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1851, Births & Marriages


(This information was taken from Daily Alta California newspapers. The dates that the notices/articles appeared are in brackets.)

unknown - Mrs. J. P. Kellinger, a son, aboard steamship Sarah Sands [11 Apr]

18 Mar - Mrs. J. C. Catton, a son [21 Mar]
25 Apr - Mrs. Wm. Lloyd (late of 8th Ave., NY), a son [27 Apr]
28 Apr - Mrs. O. F. Gehricke (London), a son [29 Apr]
18 Aug - Mrs. Cassin, a son, at sea, steamer Columbus [21 Aug]
03 Oct - Mrs. Capt. Geo. W. Brown (Boston), a son [10 Oct]
28 Dec - Mrs. John F. Pepe, twins (girl and boy) [30 Dec]


(This information was taken from Daily Alta California newspapers. The dates that the notices/articles appeared are in brackets.)

unknown - Major J. R. Snyder to Miss Susan B. Brauton (San Jose) [12 Jan]
unknown - James Augustus Glynne (youngest son of Lawrence Glynne, of Millbrook House, County Mayo, Ireland) to Mary Christina Lax, by Rev. A. Williams [19 Apr]
unknown - W. D. Hibson to Miss Isabel J. Winemiller (both of Sacramento), by Rev. D. D. Bullock [06 May]
unknown - Joseph Austin to Miss Amelia Hill, by Rev. Ver Mehem [05 Jun]
unknown - C. H. Hayden to Miss L. Holmes, by Rev. Mr. Hunt [03 Sep]
unknown - John Bush to Miss Julia E. Keller, Justice McGowan [14 Sep]
unknown - Reuben P. Buse (Portland) to Miss Ellen F. Lyon (daughter of Lemuel Lyon, Roxbury, MA), by Rev. T. D. Hunt, on board the clipper ship Flying Cloud
unknown - Elijah Archer (New York) to Catherine Cruse (London), by Rev. John S. Van Mehr [23 Oct]
unknown - E. A. La Forrest to Miss Helen A. Hoogs (daughter of Wm. H. Hoogs, Brooklyn, NY), by Rev. Willey [13 Dec]

01 Jan - Henry S. Lohmann to Miss Ellen Keane, by Rev. Lauglois [08 Jan]
06 Jan - George Byron to Miss Jane Anderson, by Rev. A. Williams [08 Jan]
09 Jan - M. Etienne Gonde to M'lle Rosalie Mercie [15 Jan]
14 Jan - Judge D. D. Bullock (Sacramento) to Miss Ada Kimble (Washington, Yolo County), by Rev. C.M. Briggs [22 Jan]
18 Jan - Charles F. Vanantwerp (New York) to Miss Annie Deighton (Perth, Scotland), by Rev. Williams [20 Jan]
22 Jan - Capt. Edward W. Traverse to Miss Mary E. Edsley [26 Jan]
22 Jan - John Smith (53) to Miss Phoebe Ann Tucker (San Jose), by D. Burns [26 Jan]
24 Jan - James Enbright to Margaret Duncan, by Justice McGowan [01 Feb]
25 Jan - James Halls to Margaret Dunn, by Judge Shepheard [26 Jan]
30 Jan - David Matthew to Mary Fallowdown, by Justice McGowan [01 Feb]

08 Feb - Carl H. Schnabel to Miss Maria S. D. Barkhaus (Germany), by Rev. Williams [11 Feb]
08 Feb - Dr. E. B. Bateman (Stockton) to Mrs. Josephine Araminta Reed, by Rev. Wm. Taylor [09 Feb]
14 Feb - Mrs. W. W. Gilman (NY) to Miss Margaret Amelia Smith (Brooklyn, L.I.), by Rev. Jones [16 Feb]
20 Feb - Wm. H. Graham (Philadelphia) to Sarah G. Marston, by Hon. R. N. Morrison [24 Feb]
20 Feb - Charles Wm. De Lisle to Miss Janes Elizabeth Fry, by Judge Orrin Bailey [24 Feb]
22 Feb - M. Constant Marcuet to Madame Teresa Cellier, by Justice McGowan [24 Feb]

20 Mar - Edward Seyton to Mrs. India Alderman, by Rev. J. H. Wilbur [31 Mar]
27 Mar - James R. Robertson to Margaret Anderson (daughter of John Anderson), by Rev. A. William [01 Apr]
28 Mar - George Livingston (New York City) to Miss Eliza Jane Faireow (Illinois), by Rev. Brier [03 Apr]

