San Francisco Genealogy
San Francisco Theological Seminary, 1907

Source:  Curry, James, D.D., History of the San Francisco Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. and Its Alumni Association
Reporter Publishing Company, Vacaville, California, 1907.

Classes of 1897 - 1899
Danville, Cal.  Born, Canada, 1864; S.F. Theo. Se., 1897; Lic. 1897, Pby. of Sacramento; Ord. 1897, by same; Pastor Roseville and Orangevale, Cal., 1896-99; S.S. Mendocino, Cal., 1899-1900; Pastor Golden Gate, Cal., 1900-04; Danville, 1904--; Commissioner to the General Assembly, 1907; Moderator Pby. of Sacramento.
Tacoma, Wash.  Born, San Jose, Cal., 1869; Stanford University B.A., 1893; S.F. Seminary, 1897; Lic. 1896, Pby. of San Jose; Ord. By same, May, 1897; Pastor Los Gatos, Cal., 1897-1902; Tacoma, Wash., 1902-7; Organized one Church and two Sabbath Schools; Moderator Synod of Washington, 1905, the third Alumnus to be Moderator of a Synod; Delegate to the World’s Presbyterian Alliance, Liverpool, England, 1904; Pastor of the second largest Church in the Synod of Washington; Alumni orator, 1901; Member of the Board of Directors of the S.F. Theological Seminary, 1898-’02; Re-elected, 1906; Commencement Address, 1907.
GUNN, William Chalmers
Auburn, Wash.  Born, Munfordsville, Ky., 1870; Whitman College, Ore., B.S.,, 1890, B.A., 1891; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1897; Lic. 1897, Pby. of Olympia; Ord. Oct. 14, 1897, Pby. of Spokane; H.M. Cosmopolis, Wash., 1895; S.S. Forbes Church, Prtland, Ore., 1897; Bethel Church, Spokane, Wash., 1897.  Now S.S. Auburn, Wash.
Bandon, Ore.  Born, Switzerland, Nov. 2, 1867; Lake Forest University, Ill., B.A., 1894; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1897; Lic. 1898, by Pby. of Portland; Ord. 1899, by Pby. of Sacramento; S.S. and Pastor, Elk Grove, Cal., 1896-98; Pastor, Medford, Ore., 1898-01; S. School Missionary, 1902; S.S. Coquilla and Bandon, Ore., 1902-5; Moderator of Presbyteries of Sacramento and S. Oregon; Commissioner to the Gen. Ass., 1902; Has organized 18 S. Schools, which seems to be the record among the Alumni; Raised about $3,000 for improvement of three Churches and $1,000 to build another.  Is taking Post-Graduate Correspondence Course, Grove City College, Ore., for Ph.D.
Mendham, N.J.  Born, Belfast, Ireland, March 29,1860; Royal University, M.A., 1903; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1897; Lic. 1896, Pby. of Benicia; Ord. 1897, Pby. of Sacramento; Pastor Westminister Church, Sacramento, 1897-1902; First Church, Mendham, N.J., 1901--; President Alumni Association, 1899.  Three prizes for best scholarship in college, and one prize in Greek in the Seminary and one as most proficient student during last two years of the course.
WILSON, Will Stuart
Marysville, Cal.  Born, Owatonna, Minn., Sept. 13, 1870; College of Emporia, Kan., A.B., 1894, A.M., 1897; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1897; Lic. 1897, Pby. of Benicia; Ord., 1897, by same; Pastor St. Anthony, Idaho, 1897-04, and Marysville, Cal., 1904--; Stated Clerk Kendall Pby., 1902-04; Moderator same twice, and of Pby. of Sacramento, 1905-06; Organized Church and S.S. at St. Anthony, Idaho, and built house of worship there valued at $3,000.  Mr. Wilson volunteered to go as a Foreign Missionary, but was providentially prevented from going.
ROSS, Archibald J.
Bridgeport, Wash.  Born, Canada;  Toronto School of Science, Canada; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1897: Lic. 1896 and Ord. April 12, 1898, Pby. of San Francisco; Preached in Covelo, Cal., etc.
SMITH, Cyrus H.
Home was in Carlyle, Kan.; Emporia College, Kan., 1894; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1897; S.S. Anderson, Kan., 1898; Virginia City, Nev., 1899; Deeth, Nev., 1900.  Died in Kansas City, Mo., January 29, 1901, aged 30 years.

