Part of the Charles Herbert Crookson Collection
Hospital Report / Training School Report
List of Officers and Employees, June 30, 1897
from the 1896-1897 San Francisco Municipal Report

Thank you to Charles Herbert Crooksen for his donation of this data

[Page 1147-1150]
John M. WILLIAMSON, M.D. Superintendent Physician
J.O. HIRSCHFELDER, M.D. Visiting Physician
W.W. KERR, M.D. Visiting Physician
R.A. McLEAN, M.D. Visiting Surgeon
C.N. ELLINWOOD, M.D. Visiting Surgeon
F.W. DUDLEY, M.D. Resident Physician
A.H. GIANNINI, M.D. Interne
A. McLAUGHLIN, M.D. Interne
H. MORROW, M.D. Interne
S. BLUM, M.D. Interne
N.B. WALLER, M.D. Interne
John H. GRAVES, M.D. Interne
J.B. ROGERS, M.D. Interne
C.H. LOWELL, M.D. Interne
A. NEWMAN, M.D. Interne
J. FIFE, M.D. Interne
S.L. REA, M.D. Interne
P.M. THOMAS, M.D. Interne
Paul R. EDWARDS Steward
Charles EISNER Clerk
Wm. M. HICKMAN Apolthecary
Frank I. KELLY Assistant Apothecary
Mary E. BLACK Matron
Kate O. BLACK Assistant Matron
Michael RYAN First Waiter
Thomas MICHAELSON Second Waiter
Alfred D. STAGG Assistant Second Waiter
Charels J. JOHNSON Assistant Third Waiter
Louis LOO First Cook
William LAHEY Second Cook
William E. LAHEY Third Cook
Thomas GILL Fourth Cook
Charles DELLWIG Baker
Gustave BRAUN Assistant Baker
Peter FISHER Potwasher
J. ANNERSEN Vegetableman
Thomas HINTON Pantryman
Charles GENTH Dishwasher
Ethan ALLEN Mushman
Charles KREIDTE First Laundryman
T. McMANUS Second Laundryman
Michael HOWLETT Third Laundryman
Charles BROWN Fourth Laundryman
Jeremiah FENLON Machinist
Frank DOYLE Carpenter
Patrick O'MALLEY Coal Weigher
James F. JOHNSON Ambulance Driver
T.B. SUTLIFF Gardener
John McAULIFFE Assistant Gardener
George M. YEOMANS Assistant Gardener
T.F. DILLON Day Gatekeeper
J. WILLIAMSON Night Gatekeeper
J. STAMPER Nigh Watchman
Sophie KNORP Domestic
Mary SHEEHAN Chambermaid
William FARRELL Mattressmaker
Peter DUFFY Assistant Mattressmaker
George C. GOULD Painter
John FALKINGHAM Assistant Painter
Peter CARROLL Assistant Painter
James G. DUFFY Stableman
F.A. BRADY Assitant Stableman
Thomas HAYES Janitor
J. DOUGHERTY Janitor General Operating Room
William RISPIN Outdoor Janitor
Clark W. NOBLE Apothecary's Assistant
W.J. RUMEL Apothecary's Assistant
Thomas E. PENTON Apothecary's Assistant
J. CUNNINGHAM Morgue Tender
Mary FENTON Female Morgue Tender
Henry SPITZENBERG Head Ward Tender
William BOWE Ward Tender
Thomas CURLEY Ward Tender
Andrew GARRITY Ward Tender
Lee JIM Ward Tender
George MILLER Ward Tender
John LINEHAN Ward Tender
Patrick O'RIELLY Ward Tender
John RILEY Ward Tender
Thomas WEIR Ward Tender
James O'CONNOR Dresser
Ernest FLOVER Nurse
Harry M. TINGLEY Night Orderly
Mary PATTON Principal of Training School
J.M. KANE Nurse General Operating Room
Elizabeth BEAUCHAMP Pupil Nurse
Margaret BERTRAM Pupil Nurse
J. CATHCART Pupil Nurse
L.M. CURTIS Pupil Nurse
Frances M. DOLAN Pupil Nurse
Elizabeth DUTOT Pupil Nurse
Jennie E. GRACIER Pupil Nurse
Elsie HAYDEN Pupil Nurse
C.L. HOWARD Pupil Nurse
Ottillie KARSTENS Pupil Nurse
Mary KELLY Pupil Nurse
Bartha LAMPKIN Pupil Nurse
Ellen MULLIN Pupil Nurse
Evilo McCOY Pupil Nurse
E.J. McLEAN Pupil Nurse
Grace McQUEEN Pupil Nurse
Jennie NICKSON Pupil Nurse
Helena O'BRIEN Pupil Nurse
Mary O'REILLY Pupil Nurse
Ella RIST Pupil Nurse
M. RONEY Pupil Nurse
Mary F. STRAND Pupil Nurse
E.J. TIERCEY Pupil Nurse
Eleanor E. UNDERWOOD Pupil Nurse
Millie T. ARMSTRONG Probationer Nurse
Amy Agnes HART Probationer Nurse
Minnie HEADLEY Probationer Nurse
William HAWKINS Propationer Nurse

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Contributed by Charles Herbert Crooksen