03 Apr - Capt. Samuel W. Percival to Miss Susana W. Cleale, by Rev. A. Williams [04 Apr]
05 Apr - Jonathan Tittle (Sacramento) to Mrs. Eliza Ann M. Roberts (Brooklyn, NY), by Hon. D. D. Bullock [17 Apr]
07 Apr - Mr. B. Shiply (Baltimore) to Miss Sophia P. Turner (youngest daughter of W. Sackville Turner of London), by Rev. Sprigg [19 Apr]
16 Apr - James Napthali to Mary Ann Meham, by Justice Shepard [18 Apr]
21 Apr - Henry Purris to Miss Patience Newcomb, by Rev. S. H. Willey [23 Apr]
23 Apr - Mr. C. Pratt (Baltimore) to Miss Jane Pashley (Sydney, New South Wales), by Rev. Taylor [26 Apr]
26 Apr - Jas. Fewings (London) to Miss Sarah Bowman (Sydney), by Rev. Ver Mehr [27 Apr]

05 May - Archibald Campbell McKenzie (Scotland) to Bridget Corell (Ireland), by Rev. A. Williams [17 May]
15 May - Charles James Martin (Peru) to Joanna Elizabeth Wilhelmi (Germany), by Rev. A. Williams [17 May]
18 May - Herman Gilde Montreiul (New York) to Miss Martha Clist (Somersetshire, England), by Judge Bailey [22 May]
21 May - James Harnets to Mrs. Laura E. Tubbs, by Judge D.D. Bullock [23 May]

03 Jun - Alfred Dixon to Miss Catharine McKaigne, by Justice McGowan [04 Jun]
03 Jun - Joseph Nicolaus Rausch (Brokenau, Germania) to Miss Agatha Simon (Rauschbath, France), by Justice Brown [06 Jun]
04 Jun - Henry Rhodes to Miss Sophia Harriet Cape (only child of Wm. Cape, Panton Square, Haymarket, London), by Rev. T. E. Tayler [06 Jun]
04 Jun - O.K. Smith to Miss Rowena Mitchell, by Rev. James Woods [09 Jun]
06 Jun - William John Pelham to Miss Francis Sophia Kingsmill, by Rev. A. Williams [07 Jun]
10 Jun - Charles Betts to Miss Sarah M. Harper, by Rev. J. Penman [12 Jun]
16 Jun - Silas Fuller to J. E. Rhody, by Rev. Miner [18 Jun]
26 Jun - Col. J.D. Stevenson to Elizabeth Mary Hart (only daughter of Wm. Hart), by Rev. S. F. Mines [27 Jun]
30 Jun - Edwin Houston to Mrs. Amelia Swift, by Rev. Wm. Taylor [09 Jul]

03 Jul - Gustavus Harper to Mrs. Hetty C. Brown, by Rev. Wm. Taylor [09 Jul]
03 Jul - Edmund Cohen to Miss Geraldine A. Pell, by Rev. Wm. Taylor [09 Jul]
03 Jul - Francis Henderson to Miss M.A. Thompson (eldest daughter of Mr. Robert Thompson, all of New Orleans), by Rev. Albert Williams [04 Jul]
03 Jul - P. S. Southmayd to Miss Ailcy Cuples, by Rev. J.H. Wilbur [16 Jul]
05 Jul - Cameron E. Thom to Miss Elizabeth L. Beach (both of Sacramento), by Rev. Benj. Brierly [07 Aug]
05 Jul - Dr. R. H. McDonald to Mrs. Sarah M. Steinagal, by Rev. J.A. Benton [08 Aug]
06 Jul - John Divine to Miss Sophia Healy, by Rev. O. C. Wheeler [09 Jul]
07 Jul - Charles Storer to Mrs. Ellen Shaw, by Rev. A. Williams [09 Jul]
09 Jul - Alexander Austin to Miss Margaret H. Palmer, by Rev. A. Williams [09 Jul]
11 Jul - John Boyd to Miss Anne Den [12 Jul]
24 Jul - J. C. Spaulding (Salem, MA) to Miss Elizabeth Irwin (Woolwich, England), by Rev. T. E. Taylor [03 Aug]
28 Jul - Edward P. Colgan to Elizabeth Steib (both of New York), by Rev. A. Williams [29 Jul]
31 Jul - William Smith (New Orleans) to Miss Mary Ann Theresa Regan, by Father Anthony Anglais [03 Aug]