Woodland, Cal.

BECKES, Ambrose Everette
COMPTON, Joseph R.
Received from M.E. Church; Preached in Santa Clara Pby. Church; Pastor 2d Pby. Church, Los Angeles, Cal., for several years past.
DILWORTH, Hugh Perry
Peoria, Arizona
McMURTRY, Andrew J.
Lic. a Local Evangelist 1897, Pby. of Oakland, and served as such in South Berkeley and Carson City, Nev.; Ord. And preached in different Churches in Nebraska and elsewhere.

ANNAND, Edward Ernest
Edinburgh, Scotland.  Born, Halifax, Nov. 1, 1870; Dalhousie University, B.A., 1893; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1898; Lic. 1899, Pby. of New Brunswick; Ord. Oct. 22, 1899, Pby. Stockton; Served Columbia, Cal., 1899-01; Harmony and North River, N.S., 1902-03; Chalmers Church, Halifax, N.S., 1903; Organized one Church at Stent, Cal.; Built one Church, $700; Post-Graduate student Edinburgh, Scotland, 1907.
HUNT, Avery G.
Ontario, Can.  South Western Pby. University, Tenn.; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1898; Lic. 1898, Pby. of Benicia; Preached in Payette, Idaho.
JONES, Samuel Henry
Reno, Nev.  Born, Bailieboro, Ireland, Oct. 19, 1871; Partial course in college; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1898; Lic. 1898, Pby. of San Francisco; Ord. Nov. 1898, Pby. of Southern Oregon; S.S. Jacksonville, Ore., 1898-00; Brownsville, Ore., 1900-03; Reno, Nev., 1903-07; Organized one Church; Built one Church, $2,500.
MacADIE, Robert Cecil
Mineral Wells, Texas.  S.F. Theo. Sem., 1898; Lic. 1903, Pby. of Austin; Ord. 1903, by same; S.S. Two Rock, Cal., 1898-99; U.S. Army, 1899-02; Portales, New Mexico, 1902-03; Porto Rico, 1903-04; Mineral Wells, Texas, 1905--.
Sacramento, Cal.  S.F. Theo. Sem. 1898; Ord. Pby. Willamette; S.S. Dallas, Ore., 1898-00; Red Bluff, Cal., 1900-05; Pastor-at-Large for Pby. of Sacramento, 1905--.
PATERSON, Charles Gordon
San Anselmo, Cal.  Born, Brantford, Ontario, Can., March 16, 1874; University of Toronto, B.A., 1896; S.F. Theo. Sem. 1898; Lic. 1898, Pby. of Benicia; Ord. June, 1898, Pby. of Utah; Pastor First Church, Springville, Utah, 1898; Holly Park Church, San Francisco, 1898-02; Asst. Prof. S.F. Theo. Sem., 1902-06; Prf. Church History in the same, June, 1906--; President Alumni Association, 1899-00; Sec. And Treas. Of the Alumni Association, 1903 to the present; Delivered address on “The Minister in the Pulpit: at the Quarter-Centennial Anniversary of the Alumni Association; Originator of the Alumni Traveling Scholarship in the Seminary, 1906.
SHIER, Edward Preston
Eureka, Ca.  Born, near Ypsilanti, Mich., Feb. 8, 1867; College of Emporia, Kan., B.A., 1905; M.A., 1909; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1898; Lic. 1896, Pby. of Solomon; Ord. 1909, Pby. of Oakland; Served Chruches of Centerville and Eureka, Cal.; Repaired Church in Eureka, $3,000; Moderator of Pby. of Benicia, 1903.
Fulton, Cal.  Born, Hanover, Ind., March 6, 1868; Hanover College, B.A., 1895; M.A. 1903; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1898; Lic. 1898, Pby. of New Albany; Ord. Nov., 1898, Pby. of Benicia; Pastor, Fulton, Cal., 1898--; Built S.S. rooms and manse, $3,700.
Oakland, Cal.  Park College, Mo., 1894; S.F. Seminary, 1898; Ord. June 7, 1898, Pby. of Sacramento; S.S. Colusa, Cal., 1898-99; Santa Clara, Cal., 1899-01; Emmanuel Church, Oakland, Cal., 1901--.

