Angeles; Ord. by same, 1897; Pastor Alhambra, Cal., 1897-1905; Foreign Church, Wakawa, Maui, H.T., 1905--.  Organized Church, Saratoga, Iowa; Built one, $2,000.
CALLENDER, Charles Royal
Kentung, Burmah.  Born, Scott, La Grange Co., Indiana, 1867; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1896; Lic. and Ord. 1896, Pby. of San Francisco' Sunday School Miss., 2 years; Pastor Fort Bragg, Cal., 1 year; Skyland, Cal., 1 year; Foreign Missionary, 1896--.
Born, County Down, Ireland; Royal University, Ireland, B.A., 1894; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1896; Lic. 1896, Pby. Benicia; Ord. 1897, by San Jose; S.S. Highlands and Wrights, Cal., 1896-'97; Elko, Nev., 1897; Bozeman, Mon., Crescent City, Cal.  Died at St. Peters, Minn., Jan. 25, 1903, aged 35 years.
Oakland, Cal.  Lic. 1895, Pby. of Williamette; Ord. 1896, Pby. Sacramento; University of California; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1896; Served Churches at Davisville, Roseville, Fresno, and others.  Recently in real estate business.
ELDREDGE, George Granville
San Francisco, Cal.  Born, WAshington, Iowa, 1870; State Normal College, Troy, Alabama, Ph. B., 1890; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1896; Lic. 1898, Pby. of Benicia; Ord. by same, 1896; S.S. Fulton, Cal.; Pastor Vacaville, Cal., 1897-'99; St. John's San Francisco, 1899--.  During latter pastorate new Church built costing $40,000, almost wholly the gift of Mr. A.W. Foster, Pres. Board of Trustees; Director S.F. Theo. Seminary, Feb. 26, 1906--; Commencement address of Seminary, April 26, 1906; President Alumni Association, 1900-'01; Alumni oragor, 1902.
GILLIES, Donald M.
Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.  Born, Whycocomah, N.S.; Stud. Man. College; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1896; Lic. 1895 and Ord. May, 1896, Pby. of San Francisco; S.S. Little Britain, Manitoba, Can., 6 mos.; Hillborn, N.W. Territory, 1 year; Holly Park Church, San Francisco, Cal., 2 1/2 years; S.S. Tracy, Cal., 1896-97; Grayson, 1898; Ukiah, 1898-02; Commissioner to General Assembly, 1902; In Nova Scotia, 1902--.
GUTHRIE, William Kirk
San Francisco.  Born, Liberton, Scotland, 1869; Edinburgh University; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1896; Lic. Pby. of San Francisco; Ord., Pby. of Sacramento; Served Churches in Bolinas, Belvedere, Red Bluff, and San Francisco.  Organized Church at Belvedere.  Pastor First Church, San Francisco, 1901--.  House of worship and contents were destroyed in great fire of April, 1906.  Mr. Guthrie visited the East to secure funds to help rebuild.  His people now occupy a temporary building and are preparing to erect a new house of worship superior to the one destroyed.
KELLY, John Franklin
Hoihow, Hainan, China.  Born, Blairstown, Benton Co., Iowa, 1868; Coe College, Iowa, B.A., 1893; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1896; Lic. 1896, Pby. of San Francisco; Ord. 1903, Pby. of Omaha; Omaha Medical Col., 1899; 4 years in Home Mission and Medical Work, Nebraska; For. Missionary in China, 1903--.  Married in 1903 to Miss Lillian Marks of San Francisco, who had been for seven years a missionary in India.
Brighton, Wash.  Born, Scotland; Student Portland, Ore., Academy; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1896; Lic. 1892; Ord. May 7, 1896, Pby. of Portland; SS. Knappa, Ore., 1892-93; Prescott and Starbuck, Wash., 1896-99; Moscow, Idaho, 1899-04; Seattle, Wash., 1905; Ev. Brighton, Wash, 1906--.
McCARTNEY, J. Robertson
Geneva College, Pa., 1891; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1896; Now located at Bellingham Bay, Wash.
Los Angeles, Cal.  Born, Spruce Hill, Pa.; Stud. Blackburn University, Ill., 1889-93; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1896; Ord. 1896, Pby. of Benicia; S.S. Plainvim, Ill., 15 mos.; Point Arena, Cal., 1894; Little River, 1895; Novato, 1895-96; Pastor, Holly Park, S.F., 1897; Pleasanton and several other Churches since.  Organized the Church at Novato, Cal.
RICH, Elsworth L.
Watsonville, Cal.  Born in California; Stanford University, B.A., 1893; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1896; Ord. 1896, Pby. of San Jose; Pastor Watsonville, Cal., 1896--; President of Alumni Association, 1896-97; Member of the Board of Directors of the Seminary since Oct., 1902; Member of Executive Committee of the same, 1907.
STONE, Robert Cunningham
Denver, Col.  Born, Bethusmuir, Scotland, Feb. 12, 1868; Park College, Mo., B.A., 1893; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1896; Lic. April and Ord. May, 1896, Pby. of Oakland; Pastor Elmhurst, Cal., 1896-99; Centennial Church, Oakland, 1899-1905; North Church, Denver, 1905--; Elected Pastor at Large, Pby. of Denver, 1907; President of the Alumni Association, 1897-98; Alumni Orator, 1903; Member of the Board of Directors of the Seminary, 1902-06.

BOWIE, McNicol C.
Chicago, Ill.
CLEMENSON, Newton Erastus
Logan, Utah.  Born, Langeland, Denmark; Sal Lake Collegiate Institute; McCormick Theo. Sem., 1889; Post-Graduate S.F. Theo. Se., 1896; Lic. 1888; Ord. 1889 Pby. of Utah; Home Missionary, Richfield, Utah, 1889-94;Organized Church at Richfield, 1890; Pastor, Logan, Utah, 1895--.

CROUSE, Harvey Sherman
Rochelle, Ill.  Born, Albion, Ia.; Cornell College, N.Y., B.A., 1890; M.A., 1895; Student S.F. Seminary, 1896; Ord. 1896, Pby. of Ottawa; S.S. Cong. Church, Erwin, S. Dak., 1895; Pastor, Oswego, Ill., 1896-97; Rochelle, Ill., 1897--.
CAMERON, John Calvin
Address not known.
PERRY, Edmund Guthrie
Address not known

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