12 Aug - Charles Henry Harrison to Alithea Rosina Gibbs (daughter of the late Robert Gibbs, Cheltenham, England), by Rev. F.S. Mines [14 Aug]
17 Aug - Arnaldo W. P. Ladd (Boston, MA) to Miss Rebecca Helen Bolton (Portland, Maine), by Rev. Ver Mehr [18 Aug]
20 Aug - Wm. Donaldson Kinney to Anna Maria Plume (daughter of Col. John J. Plume, Newark, NJ) [22 Aug]

01 Sep - Henry L. Ford to Miss Susan Wilson (eldest daughter of Gen. John Wilson), by Rev. S.H. Willey [03 Sep]
04 Sep - J. L. Haskell (New York) to Miss Eliza Ashton (New Orleans), by Rev. Albert Williams [09 Sep]
11 Sep - James Christy to Miss Elizabeth Hipples (Philadelphia), by Rev. Wm. Taylor [13 Sep]
11 Sep - James N. Thain to Miss Frances R. Kinney, by Rev. Mr. Willey [14 Sep]
14 Sep - Wm. W. Neil to Miss Sophia S. Louderback, by Rev. T. Dwight Hunt [15 Sep]
25 Sep - John Edward Chute to Mary Anne Murray (Honolulu), by Rev. Mr. Taylor at the Bethel [12 Nov]

02 Oct - William Sharon to Miss Maria Ann Muloy [04 Oct]
04 Oct - Larau Coffin (Nantucket, MA) to Miss Sarah B. Lyon (daughter of Lemuel Lyon, Roxbury, MA), by Rev. A. Williams, on board clipper ship Flying Cloud [05 Oct]
13 Oct - M. P. Hubbard (Astoria, late of Eliot, Maine) to Miss C. E. Rieley, in Grace Church [17 Oct]
18 Oct - E. W. Crowell to Miss Frances A. Wells (Hartford, CT), by Rev. Mr. Douglas
18 Oct - E. G. Bailey to Miss Alice Barnett, by Rev. Albert Williams [19 Oct]
30 Oct - Lewellyn Thrift (Virginia) to Miss Almira T. Porter (Boston), by Rev. O.C. Wheeler [01 Nov]
30 Oct - Harrison Eastman to Miss Sophia A. Eastman (both of New Hampshire) [01 Nov]

03 Nov - Edwin Owen to Elvira Wait (both of Sacramento), by Rev. Wm. Taylor [05 Nov]
12 Nov - Frederick B. Page to Miss Mary Simpton (niece of Capt. George Simpton), by Rev. Ver Mehr [14 Nov]
13 Nov - P. Eddy to Miss Mary Elizabeth Pritchard, Lond, by Rev. Van Mehr [16 Nov]
17 Nov - Samuel Fleishhacker to Georgiana Solomons (eldest daughter of Israel Solomons), at the Jewish Synagogue [23 Nov]
21 Nov - Frederic Emile Chaigneau to Miss Marie Fanny Pourot (both of France), by Judge Shepheard [22 Nov]
27 Nov - John Able to Miss Carmen Jewett, by Rev. J. H. Combs [29 Nov]
28 Nov - Jesse Shirley to Miss Eliza Lovevell (both of Sacramento), by Rev. C. Stratton [03 Dec]
28 Nov - Andrew Kelly to Miss Sofia Hatch, by Rev. C. Stratton [03 Dec]
30 Nov - Wm. B. Harrington (New Orleans) to Miss Honnorias Connolly, by Rev. Antonio Langlois [02 Dec, 03 Dec]
30 Nov - Adolphus G. Russ to Miss Frances Simon, by Judge Campbell [03 Dec]

01 Dec - Nelson Langdon to Miss Sarah Brown (Detroit, MI), by Rev. J.W. Capen [03 Dec]
01 Dec - Michael Boyne Jordan to Miss Alice Crook [03 Dec]
24 Dec - Nathan K. Masten to Miss Amelia A. Falkenburg, by Rev. Mines [26 Dec]
30 Dec - Emanuel Linoberg (Sonora) to Miss Pauline Meyer, by Rabbi Rehfish [01 Jan 1852]

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