BELL, Alphonso Edward
Los Angeles, Cal.
Pastor Bethany Pby. Church, Whiteland, Ind.
Franklin, Ind.
GUNN, James A. Jr.
LAYSON, William Humboldt, LL.D.
Centerville, Cal.  Pacific M.E. College, Cal.; Lic. 1896, Pby. of San Francisco; Ord. April 13, 1899, Pby. of Los Angeles; Organized Grace Church, Berkeley, Cal., 1907, and has built a house of worship.
Address not known.

BLEAKNEY, William H.
Pendleton, Ore.  Grove City College, 1894; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1899; Lic. and Ord.: S.S. Elgin, Ore., 1900; P.E. Summerville, Ore., 1901; Pastor Elgin, Ore., 1902-03; Pastor and Teacher, Pendleton, Ore., 1904;  Principal Presbyterian Academy, Pendleton, Ore., 1905--; Director of the S.F. Theo. Sem. since 1904.
CORNELISON, James Maupin
Pendleton, Ore.  Born, Richmond, Ky., Nov. 8, 1876; Centre College, Ky., B.A., 1896; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1899; Lic. 1898, Pby. of Transylvania; Ord. 1899, by Pby. of East Oregon; Missionary to the Umatilla Indians and SS. At Indian Church, near Pendleton, Or., 1900--; Organized one Sabbath School; Built one Church, value $1,500; Preaches in the Indian language and is doing a self-denying work for “the wards of our nation.” 
Preached at Concord, Cal.  Address not known.
FISHER, Philip A.
Born in San Francisco, 1869; University of California; S.F. Seminary, 1899; Ord. Jan.1, 1900, by the Pby. of Oakland; S.S. Walnut Creek, Cal., 1899-1902; Mill City, Ore., 1902-04.  Died August 27, 1904, aged 33 years.  Author, “Fisher Genealogy.”
HESSEL, Charles P.
Arcata, Cal.  Born, Indiana, 1874; Pacific Methodist College, B.A., 1895; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1899; Lic. and Ord., 1899, Pby. of Benicia;  Pastor Grizzly Bluff and Port Kenyon, Cal., 1899-1902; Arcata, Cal., 1902--; Moderator of Pby. and President County Christian Endeavor Union; Organized one Sabbath School.
Petchaburee, Siam.  Born, Coytel, Tenn., 1871; Marysville College, Tenn., B.A., 1894; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1899; Lic. and Ord., 1899, by Union Pby.; Teacher Huntsville Academy, Tenn., 1894-5, and in Maryville College, 1895-6; S.S. Cloyd’s Creek, Tenn., 1896; Newark, Cal., 1898-9; Author of a Commentary on Amos; Commissioner to Gen. Ass., 1906; Missionary Petchaburee, Siam, 1899-1906, when he came home on furlough for one year.
PRATT, Harry H.
Portland, Or.  Born, Salem, Ill., 1867; Emporia College, Kan., A.B., 1896, M.A. 1899; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1899; Lic. by the Pby. of Emporia; Ord. 1899, by same; S.S. Atglen and Christiana, Pa., 1901-2; Pastor Forbes Church, Portland, Or., 1902--; Moderator Pby. of Portland, 1904; Built Forbes Church, valued at $7,000; Received 233 members in five years.
SOPER, Abraham D.
Portland, Ore.  Born, London, Ontario, Nov. 24, 1866; General Secretary Y.M.C.A.; Student in Portland Academny and University; S.F. Theo. Sem., 1899; Lic. 1894 by Pby. of Portland; Ord. 1900 by same; S.S. Bolinas, Cal., 1898; S.S. and Pastor Springwater, Ore., 1899-1902; Superintendent Institutional Department 1st Pby. Church, Portland, Ore., 1902-07; Author of “Amos—The Book and Prophet”; Built Men’s Resort and People’s Institute, Portland, value $15,000; Serving Millard Ave. Church, Portland, Ore., 1904.

CAMERON, Hugh Dallas
Pastor Pby. Church, Horseheads, N.Y.
GRAHAM, Samuel T.
Pastor Dutch Neck Pby. Church, Newark, N.J.
SHIFFLER, Samuel Fetterolf

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